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Biggest Loser Fodder

The Biggest Loser: The Biggest Shocker

BL407.jpgFor some reason, we are back to 90-minute episodes. Shouldn't each week be getting shorter?

There are no teams; now there are trios. Whoever won the sadistic "Biggest Loser" poker game got to choose the teams. To win, you had to eat the most calories. How crappy is that? Do they want these people to lose? Kay was the only one who sat out. She's the true "Biggest Loser" in my book.

Some of them were just having too much fun eating… but after a while, they also looked a little sick. Me too. Jez won. I just don't like that guy.

The new teams are:
• Kae, David, Hollie
• Amy, Julie, Bill
• Bryan, Nicole, Ryan
• Jez, Neil, Isabeau

Each person got to choose their own trainers, but will weigh in each week as a team. It was easy enough to understand, but for some reason... the trainers always seem like they need a picture drawn for them.

Amy decided to go with Jillian since she was still bitter about Kim's push to vote her off last week. I can understand her being upset, but seriously? Kim was right -- and Amy is digging her own grave. I would have gone with Bob.

Well Kim wasn't the only one annoyed. Everyone on the Black Team didn't seem to appreciate the drama or extra-special attention Jillian was giving her new pet.

The challenge was another feat of strength. Each team member had to push the other two members on a crane-looking thing in circles -- 75 of them. When a team member got tired, another one gets had to sub out. Bill, Amy and Julie won. Bill is the new Phil.

Product Plug o' the Week: Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal.

Did the new teams work? Was Amy switching trainers a good idea? Here are this week's stats...

Team #1

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Kae 225 174 -4 -48

David 368 315 -8 -53

Hollie 255 223 -2 -32

Total: -14 pounds, 1.93%

Team #2

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Amy 297 265 -0 -32

Julie 218 192 -3 -26

Bill 334 261 -7 -73

Total: -10 pounds, 1.37%

Team #3

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Bryan 346 297 -7 -49

Nicole 279 244 -4 -35

Ryan 374 321 +1 -53

Total: -10 pounds, 1.15%

Team #4

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Jez 345 289 -6 -56

Neil 421 372 +17 -49

Isabeau 298 255 -4 -43

Total: +7 pounds, +0.77%

Ryan gained this week. You'd think he ate a live chicken dipped in chocolate sauce on TV. He could have because no one would have noticed -- Neil gained 17 pounds. 17?!? How is that possible? He didn't even eat that much at the poker game!

Part of me was happy because Jez thought he had it made in the shade... Isabeau figured he water-loaded. She wasn't the only smart one. On her team, she might have been. Neil sort of flubbed that yes, he did throw the weigh-in as part of a plan with his old teammates.

Was everyone in on it? Was Ryan? I know one person that wasn't in on it: Jez. After creating the teams, he was kicked to the curb. That seems to be the trend this season (Jerry, Phil, now Jez). Despite how annoying he was, I felt sort of bad for him. Neil had better sleep with one eye open, and the other on the treadmill. The game is on, kids. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by on October 23, 2007 11:08 PM
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