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Biggest Loser Fodder

The Biggest Loser: Did They Keep the Weight Off?

pete-reunion.jpgWe are back -- well, almost. Next week, the new season of "The Biggest Loser" begins. However, tonight, was the episode that I have been waiting for...

Did anyone from the previous shows keep the weight off? It was hard to tell, since they didn't really remind us of what everyone weighed when they left the show. Instead, we mostly just got starting weights. It was still very impressive, if not a little cheesy.

Marty Wolff (Season 3): Not only did Marty keep 125 pounds off, but he got a new career (personal trainer) and a new girl (Amy Hildreth, also from season 3). In case you weren't keeping score, Marty was married when he was on the show. Not sure if his newfound career, body or babe was had anything to do with his divorce, and that's their business. I just want to know: Does anyone not propose on TV anymore?

Erik Chopin (Season 3): When we last saw Erik, he was a massive (no pun intended) success story, losing 214 pounds. Upon first seeing Erik, it was obvious that he had gained some of the weight back. However, you have to remember: Some of these people go into starvation mode before the finale. It's natural to gain a little back. After the weigh-in, he was still down 176 pounds.

Pam Smith (Season 3): She looked great, but I wasn't sure what her weight was when she left the ranch. Believe me, I'd love to lose 60 pounds, but is 187 a good number?

Pete Thomas (Season 2): Finally -- this was starting to feel like a season 3 reunion show. Pete always seemed like such a nice guy, and he still does. He has devoted his life to weight loss efforts of others, and he and his wife both look 15 years younger as a result of their losses. He left the ranch losing 185 pounds, and has kept 160 of it off. He also now has a six-pack, which might have something to do with the weight he gained back. Either way, Pete is a lean, mean, motivation machine!

Poppi Kramer (Season 3): As one of the "at-home" contestants, Poppi lost all of her weight on her own and got 50 grand for her efforts. However, she still never made it back to the ranch. She didn't need it! Not sure if this was just for filming, but I was more interested in how she works out in that tiny apartment than if she kept the weight off. She was a perfect 126 -- 106 pounds lighter.

Kelly MacFarland (Season 1): The most surprising thing about Kelly's return was that she is a comedian. Say what? Kelly is sweet and she looked awesome, but I can't see her getting a 2-drink minimum crowd too rowdy. Years have past and she's still 63 pounds lighter. That's only a 9-pound gain -- numbers-wise, the most impressive thus far.

Drea Baptiste (Season 1): Drea looked hot! She is another contestant that left the show and her former career. She is now a motivational coach and nutritional consultant. She blew Kelly Mac away, losing 5 additional pounds in the almost-three years since she was on the show (for a total of 64). She also looked like a friggin' supermodel.

Mark "Wylie" Wylie (Season 3): Topping all of the former contestants, Wylie not only works as a personal trainer -- he trains the mentally challenged. Way to go, Wylie! So happy that the catty crew didn't vote him off during season 3. He gained about 32 pounds back, but is still 97 pounds down.

Matt & Susie (Season 2): They were the first "Biggest Loser" couple , the first ones from the show to get engaged on TV, and produced the first "Biggest Loser" baby. However, neither one showed up to face the scale "one last time."

Amy Hildreth (Season 3): Apparently she has forgiven him for voting her off in season 3. It was a bit weird to see her talking about how they have seen each other at rock-bottom -- how do you think the former Mrs. Marty feels? I always liked her from season 3 though, and she still looks great. However, we never got to find out her latest weight because...

In a move that rivaled the marriage proposals you see on the jumbo-trons at baseball games, when Amy weighed in -- Marty made his move. He proposed and she accepted. I am very surprised that they didn’t play that up more in the commercials, and even during the show. Wasn't it obvious what was going to happen?

It was nice to see what had happened to everyone, though. I can’t spend one minute on "The Bachelor" because every season, they seem to break up before my DVR has even cooled. In other words, despite what you may think of the show, I consider it time well spent. I was kind of shocked that there was no Ryan (from seasons 1 or 2), no Seth, (season 2), no Mark (season 2), and no Kai (season 3).

The show wrapped up with a preview of the new contestants. Plenty of tears have already been shed, and the season hasn't even started yet! Get ready for the write-ups, and for more Jillian -- she's back! -- Rachel Cericola

© 2007 NBC/Dave Bjerke

Posted by on September 4, 2007 10:08 PM
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