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Battlestar Galactica: Key Points from "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Well, here we go folks. The constant flux of power on Galactica this week really drove home the point that the series is ending. I wanted to shuffle away the thought into the dark recesses of my mind, but here it is, full front and center. Galactica's going under, and it doesn't appear (especially with next week's preview) that the Cylon goo is going to help.

I want to deny it.
I want to pretend it isn't happening.
But it is.

The best series on television is about to end, and it doesn't look pretty.

Starbuck's Revelation

Before this week's episode, I posted a little pre-reading as food for thought:

"Remember when Starbuck and Helo were stranded on Caprica in Valley of Darkness, and Starbuck found her old apartment? Helo (and the rest of us) were surprised to find that she was into poetry and painting. Indeed, one of the paintings on her wall is similar to the iconic image we later learn is the Eye of Jupiter, which eventually, in the form of a nebula, is the path of her destruction and resurrection. It is here that we also learn that her father was a pianist. When she finds a battery-powered radio and plays her father's music, it is his dramatic piano piece we hear throughout the scenes on Caprica."

While we didn't get the answer to who Starbuck is this week, we may have been presented with just as important a clue to her identity as the charred remains of herself she found on Earth. The way the emotional turmoil slowly played itself out, as Kara worked out her feelings of her father's abandonment, was a testament to how good the writers are at pacing character reveals so that they don't feel too rushed. We needed that mystical, plodding pace for Kara to get back to that emotional vulnerability where she could even be in front of the piano again.

I'm not sure what to make of the final musical reveal. With the sudden revelation that Kara's father possibly created the Galactica universe's version of "All Along The Watchtower," we now have a connection between Kara, her father, Hera, and the Final 5 Cylons. Apparently we will have to wait for it all to play out, however.

We're also left with the question of Kara's vision of "Slick" the piano player, who in the end turns out to be a representation of her father. I say "representation" because we don't know yet what kind of vision she has had. Is this one similar to the Head-6 and Head-Baltar visions that others on the show have experienced? Are these also tied to the visions of people that came as a warning to the Final 5 when Earth was nuked? Is there some greater power at work here? In an interview, Ron Moore has stated that the Baltar visions of 6 and the visions of others will get explained by season end, so this is another one we will have to wait for.

(BTW, some people have been suggesting that her father is / was Daniel. I don't see this happening, but I could be totally wrong. It just doesn't make sense with what we know so far).

Boomer's Treachery

So let's make a laundry list, shall we, of the reasons why Tyrol should not have trusted Boomer and her wily projections:

  • She shot Adama (ok, so she did it when she was 'activated', but still)
  • When Sharon Agathon commited suicide to download and get Hera, it is obvious that Boomer resented her for the life she used to have aboard Galactica.
  • As a result of the events on New Caprica, she no longer believed that humans and Cylons could coexist.
  • She voted to lobotomize the Raiders, going against the rest of her models' vote and siding with Cavil.
  • She became lovers with Cavil - eww!

Of course, Tyrol knows practically none of this information that we the viewers do, and so it is ever easier for him to be duped by Boomer's Cylon projections of the life they could have had. Her own admission that her feelings for Tyrol are genuine - just before she darts off Galactica with Hera - make the closing sequences of Tyrol searching their empty home in the virtual world all the more agonizing. While you have to wonder what would happen to Chief once his betrayal was discovered, from the coming preview it appears that there may be no time left aboard Galactica to deal with him.

I also wonder about the master stroke of strategy enacted by John / Cavil, having Boomer escort Ellen back to Galactica under the guise of wanting to help Ellen escape. Does John plan on using Hera as some sort of bargaining chip, or does he have more nefarious plans for the child (perhaps tapping into her brain for the secrets of human / Cylon procreation?)

And the closing moments of Roslin falling to her death(?) - well, even though it has been a long time coming I can't say that I was looking forward to this moment. We're still not sure if she is dead, but the fact that the marine feels her pulse and starts yelling could either signal the end, or could just be an attempt by the writers to mess with us. It's interesting, this feeling I have of not wanting Roslin to die - the reason: I don't want her to die because I hate to see what it does to our man Adama.

Ugh, I don't think I'm going to be able to take the next few weeks folks.

With that, here's the preview for "Islanded In a Stream of Stars":

And some of you are a little confused with how many episodes we have left, so here's the remaining schedule:

- March 6: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"

- March 13: "Daybreak" Part 1

- March 20: "Daybreak" Parts 2 & 3

That's all I've got! Leave your comments below!

Posted by Perrin on February 27, 2009 3:51 PM
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Awesome episode!

What was the chief thinking?

Finally, we get a better idea of what the deal is with Kara, and who her father was.

Looking forward to the re-cap!

-- Posted by: shikotee at March 1, 2009 12:36 PM

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