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Battlestar Fodder

Caprica: Geektastic Casting News!

You see producer RDM over there? Yeah, those eyes are saying "I'm a bad-ass," because he's assembling an incredible cast for the prequel BSG pilot "Caprica," which is shaping up way beyond our expectations. Should we have thought any differently with RDM and company at the helm? These are the people that lined up Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell for a Battlestar Galactica remake, which had to seem rather silly at the time.

eric_stoltz.jpgIn the latest bit of news, Eric Stoltz has been cast in the "Caprica" pilot as a main character! Where, oh where, have you been all these years Mr. Stoltz? We certainly have missed you since "Pulp Fiction" and "Killing Zoe." According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stoltz will be playing "...Daniel Graystone, a wealthy computer engineer who, after an emotionally crippling family tragedy, uses his technological wizardry to change the future of Caprica."

So if you haven't been following the news, here is the excellent line-up of other actors thus far:

- Paula Malcomson ("Deadwood") - Graystone's (Stoltz's) wife

- Esai Morales ("Jericho"; "NYPD Blue") - Joseph Adama, father of William Adama. Perfect choice!

- Alessandra Toreson ("Malcom in the Middle") - Zoe Graystone, Daniel's daughter.

Stoltz as a computer genius? You couldn't get more spot-on if you tried. This line-up is good to hear given that the pilot appears to be so character driven. The conflict between the two fathers dramatized by Stoltz and Morales should make for some riveting television!

Tell us what you think of the casting news in the comments!

Posted by Perrin on May 13, 2008 3:41 PM
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I'm loving the idea of this, I gotta say. The dude from Pulp Fiction going head to head with the dude from the original Bad Boys!

Sounds like the story is Bill Gates vs. Vincente Fox to me, another killer line-up.

Does anyone know if this is full on space-war space-ships robot stuff like Battlestar, or what goes on in it?

-- Posted by: mark at May 14, 2008 8:49 AM

It's going to be more of a scifi family drama than a scifi shoot em up, which at first sounded hokey, but you can read the plot details here which sound very promising to me:

-- Posted by: perrin at May 14, 2008 12:26 PM

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