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Battlestar Galactica: Podcast Notes for "He that Believeth In Me"

Scifi has finally started trickling out the weekly podcasts that producer Ron Moore does for the show. If you don't listen to these commentaries, what are you waiting for? It adds so much more depth to the series (but we recommend listening after the show airs, since they frequently contain spoilers for the specific episode).

Here are the highlights gleaned from the podcast for the premiere episode:

Regular listeners know that RDM frequently drinks and smokes during the podcast, and has announced the respective brands at the request of the fans.

This week's scotch: Macallen 17
Smokes: none

- The Razor movie was technically labeled episodes 1 and 2 of this season, which is why you see the labelling for the premiere as episode 3.

- RDM wanted to cut the scene of Tigh shooting Adama, but thought it worked once he saw the way director Michael Rhymer shot it.

- He mentions what would seem to be a cool deleted scene with multiple raiders around Anders during the combat sequence instead of just one. He hated it since it didn't play like the style of the show, but hopes it will be on the DVD deleted scenes.

- They call Baltar's quarters "Baltar's lair" internally.

- Kara's viper will play an interesting and pivotal role later in the season.

- They are aware of the Jesus imagery of Baltar, but they're not necessarily trying to play it overtly; Baltar is not Jesus.

- Kara nearly chucked Gaeta out an airlock early in Season 3, so it felt natural to turn the tables and have Gaeta doubt Kara, and have lingering resentment.

- Baltar is sincere when he prays for the child.

- RDM wasn't entirely happy with the Baltar confrontation scene - something didn't play right with the zealot chick (Paula).

Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or visit the BSG site directly and download the podcasts in the Downloads section.

Posted by Perrin on May 7, 2008 12:43 PM
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