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Battlestar Galactica: Key Points from "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?"

Last week we posed the following questions to ourselves in regards to the new Cylon-human alliance:

"So does the group jump back to Galactica first and then go to resurrect the 3's, leaving the Sleeper 4 in a quandary up front, or do they resurrect the 3's first and then jump back to Galactica, causing an all-out riot?!"

Our question is answered in this very episode, so let's get recapping!

BSG kicks us off this week aboard the Galactica as Baltar tries to convince listeners of his pirate radio station that Roslin has shared a vision with #6 and BSG Sharon. Since we've been brought into the speech from left field, we're not sure why he's started preaching about this. Apparently, Lee has been listening to these broadcasts, for in the next scene we see him in Roslin's chambers, demanding to know if what Baltar's saying is true. Roslin admits that it's true(!), even though she initially rebuffs Lee in her typically gruff manner.

In a continuance from last week, The Demetrius and the newly arrived Cylon base ship jump back to the rendezvous coordinates (was your pulse pounding like mine with dreaded expectation?). Countdown - the ships jump, and we're greeted with a glorious "oh s**t" moment as the base ship pops into existence right in the middle of the fleet! But wait - where's The Demetrius? We flash back to the jump spot - and The Demetrius has not made the jump! "Oh s**t" again!

Immediately, everything goes haywire aboard the Galactica, as you'd expect. Vipers are launched, Adama grimaces, and everyone aboard the Cylon base ship realizes they're frakked since the communication lines are down. Right before the vipers blow them to Kingdom Come, Tigh zones out - and then calls down the vipers at the last possible second! We're not sure if he just didn't want them attacking the Cylons due to his newfound nature, or whether he psychically felt something from the ship's presence.

Regardless, The Demetrius finally makes the jump, and after verifying who they are Helo tells the Galactica to stand down and not fire since officers are aboard.

Cue stare from Adama.

Cue battle drums to the break!

When we return, Tigh and a squad of BSG swat-team members board the base ship, where Starbuck informs Tigh that the Cylons are with her. Tigh asks which of them shot Gaeta (uh oh, Anders), but we cut to the sick bay before the question can be answered and witness Gaeta being wheeled in.

Meanwhile, Natalie-6 is interrogated - cordially, although surrounded with guards - and explains to Adama and Roslin how the civil war happened. Natalie-6 strikes a deal: help them reach the resurrection hub and unbox the D'Anna's, and they will allow Galactica to destroy it, thus ensuring that no Cylon can resurrect again. When the Cylons unbox D'Anna and the final 5 are revealed, Natalie-6 also wants Galactica to allow them to leave with the Final 5. She asks for Adama's word that by giving him the coordinates first, he will not betray their trust (an interesting point that comes up later in the episode). She also reveals (as did captive #6) that the Final 5 are indeed aboard the fleet (she doesn't specify Galactica). Tigh and Tory, who are on the investigative panel, twitch.

Leaving the interrogation, Adama asks Tigh how he knew to hold the vipers' fire. Tigh says he doesn't know, to be honest. Adama then tells him to send a Raptor to investigate the coordinates Natalie-6 gave them, who find that the resurrection hub exists exactly as told.

The fleet jumps to the coordinates (apparently out of range of the hub). In Adama's quarters, Roslin, Tigh, and Helo discuss the best strategy to infiltrate the hub, unbox the D'Annas, and then destroy the FTL. Roslin worries that the Final 5 may be different and may still want to annihilate the human race, so she suggests holding the Final 5 until they arrive at Earth before handing them over to the Cylons. Tigh, of course, objects to unboxing the D'Annas.

Later, the Quorum - via Zarek - discovers that Galactica is going on a joint military operation with the Cylons to destroy blah blah blah (Zarek's words, not mine). He wonders why the Quorum was not consulted, and Lee can only look on in confusion since he is in the dark.

Tory later meets with Roslin, who is wearing her cancer doo-rag, which apparently puts her in confrontation mode. She confronts Tory about sleeping with Baltar, who says she has come to believe in Baltar's spiritual message. Although she doesn't say it, didn't we see Roslin pretty much saying the same thing last episode? It doesn't matter anyway - Roslin just wants to know who is responsible for the "lies" that Baltar is spreading about the shared visions.

Back on the Cylon base ship, Natalie-6 convinces Cylon Sharon and Leoben that they cannot trust the humans. Her plan is to take human hostages when they discover the Final 5 to ensure that Adama doesn't go back on his word. Trust issues, anyone (on both sides)?

Lee makes a visit to Roslin later as she takes another of her treatments to let her know that the Quorum is considering a vote of no confidence against her, and questions her about why she left the Quorum out of the decision to side with the Cylon rebels. After dismissing the Quorum's neediness, Lee begs her to meet with them and put their fears to rest.

Tory, in a bid to show that she is a true Cylon by being the worst actress ever, lies in bed with Baltar and extracts the info about the visions from him in an annoyingly pouty manner. Baltar tells her that Caprica 6 revealed the shared visions to him.

Roslin, seemingly swayed by Lee, meets with the Quorum and brings in Natalie-6 to lend a face to the Cylon-Human agreement, much to the chagrin of the Quorum. Natalie-6 explains the Cylon thinking behind the pact with the humans, and it's a metaphysical one - it seems that by dying, humans are made whole, and supposedly since the Cylons will become "mortal" with the resurrection hub gone, the Cylons will be whole as well.

Asleep that night, Roslin has the vision of the opera house once again, as she and BSG Sharon chase Hera through the corridors, see each other, and then watch as #6 picks up Hera and delivers her to Baltar. BSG Sharon, obviously having the same dream, wakes from the dream to see Hera standing by her bed smiling, and says, "Bye bye."

Cree. py.

Presumably the next day (time is so nebulous in these shows), Starbuck visits Roslin in sick bay and repeats the phrase the hybrid said to her about the opera house. Roslin is incredulous, and asks where she heard it. Starbuck tells her it was the hybrid, and Roslin, wanting to end the visions, asks Starbuck to help her.

Back on the Cylon base ship, the Cylons are still dealing with trust issues. Natalie-6 realizes that the final 5 may be watching them, and has second thoughts about holding captives. Too late, Leoben says - the Centurions are committed (and we know what happened to their inhibitors, don't we?). Natalie-6 wants to tell the humans the truth, but is convinced by Cylon Sharon and Leoben to stall for time by telling Adama anything but the truth, and that he'll deal with the Centurions.

Baltar is later led by armed guard to a Raptor with Roslin aboard, where Roslin confirms to him that she has indeed had the shared visions. She informs him that he's going along because he's in her vision.

In BSG Sharon land, things are not going very well. Baby Hera is drawing pictures of Cylon #6 (and the camera very specifically focuses on one particular drawing with three 6's...hmmm.....), which of course freaks BSG Sharon out to no end. Hera disappears down the Galactica corridors.

In the final moments, we cut between 3 scenes - Roslin and Baltar being escorted to the hybrid, Natalie being escorted to Adama, and BSG Sharon frantically trying to find Hera. BSG Sharon sees flashes of her vision, which disturbs her even more in the parallel of her chasing Hera in the present, and chasing her through the opera house. Hera runs into the squad escorting Natalie-6, who picks her up in apparent innocence. BSG Sharon arrives on the scene, freaks out as she remembers #6 taking Hera in her vision, and points a gun at Natalie-6, telling her to take her hands off her child. Tigh tries to make BSG Sharon stand down, but no luck. Over on the base ship, Roslin and all arrive at the hybrid, where Roslin tells them to plug it in. Back on Galactica, BSG Sharon has Tyrol, who is in the area, move Hera away from the scene. BSG Sharon loses it and - BAM! - shoots and kills (for good) Natalie-6. Cut to the Cylon base ship, and when the hybrid is plugged in she yells "JUMP!" and the base ship jumps out of the system. Holy frak!


- Gaeta loses his leg! To deal with the pain, he sings a ballad that reminds me of that great moment in "Return of the King" when Pippin sings. The melody and lyrics nicely tie together the emotional weight of the episode. Apparently composer Bear McCreary is not done with making musical episodes, as he says on his blog:

"Guess What’s Coming to Dinner was a wonderful experience for me, but it would not be the last time the writers asked me for music at the script stage. In fact, I’ve been working with writers Bradley Thompson and David Weddle for two months on their final script for the series (the fourth to last episode of them all). This episode will integrate music directly into the story in incredibly daring ways."

Um, long as they don't turn it into a musical I guess I will be ok, but given the ending of Season 3 I have to wonder what they might be doing...

The fact that we have to wait for 2 weeks for the next episode is excruciating, especially given the preview of "Sine Qua Non":

Tigh hits Adama! It's on!

See you here in two weeks!

Leave your comments below.

Posted by Perrin on May 19, 2008 1:34 PM
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