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Battlestar Galactica: Key Points from "Faith"

At the end of last week's episode, we witnessed Tyrol and Baltar make an uneasy truce (and possible relationship?). Last we left Starbuck, her Demetrius crew had mutinied, with Helo hesitantly leading the charge to relieve her as captain of the ship.

This week's episode, "Faith," jumps straight into the action from last week, and for many BSG fans, returns the series to form (although we've been loving the slow burn of character development that is now beginning to pay off in big ways). While producer Ron Moore has no qualms talking about things he doesn't like about a particular episode on his podcast, he has to be pretty pleased with the results of this latest episode, which is cranking on all cylinders.


We open in the midst of the mutiny aboard The Demetrius (which we discovered in Greek Mythology is the male form of Demeter; one of Demeter's more interesting abilities given Starbuck's "fate" - the ability to control the seasons, and thus capable of destroying all life on earth). Things quickly spiral out of control. BSG Sharon gets Starbuck in a headlock, which prompts Anders to wave a gun around in an effort to stop Gaeta from jumping back to Galactica. In the chaos, Anders shoots Gaeta!

What's interesting is that this seems to snap Starbuck out of her madness, as if it has taken this shocking turn of events to make her realize what is truly going on aboard the ship. She tries to mend Gaeta's wound (which is way more than a mere flesh wound), and once they restore some semblance of order, Starbuck has the clever idea of taking Leoben and herself via Raptor to the Cylon base ship (too bad she didn't think of this during last week's episode!). Helo and all eventually relent, which leads to Anders joining her crew, as well as BSG Sharon to serve as an interpreter. Helo gives them 15 hours to return before he jumps back to meet Galactica. As they pack the Raptor to leave, a true red shirt volunteers by the name of Barolay, and we begin our own countdown as to how quickly she'll be killed.

Motley crew in tow, the Raptor jumps - and we're treated to one of those BSG moments that really gets our geek juices flowing. Starbuck and company jump into the disastrous remains of the Cylon civil war. A mix of metal and internal Cylon body parts float around the wreckage (even base stars are organic!). Kara looks in amazement as the images from her visions play out right in front of her - there's the ringed planet (that we assumed was Saturn but isn't), there's the star, and there's the comet (which we assumed was going to be a real comet) that turns out to be a damaged base ship. Kara marvels that her visions are coming true, but we have to wonder - did Kara ever really visit Earth, given this new insight? Obviously, her vision was a seering of future events, which are now played out, not a remembrance of where she was during her disappearance.

Whatever the case, she's struck from her reverie as she has to dodge oncoming debris. but too late - the Raptor is smashed, and the picture fades quickly to black.

When Starbuck awakens, they're all safely aboard Leoben's Cylon base ship that resembled the "comet" from her visions (with a sickly sweet organic hatch!). BSG Sharon is immediately confronted by a contingent of other #8's from aboard the ship, and oddly enough want to split from the 6's because of what they perceive as bad decisions the 6's are making. Sharon essentially tells them to frak off. You see, Sharon has chosen a side and plans to remain loyal, a fact of which she reminds the other 8's.

After a tense meeting where Starbuck shows her lack of negotiation skills yet again, Leoben finally manages to convince the "Natalie" #6 to ally to the humans on their quest to Earth. BSG Sharon determines that they are going to have to disconnect the Hybrid in order to repair the Cylon base ship's FTL, while Anders nearly puts his hand into the liquid data-stream (gods only know what would have happened - ah, if only).

In a stunning side-plot, one of the #6's recognizes the red-shirt Barolay from New Caprica - seems Barolay, as a resistance fighter, killed a #6 in a particularly brutal fashion. When Barolay shows no remorse - hell, she says she'd do it again - this #6 snaps in a very human manner and slams Barolay's head into the Raptor's hull, which kills her! Now we've got murder and mayhem aboard the Cylon base ship! But we're not finished. Anders jumps on the #6 and comes close to killing her, but is halted by Starbuck. "Natalie" #6 appears and clearly understands that this #6 model is imperfect, for she is still dealing with the emotional trauma from New Caprica. Natalie #6 pulls the trigger for Anders, killing the #6 model, and throwing out a zinger to Kara about enacting human justice.

Starbuck heads to see the Hybrid along with Leoben and Natalie. The Hybrid is being a little more coherent than usual, spouting commands that must be involved with repairing the ship. When Starbuck can't glean any information from the Hybrid, she OK's Sharon to begin the FTL repair. But when the Hybrid is unplugged, it lets out an ungodly moaning sound (this actually raised the hairs on my arm!), which in turn alarms the nearby Centurion, who turns and shoots a #8! The group manages to shoot the Centurion down as the #8's blood seeps into the Hybrid's chamber.

It's at this moment that the Hybrid grabs Kara and communicates a semi-vague, yet straightforward message:

- The dying leader will discover the truth about the Opera House.
- The missing 3 will be used to find the Final 5.
- The final 5 come from the home of the 13th tribe.
- Starbuck is the harbinger of death that will take them all to their end.

The Hybrid passes out (shuts down?), leaving Starbuck to gaze in horror at the prophesy.

The dying #8 reaches out her hand to BSG Sharon for comfort, but BSG Sharon shrugs off her offer. Anders steps in, and in a moment where surely he must feel some sort of Cylon connection, comforts the #8 as she passes.

Having heard the Hybrid's prophesy, the group manages to decipher that the Final 5 came from the 13th colony and must know the way to Earth. The boxed #3's (D'Anna), they realize, will point them to the Final 5. Anders gulps.

The FTL restored, the group jumps back to the Demetrius, where Helo has been waiting the 15 hours (and more) for their return. Bet he didn't plan on seeing that big-arse base ship jump in right on top of him!

All I gotta say is - oh hell! So does the group jump back to Galactica first and then go to resurrect the 3's, leaving the Sleeper 4 in a quandary up front, or do they resurrect the 3's first and then jump back to Galactica, causing an all-out riot?! Holy crap, my geekometer has just gone off the scale!


The B-stories in this episode involve Roslin and Gaeta, which we'll summarize below:

- Roslin tells Tory to keep things running (she's bald!) while she goes off for her treatments. Wow - power of the fleet in the hands of a Cylon that is appearing to be a power-monger. Not good!

- Roslin, in her treatments, has an experience with a fellow cancer patient, and a subsequent vision, that gets her to possibly be on-board with Baltar's blatherings. What's ironic is that her vision is similar to the Greek legend of the River Styx, not Christian notions of death as Baltar's "one true God" would seem to point to.

- Adama's closing line to Roslin about the fact that it was Roslin that convinced him of Earth's reality was possibly the most tender moment between them of the series.

- Gaeta might lose his leg. We're not sure, but it didn't look to good when they flashed to it during the episode. And the fact that Helo waited the entire 15 hours probably didn't help matters.

That's it! Get ready for next week, the title of which I love - "Guess What's Coming to Dinner":

What did you think? Leave your comments below!

Posted by Perrin on May 12, 2008 2:17 PM
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Nice job. Look forward to reading your other reviews as well

-- Posted by: CC Boston at May 16, 2008 1:42 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:31 PM

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