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Battlestar Galactica: Key Points from "The Road Less Traveled"

The recap from last week has not been posted to yet, so if you need a refresher jump on over to the official BSG site for another installment of "What the frak is going on?"

Ready then? We're breaking into character pieces again since BSG has been so focused on the downward spiral of all of our beloveds.


Amazingly enough, we're actually able to type those names together this week. You see, Tyrol (doing his best Private Pyle impersonation), is sick of hearing the religious mumbo jumbo pirate broadcasts that Baltar is sending out across the ship. It doesn't help that Tory tries to convince him of how correct Baltar is during one of Tyrol's visit-the-airlock-and-brood sessions. It's also during this session we learn of Tyrol's suspicion of Cally's "suicide." Oh, how twisted the future is going to be when Tyrol finds out what really happened (you did see "Full Metal Jacket," right?).

When Tyrol later shows up during one of Baltar's sickening religious oratories, we first believed that Tyrol may have been drinking Baltar's Kool-Aid. Boy did he proves us wrong by delivering an unholy smiting upon Baltar's face. For Baltar, it's a good thing Tory has no qualms with speaking her mind - by delivering the verbal sting that the President would ignore him because he had not converted anyone of consequence, you know Baltar is going to do whatever he can to get the lost Tyrol on his side.

Later, Baltar visits Tyrol in the ex-chief's quarters and delivers what we can only suppose is a heart-felt apology for not being more sympathetic to Tyrol's feelings. He drones on again about the one true God, his thoughts about Cally, and when it appears he's said his piece without breaking through Tyrol's stoic veneer, Tyrol reaches out and take Baltar's hand.

We'll have to wait and see how this develops - will Tyrol become a religious zealot and reek havoc aboard Galactica? Will Baltar begin using him as a tool? And if so, when Roslin finds out Baltar broke the unsigned truce between them, how will she retaliate? Or will Tyrol self-combust and blow Baltar's head off?

Ah, things are looking brighter, no?


Speaking of bright futures...oh, wait, we're talking about Starbuck, so everything must be gloom and doom. Starbuck is not doing much better than Tyrol. In fact, watching their madness intertwined together in parallel made for some interesting comparisons throughout the episode.

Things are not any better this week aboard the Demetrius. The crew is ever-mutinous, held in check only by Helo who has managed to somehow keep his military training intact. When Starbuck forces herself into one of their recon missions, Helo warily concedes.

If the BSG bridge thought Starbuck was a whacked out pilot before, they should see her these days - wild-eyed, muttering to herself, searching for signs that only she knows exists. As fate would have it, they finally make a discovery in the dead of space this time out - a blasted heavy raider, with none other than Leoben on board.

With a Cylon aboard, specifically this Cylon, you know things are going to get nasty with a restless crew that is already pissed at Starbuck. Tempers flare as Starbuck gets hornswoggled into Leoben's hooks again.

Leoben later informs Anders that he wants Starbuck and crew to team up with the Cylons that have been ousted by Cavil, while the Demetrius crew desperately wants to meet the rendezvous with Galactica (and presumably tell Adama how insane Starbuck is). Matters are made worse when Starbuck informs the crew that they are teaming up with the Cylons.

It doesn't help matters that a crew member gets blown up inspecting Leoben's ship (they should have put a red shirt on her). This incident cements the crew's belief that things are amiss, but now puts Starbuck's trust in Leoben on hold as well. After she lays the smack down on Leoben, Leoben waxes eloquent again about Starbuck's destiny, calling her an angel.

After Starbuck delivers a matter-of-fact speech about the dead crewman's death, she informs them that they're going to jump to meet the Cylons, which is when Helo has had enough (can you really blame him?). You can tell that he is reluctant to do so, but feels it's for the crew's survival that he not obey her orders to jump. She relieves him of command, gives Gaeta the orders, who flat out refuses as well, and the mutiny is on! Flashbacks of Admiral Cain shooting down her XO in cold blood come to mind.

We end the episode treated to Starbuck's characteristically cold stare.


Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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Posted by Perrin on May 5, 2008 1:53 PM
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