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Caprica: Rumored Plot Details Emerge

When Ron Moore and company announced that our favorite series was going to end after its fourth season, we wanted to go curl up in the corner of a running shower and cry like the miserably beaten #6 aboard Pegasus. While we understood, and in some ways respected, their decision to bring the story arc to its natural conclusion and not keep the show running for no particular reason, our hearts darkened all the same.

When the network announced during the writer's strike that it would reconsider the "Caprica" prequel that RDM had pitched them, and then followed-up by green-lighting the 2 hour pilot, we could almost hear thousands of voices around the globe shouting in unison "SO SAY WE ALL!"

Now that preproduction is underway, RDM has apparently started spilling the galactic beans, or so E! Online's Kristin says:

"Caprica is the story of two families, the Graystones and the Adamas, and we'll be meeting the man who fathered and grandfathered the goodness that is Bill and Lee Adama...

The Graystones include father Daniel, a computer genius; mother Amanda, a brilliant surgeon and unfaithful wife; and their daughter, Zoe, who is martyred to her boyfriend's religious fanaticism—but not before she installs the rudimentary elements of her personality and DNA into a machine, creating a digital twin of herself, Zoe-A.

After the human Zoe's death, Daniel uses these raw materials, some stolen technology and his own grief to cobble together "a robotic version of his dead daughter." This robot version, known as Zoe-R, is a Cylonic Eve, the first of her kind.

...As Adm. Bill Adama once told us, his father, Joseph, was a great attorney of his day, fighting for the civil rights of the Twelve Colonies' downtrodden and marginalized. But that's not his whole story: Joseph Adama's wife and daughter were also killed in that same suicide bombing that took Zoe Graystone's life.

The two fathers, Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama, work together on replicating their children in cyborg form, but 'Joseph is ethically appalled by the robot version of his dead [daughter], Tamara, and repents his actions.'

When we first heard "Caprica" billed as "Dallas in space" (before this supposed plot outline was revealed) we were none too enthused, but now that these rumored details emerge we can see the possibility of some incredible character drama, intrigue, deception, and a sense that the dark moral ambiguity that RDM and company do so well will present itself during the creation of the first Cylons.

So, pretending this new scuttlebutt is true, what do you think? Give us your impassioned replies (we know you have them) in the comments!

Posted by Perrin on April 3, 2008 5:13 PM
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Along with the drama I hope there is the good twists and back plots that occur. The show still needs to be intelligent.

I am not a big Star Trek fan, but the owners of that should pen these writers to do a series on like an Enterprise Training Academy or something. I know they have the LOST guy doing the movie, but I have no idea if he would do a TV series on it.

-- Posted by: espo at April 4, 2008 2:05 PM

Well, Ron Moore and one of the writers (maybe more) used to produce and write over on Star Trek: TNG, so they could certainly pull it off.

-- Posted by: perrin at April 7, 2008 10:24 PM

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