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Battlestar Galactica: The Ties That Bind

Wow. Simply, remarkably, wow.

If this week's episode did not convince people that this is the best show on television, then they need to box their entire line of Cylon selves and call it a day.

If you haven't been watching's recaps of each episode entitled "What the frak is going on?" then you're missing out on a hilarious treat. So, I'm going to let do the recap for me, since this will be the only humor we get this week:

Caught up? Then let's get to it!

Now that the show is split into 3 distinct storylines, I'm changing the format this week to follow those plot threads by separating the arcs into their own sections. Let's start with the Cylon 7.


BSG begins this week aboard the Cylon resurrection ship where Cavil is being reborn from his newly-met demise at the hands of the Centurions. The Sharon and Cavil models are there to clothe his naked butt, and newly-minted Cavil learns that the fleet is split right down the middle again, and that he can't return to his ship due to 6 using the Centurions for a little "ethnic cleansing." Why does Cavil not remember what just happened to him? I thought their memories downloaded to the new model? The sequence ends with Sharon kissing Cavil (ew!), and now we know that the topless-dance was not just a one-off event.

Later, Cavil meets with 6 and two Sharon models to discuss how they can all play nice together again. Suspiciously, he agrees to their terms of stopping the raider lobotomies, and to confer with the others regarding unboxing the entire line of D'Annas.

Interestingly, #6 has to say "Please" to get a nearby Centurion to escort Cavil off the ship. And what was that - did that Centurion that was assigned clean-up duty just turn its head as if to say "We're gonna clean up all yall's butts here in a bit"?? We think Cavil is probably right - they have indeed opened Pandora's Box by removing the Centurion inhibitors.

Cavil returns after an unknown amount of time and declares that the Cylons on his side voted to go ahead and resurrect the model 3's. The D'Anna model's core consciousness would be downloaded at the main server, which is half a dozen jumps from their current location. #6 agrees, as long as they make the journey in their own ships.

When the jump is made to this supposed central server, things are amiss as the resurrection ship oddly does not make the jump. Cavil's base ships suddenly move in. #6 and Sharon realize they've been had. And then - CAVIL'S SHIPS BEGIN FIRING ON THE OTHERS! THE #6's and Sharon line could possibly be wiped out for good! As Cavil and the lone Sharon model look on, Cavil reminds her that "they started it." The traitorous Sharon worries over their souls, but Cavil states that they are machines, and do not have souls.


Aboard Starbuck's garbage ship floating in search for Earth, we see Kara in various states of confusion, as she's having a hard time mapping out the correct route. Shockingly, we find Gaeta is on the flying boat as well, apparently serving as the navigator.

The crew - consisting of Anders, Helo, BSG Sharon, Seelix, and several other unmentionables - is in a state of weary near-mutiny, as we get a sense that they believe Starbuck has no idea where she's going and are not thrilled to be aboard. Helo is the only one that appears to be keeping any semblance of military order.

Later we see Starbuck decorating her bunk with what she surely hopes is a memory of her voyage to Earth, as Anders appears and wonders what the hell is going on with her. After some hateful words where Starbuck insults his intelligence, they bicker their way into bed, where Starbuck declares over and over that she just wants to frak (and over and over).

Once the deed is done, Starbuck tells Anders that she has not been feeling herself since she returned, like her body is just this "alien thing she's attached to."


All is not well on the marital front between Tyrol and Cally, as we would expect upon the news that Tyrol is a Cylon. It appears Cally is not getting a lot of sleep these days, and her relationship with Tyrol is escalating into more and more domestic in-fighting. She wakes one night to their crying child, and Tyrol is absent. Finding a napkin with Joe's Bar insciribed upon it, Cally takes the child with her to investigate why Tyrol is not home in bed.

She indeed finds him in Joe's Bar - chatting with Tory in what she confuses for a secret affair between the two. Cally confronts her husband, who tries to convince her that the meeting is not what it appears. Cally storms off in anger, unwilling to hear out an explanation.

In an effort to continue her bid for an Emmy nomination, Roslin receives her cancer treatment in solitude. Adama appears, and in a move that makes later scenes all the more painful, begins to read "Love and Bullets" to her to pass the time. McDonnell communicates the appreciation and yet pain and loneliness Roslin feels with nary a word spoken.

Lee Adama later publicly accepts his new position into the Quorum, a deliberative body with representatives from each of the colonies. Lee is asked how the President feels about his election given that he defended Baltar, and Roslin steps in to cut the question off with a response that could have come straight from the White House's Press Secretary. She's then asked about the rumors surrounding the departure of The Demetrius, the ship Starbuck was given in the previous episode, but Roslin hands the question over to Admiral Adama who says the ship was sent on a military mission. When asked about the rumor that Starbuck was aboard, Adama replies with a very curt "I don't respond to rumors."

Later, in the President's quarters, Roslin admits to Bill that she is not happy with his decision to send Starbuck in search for Earth. This scene's pain is augmented by the earlier tenderness of Adama reading her the book, because we sense that this rift is going to cause more scars between the two down the line.

Elsewhere, the fighting between Tyrol and Cally continues as their relationship spirals downward. Cally has taken on a cold facade to Tyrol's assumed unfaithfulness.

Before the Quorum Q&A, Lee is approached by Zarek, who plants seeds of doubt into Lee's mind about Roslin's presidency, whom Zarek feels is leaning toward being a tyrant. He hands Lee a confidential document and tells him that he hopes Lee is not the type of person that will ignore the truth right in front of his face.

Cally visits Doc Cottle, and it is here that we really see how desperate and disillusioned she is about her marriage. Cottle uncharacteristically pries into the couple's home life, and entreats Cally to get Tyrol into sick bay if she can. Cally actually takes a drag from Cottle's cigarette (!) as he tells her to get some sleep and clear her head.

During the Quorum Q&A, Roslin is pelted by the Quorum with questions about the Demetrius, which Roslin deflects handily. When Lee asks a softball question regarding the fact they are probably searching for all routes to Earth, Roslin delivers a minor insult that she doesn't need a junior delegate to be her spokesperson. In a decisive moment for Lee, harkening back to the boldness he took during Baltar's trial, Lee questions her about Executive Order 112, presumably the confidential memo that Zarek handed him earlier. The order would establish a justice system that would confer a scary amount of power into Roslin's hands. Roslin rebuts that the order is merely a draft, and that the outline will change dramatically by the time it is finalized. Lee sits, burned by his own tenacity.

Cally's condition worsens. Between flashbacks of her relationship with Tyrol and the drugs she is taking, she still is not getting any asleep. She goes to close the door to their room, and finds a hidden note in the hinge: Weapons Locker 1701D 1330 HRS (did you catch this not-so-subtle reference to a show that producer Ron Moore used to work on?)

Surely with the thought that she is about to get certain evidence of Tyrol's affair, Cally hides at Weapons Locker 1701D. Instead of a secret tryst between only Tyrol and Tory, however, she witnesses one of the clandestine meetings of the Sleeper 4 (minus Anders, of course, who is aboard the Demetrius). Curiosity peaked, she finds her way into an access panel that leads behind the chamber and overhears - that her husband is a Cylon! Immediately her mind pieces together memories that had been bothering her, causing her to freak out and knock over a panel she'd removed. The Sleeper Cylons freeze, but hear no other sound. They dismiss the meeting.

Cally scrambles to get the hell outta dodge, and manages to get out of the corridor just in time. But as Tory closes the door to the weapons locker, she notices the access panel askew. She's obviously put 2 and 2 together.

The entire 4th Act is made of the Cally story, and for good reason. Properly freaked out now that she's discovered the Sleeper 4's secret, Cally is in a state of distress when she returns to her quarters. Tyrol returns and asks if she's ok, and Cally, facing away, manages to bite back her fear and reassure Tyrol that all is ok. Tyrol approaches the baby as he discusses his desire to have more, but when he turns around - WHAM! Cally whacks him over the head with a wrench. BAM! she nails him again, and Tyrol is out for good.

Cally grabs a key from his pocket, picks up the baby, and then walks in what can only be described as a fugue state to the airlock where they release the Vipers into space. She walks to the panel and inserts the key, and it becomes evident that she is going to launch herself, as well as her newly-discovered Cylon baby, out of the airlock!

It is at this moment that Tory appears, and manages to keep Cally from tossing them all out the airlock by instilling doubt as to the nature of Cylons, as they had only just discovered their nature. Tory helps Cally up, taking the baby in her arms - and then delivers a #6-sized smackdown to Cally's face!

When Cally comes out of her stupor, Tory is in the control room with the key. She coldly opens the airlock, killing Cally in the vacuum of space.

As the episode comes to a close, we see Adama sitting silently with Tyrol in his room, obviously having already broken the news. The camera pans backwards as Cally's swan song plays us out.


The producers were not kidding that things were going to get darker than they've ever been. Next Friday can't get here soon enough!

To tide you over, here is the promo for next week, entitled "Escape Velocity," and it looks like things are not going to slow down one bit:

Posted by Perrin on April 19, 2008 4:54 PM
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Hey Perrin, great review!

I totally agree that this show is the best show on TV. Man this show kicks some frakkin *ss.
Some thoughts:
I knew by the looks she has been giving him in previous eps that Sharon fell for Cavil and they were doing the nasty. Haven't all Cylon betrayals revolved around sex?
Somehow I knew that Cavil would turn on the rest of the models I just didn't know how severe he would react.

I was surprised at who was on the ship with Starbuck. I mean, why would Adama let Gaeta AND Helo go with her. I mean doesn't he need his key people now that Lee is gone and Tigh is unstable?

Katee Sackoff is proving every week that she is a pretty darn good actress. Wow.

Roslin should get an award just for her nasty looks she throws Lee's way. It will be interesting to see what role Lee plays in the future. President? Last Cylon?

Now I have to give it up to the writers for not only killing off Cally but doing it in such a brutal way. That took guts. Yes, she was getting very irritating but usually shows string along the character until you're finally relieved they get killed off. (Umm, can anyone say Ellen?)
I was truly amazed by the way they handled it and sad at the same time.

Some random thoughts:
Tory is really loving being a Cylon isn't she? Almost too much.
I miss imaginary "Six" hovering around Baltar.

Thanks for introducing me to Twitter, what a cool thing!

Keep up the great work.
Can't wait till next week!!!

-- Posted by: Janaki at April 23, 2008 2:37 AM

Sorry I missed this comment.

Now that the next show has aired, this episode has even more weight doesn't it?

-- Posted by: Perrin at May 1, 2008 9:12 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 25, 2010 11:29 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 6:17 PM

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