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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: He That Believeth In Me

Well, it appears that the interwebs ate my super-long review, so in order to avoid another back-breaking writing session, this week's review is going to have to stick to the key points of the episode. We'll be back in full swing for the next episode with more in-depth analysis.

But enough of the violin-twiddling, let's get cracking!

It's been over a year (A FRAKKING YEAR!) since the Season 3 mind-blower, so here are some quick bullets to get us up to speed:

- Starbuck "dies" in a fiery explosion
- Baltar goes on trial; Lee Adama joins his defense
- Baltar is acquitted
- The fleet jumps to the Ionian Nebula and loses power
- Tyrol, Anders, Tori, and Tigh (Tigh!) discover they are sleeper Cylons
- Power returns to the the fleet
- Cylon fleet jumps in from nowhere
- Starbuck returns; tells Lee she has found Earth

Lets. Get. To it!

The opening clues us into the fact that this season is going to be something special, for a new mantra greets us during the intro:

Twelve cylon models
Seven are known
Four live in secret
One will be revealed

This week's opening encapsulated everything we love about this series - all before the titles rolled!

We pick up right where we left off - Starbuck tries to convince Lee that she's really back, and she's been to Earth, but before Lee can really wrap his mind around it they're in the heat of battle - and oh what a sweet battle it is! Look - 'splosions!

Tigh shoots Adama during this sequence, but we pretty much figured it was Cylon wish-fulfillment fantasy, which sure enough it turned out to be. The most captivating beat during the battle, however, came when Anders, who was newly-minted as a Viper pilot, joins the fray and is scanned by a Cylon raider. The Cylon squadrons immediately back off, return to their ships, and jump out of the system. As everyone aboard Galactica scratches their heads, Tori suggests that something may have changed. Oh yes, Tori - things have changed indeed!


- Starbuck: Starbuck's return is not a welcome one. Everyone is unsure of whether she is a Cylon or not. The Cylon test, while negative, is discredited by Tigh (natch!). Starbuck's Viper is immaculately clean, with nary a scratch to be seen. The ships logs are also missing. Just where in the hell has Starbuck been, and who is she really? She also now "feels" that the fleet is headed in the wrong direction in their journey to Earth, holding Roslin at gunpoint with convinction. This plotline, played out alongside the Final 5 subplot, is going to make for a crazy-interesting final season.

- Baltar: Baltar's emergence as a spiritual leader, given his dynamic character, will make for intriguing viewing as well. Is he really beginning to believe in "the one true God" and the power of his own prayer, or is he playing some game the likes of which we'll discover as the season progresses? Baltar playing Jesus among a cabal of women zealots? You couldn't imagine a more fitting place to stroke his already ginormous ego. Oh, and he loses the beard.

- Lee Adama: In a discussion with his father over the identity of Starbuck, Lee reveals that he's going to stick to governmental work. Will the occupational distance give the father-son duo a chance to mend the fence between them, or separate them even further?

- The Galactica 4: Tyrol, Anders, Tori, and Tigh are still muddled over how they're going to react to the newfound discovery of what they are, although Anders and Tori seem to be in more of a shocked daze than the others. Tigh and Tyrol appear determined to continue their roles, with Tigh fighting his realized "nature" more than anyone else. Fascinating times indeed.

Ron Moore's podcast is delayed until later this week, so we'll be sure to bring you any interesting details we gleen from it. Until then, discuss away in the comments!

Next week: The Cylons learn that the Final Five are in the Colonial fleet. Some of the Cylons want the Cavil model to stop lobotomizing the Raider ships. Starbuck desperately tries to convince the others that the fleet is going the wrong way in their search for Earth (

Posted by Perrin on April 7, 2008 10:48 AM
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How is it that not only there's a secret overlooked section of the Galactica filled with what's left of the young hotties in the universe BUT that Baltar is now their God/King? It doesn't matter if Baltar is a Cylon or a human he IS the damn luckiest chick magnet ever.

My guess is that that one of the hotties actually slipped that kid some much needed medicine to make it LOOK like Baltar's teary-eyed prayers were answered to not only solidify his God-like status but to give the rest of the followers hope. It was probably the girl that killed the two guys in the restroom.

Starbuck is most definitely not a Cylon she is just crazy. But how is that any different then usual?

Overall this was a great episode. I especially love how Tigh had that amazing daydream about killing Adama. And the battle scenes were breathtaking. And I'll bet good money that Roslin and Adama have sex by episode 5.

What a frakking great start to the season!

-- Posted by: Janaki at April 6, 2008 6:17 AM

A friend's explanation of why Starbuck IS a Cylon and it now has me questioning. She didn't show up until the Cylons showed up. So they could have easily dropped her off! That is crazy because I really want to believe she has been to earth. But if the Cylons gave her those memories, then does that mean the Cylons know where Earth is?

-- Posted by: Jaime at April 7, 2008 9:39 AM

@ Janaki: everyone at our frak party was laughing their collective arses off at Baltar's luck. Interesting theory about the kid-drugging - the "smiting" chick sure did look kinda suspicious in every scene.

@Jaime: Now that is a good point. Gods, I can't wait for this season to play out!

-- Posted by: perrin at April 7, 2008 11:16 AM

OOH OOH OOH! I just thought of something after reading your comment, perrin...

@perrin: the smiting chick could be the fifth cylon, and she is setting up blatar to be the "prophet" for the one true God! You saw #6's happiness when Baltar said he was serious about sacrificing his life for the child's. And only once he confirmed that with #6 did was other girl able to to her thing and beat those two guys with a lead pipe in the bathroom. I think we'll have to call her Miss Scarlett. Would that make Baltar Prof. Plum?

So I guess we got two people in the running currently for the fifth cylon, Starbuck and the smiting chick.

-- Posted by: Jaime at April 7, 2008 11:40 AM

@Jamie: Hmm...the plot thickens.

Someone at the frak party threw Roslin into the Cylon mix, but somehow I don't think that would jive with the prophecy that Ron Moore and company appear to be promoting.

-- Posted by: perrin at April 7, 2008 1:48 PM

Ok, I was eating dinner at the time I watched BSG and my fork stopped in mid motion when they showed Tigh shooting Adama. I didn't think they'd hit a climax that fast and convinced myself that it was a dream. Thank god it was, but man, THAT would have been a GREAT scene if it actually happened. It will be interesting to see Tigh struggle with his new "role"
When Anders was scanned I thought he was "turned on" because of his eye changing to red. Something had to have happened there besides just a scanning. I think he'll do something significant this season...
Starbuck is not a Cylon. She's a crazy bitch, but not a Cylon.

-- Posted by: Lori at April 7, 2008 5:15 PM

In one the interviews Starbuck said she wasn't a Cylon. I have to think that she isn't.

-- Posted by: espo at April 8, 2008 5:49 PM

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