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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Key Points from Escape Velocity

Once again, here's "What the frak is going on?" with last week's recap:

Episodes like this week's "Escape Velocity" are tough ones for a lot of fans to swallow. Slow-burn drama where the producers and writers are setting up plot-lines for the future tend to divide audiences straight down the middle.

At Battlestar Fodder, we're on the side of the folks that love these kinds of intriguing character pieces. We can tell that strands are beginning to be woven in the story that will pay off later in the series. And if you don't think that we the viewers will get any payoff, then I suggest you watch "Deep Space Nine," especially the final seven episodes where Ron Moore and company blew our collective scifi minds with the way in which they resolved the series. Have faith, Dear Watchers - all will be revealed.

Since they managed to stay on board the Galactica this week, we'll break this week's review into the various character pieces.


Tyrol, of course, is still reeling from the realization of Cally's death, as well as his Cylon nature. After an eloquent speech at Cally's funeral, he grabs the arms of his Sleeper Cylon cohorts, Tigh and Tory, and stares a hole through their souls (if indeed they have them). Tigh later reprimands Tyrol during one of their cabals for "trying to give them away." Tigh, dealing with his own dead wife issues, unhelpfully informs Tyrol that he will see her everyday. Tory, still relishing her newfound power, tells Tyrol to embrace the advantages that being a Cylon brings.

Later, obviously still cursed by his wife's death (and no doubt in some limbo state of trying to understand who he really is), Tyrol loses focus on his job and nearly causes the deaths of two Galactica pilots as they barely survive a nasty crash into the hangar and it's all Tyrol's fault. His mental state is deteriorating quickly.

After working a shift for too long, Tyrol finally decides that he needs a break and heads to Joe's Bar, where Adama appears to console him and give the Chief some time off if need be. Instead, Tyrol lets his drink and his raw emotions control him, letting it be known to all around the bar that he settled when he married Cally, throws insults around (boiled-cabbage stench? ouch!), and then dares Adama to send him off the ship. Didn't anyone tell him that it's stupid to threaten Adama? Adama demotes him on the spot.


It's been a while since we've seen Tigh deal with the fact that he killed his wife, but boy does that self-torture reappear this week. You see, Tigh has been visiting #6 in her cell aboard the Galactica, evidently trying to pry some details on how Cylon brains work. After all, it'd be rather handy if there was some way he could shut off the pain of his wife's death as easy as flipping a switch.

Unfortunately, #6 informs him (sometimes with Tigh creepily envisioning Ellen's head on #6's shoulders) that it is the pain and the love of Baltar that helped her understand death. Pain is where you learn, and focus, sharp as a knife. And she wants to teach Tigh all the things the Cylons learned when they studied the human brain to make Cylon brains.

It's too bad Tigh has run all the soldiers and the personnel out of the viewing room, for after this speech #6 clocks him, and with a sweet smile on her face pummels his face in, asking if he can feel the clarity through the pain now.

When we think Tigh has had enough, he requests for more, but #6 suddenly realizes that it is not pain that he needed, but something else - AND THEN PROCEEDS TO KISS HIM! The ratio of hotties kissing old men on this show has exponentially grown this season!


Ah, Gaeius Baltar. The religious threads that began last season and emerged full force during the previous few episodes comes to a violent fruition this week.

The twisted relationship between Tory and Baltar makes an even more bizarre and disgusting turn this week. While Tory teaches Baltar the finer points of perfection by feeling pleasure and pain together, a group of radicals called the Sons of Ares break into his harem, beat his female followers, and demand that Baltar be handed over.

The fact that the Sons of Ares represent the old gods of the colonies stirs up Head Six, who convinces Baltar to hoist up the banner of the one true God and make a stand. His new resolution to not be beaten into submission culminates in him storming into a religious ceremony being held by worshipers of the old religion, where he lambastes the old Gods, calls the temple leader a witch, and is carried off by soldiers as he destroys votives and yells at them for what they believe.

After Roslin releases Baltar from jail (more on that later), he returns to his quarters only to find the entrance blocked by Galactica's soldiers. Head Six convinces Baltar to stand up for his beliefs, which results in him getting beat down by the guard. Things look bad for Baltar until Lee appears and decrees that the full right of assembly has been restored so Baltar can return to his harem.

With his followers collected again (and Lee and Tory watching), Baltar brings his congregation to tears as he preaches to them about loving themselves, and to know the truth about themselves, which is that they are perfect just as they are, and that God only loves that which is perfect.

The room erupts in applause, and Lee vacates the room with a look of semi-disgust. He may have realized that he made a mistake. Head Six and Tory smile at Baltar's newfound zeal and apparent influence.


We discover that Adama is still helping Roslin through her treatments by reading to her. As he walks her back to his quarters, they discuss the commotion that Baltar is causing on the ship, and that Baltar always seems to be able to stir up the crap.

Roslin visits Baltar in his cell and lets him know, in no uncertain terms, that since she is dying she cares less and less about rules and regulations, and that if Baltar will lead a quiet little life, she'll lead a quiet little death. That said, she releases him back into the wild.

During a Quorum meeting, Roslin limits public assembly, obviously in an attempt to curb Baltar's influence among the fleet. As the Quorum moves to vote on the measure, she reminds them of what Baltar did as President - only imagine what he'd do with blind religious devotion.

The Quorum repeals the mandate, and later, as Roslin gets her treatment, she worries that Lee is making a momentous mistake. Adama reads her to sleep, quoting a sentimental and touching phrase about death.

So, no space battles. No hyper-jumping to the surface of a planet in a crazy rescue attempt. But the intrigue of what is developing in the lives of these characters as they deal with spiritual matters and question themselves is as compelling a drama as any of the previous seasons.

Next Week:

Comment away!

Posted by Perrin on April 28, 2008 5:42 PM
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Wow, I would have NEVER thought that Tigh would someday make out with "Six." Now that was a stunner.

Enjoy your frak party!

I wish people in my area would do that . . .

-- Posted by: Janaki at April 26, 2008 3:01 AM

Here in my country and in the comunity in orkut, most part of the fans, is not enjoying this 4th season... something is going wrong... seems not the same serie....
it´s not so excinting, it´s getting confuse, Baltar seems like Jesus.. well... i don´t know....
something must hapen to come a god serie again....

so say we all... kkkkk
we are missing that old BSG

-- Posted by: Nikima (Brazil) at April 27, 2008 10:26 PM

I am not understanding the comments I am hearing around the interwebs that people think this season blows.

If you've been a fan any length of time on this show, you KNOW it's about the characters. Do we really need 'splosions every week? Come on!

-- Posted by: Perrin at May 1, 2008 9:20 PM

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