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Battlestar Fodder

Are You Prepping Your BSG Frak Party?

It's only two days from Friday, and you know what that means - the season 4 premiere of Battlestar Galactica! It's time to pull out all of your favorite party snacks, invite your BSG-lovin' friends over (putting all the haters on call-forward straight to voicemail), and throw a Frak Party so boisterous that Roslin would be forced to declare your household the new Cloud 9!

To fuel your excitement (and ours) for the impending premiere, we here at TV Fodder have put together a list of items to make your Frak Party even more memorable than that flashback of Adama and Roslin smoking a questionable substance on New Caprica.

We know you're going to have beer and whatnot at your party, but if you listen to Ron Moore's podcasts then you know from experience that the BSG producer loves his scotch, and so should you! Hell, he even drank Absinthe during one episode, so if you live abroad (or deal secretly in the black market), then more power to ya!

Lack of Food
We know that all parties need to have some sort of hors d'oeurvre, but if you really want to go for that hard core food shortage authenticity, then put out party trays (with cut corners, of course) that have nothing on them. When guests ask, "Where's the food?" put on your best Adama face and growl out the phrase "Sit your fat-ass down - this is a war, not a buffet."

Personalized BSG Dog Tags
You know, in case you decide to build a boxing ring in your living room - you gotta have a way to draw names for pummeling one another!

BSG Cosplay Uniforms
Most of you probably already have one hanging in your closet from all those scifi conventions you attend, but for those that don't - it's time to get a-stitchin'!

BSG T-Shirts
For those too lazy to make their own uniform (or too cheap!), you can always just plunk down the money to buy a snarky t-shirt supporting your favorite show. Here are some of our favorites:

- Roslin '08 - why vote Democratic or Republican, when you can vote for someone that will throw dissenters out of an airlock?

- Baltar is my Homeboy - for those of you that like hanging with people that vote for the annihilation of their own race.

- Frak Off - for Monday mornings...and hey - it's official!

- #6 IS IN MY HEAD - and we're not making a cheeky Baltar reference here. She really is in our heads.

Posted by Perrin on April 2, 2008 1:32 PM
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