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Battlestar Fodder

New Previews Tease 'Battlestar Galactica' TV Movie, Final Season

Yes, frakheads, we know, we know: The wait for season four's 2008 launch is interminable. Forget the Galactica making it to Earth; the bigger question is how can we make it until February without knowing how Starbuck survived, why the newly revealed Cylons heard Hendrix, and whether the actor who plays Boxey has hit puberty yet? But we're drawing closer to the season premiere by the minute, with the two-hour special a nice diversion, and the Sci-Fi Channel has released some very interesting promotional material that provokes new questions even as it promises answers to some old ones.

First, previews continue to crop up for the Nov. 24 TV movie, "Razor." The two-hour special tells the tale of the Battlestar Pegasus through the eyes of XO Kendra Shaw--a new character to the audience, but who's been introduced as a Pegasus holdover and the right hand to Lee Adama (Apollo) on his first mission as the ship's commander. Because the movie will be flashback-heavy, expect to reunite with the Pegasus crew--Admiral Helena Cain, Six doppelganger "Gina," and corrupted Major Jack Fisk--who played such a key role in BSG's second season. We'll likely see some of Cain's hard decisions, which were hinted at back in the Resurrection Ship arc, and finally understand what Gina did to make the admiral so viciously angry with her.

And maybe, Razor will also clear up where Pegasus's ice cream parlor is located--you didn't think Lee could gain all that weight on a military diet, did you?

The latest preview for Razor can be found here. (And if you want to be spoiled, there are a number of clips and other previews via YouTube's related content feature). IGN also is hosting an image gallery for the special.

In addition, Razor promises glimpses of the first Cylon war and a young Billy Adama (Husker), although it's unclear what the connection is with the Pegasus's story decades later. The answers may start to come in a new seven webisode-series featuring excised material from the TV movie; the first two-minute episode introduces a rookie Husker as he joins the Galactica in the 13th year of the first war. That episode is up here but be warned: It shows Adama in a light you've never seen him in before...well, maybe you have if you read the fan fiction. But really, a rook catching the eye of a lieutenant? I didn't know the old man was such a smooth operator--is there anything he can't do?

Anyway, here's an early vote that the alleged Cylon "superweapon" were building 30 years beforehand rears its head again in Razor.

Now--the best for last. And a hat-tip to Shannon Nolley of Battlestar Blog fame, who passes along this preview of BSG's season four. Note the wording--"The Final Season"--which seems to end rumors that Sci Fi would break the season in half. There's a ton packed into these 44 seconds: note that Six and Roslin seem to be chummy, Tigh (!) appears to point a gun at Adama, and Starbuck is having a serious panic attack about the Galactica's current heading (or she's just a really vocal backseat driver).

You know, between the flashy Razor previews and the season four trailer...well, it's enough to make you sorry for those old-line Cylon models. Do you think they'll be in any of the Razor flashbacks? From the picture below, it seems doubtful.

(Image courtesy of Best Pic Ever)

Posted by DD on October 10, 2007 12:07 AM
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There *was* a lot packed into a short time. Two things I noticed/wondered about:

1. They certainly seemed to be trying to make it look like Tigh was pointing a gun at Adama in the CIC. But if that's true, why do Roslin and Tory's expressions show a complete lack of concern for said development? Nor does Adama look worried. Nor does any in CIC, who seem to be going about their business as usual. Methinks this ia a promo fakeout.

2. Please don't tell me that the sick child Baltar is healing (clearly the son of the High Priestess of Crazy who visited Baltar in his cell asking him to bless a picture of her son) is going to make regular appearances! (Remember that crack you made up above about Boxey? Don't play with fire, friend...)

-- Posted by: Michelle at October 10, 2007 9:09 AM


Excellent point re: the CIC standoff--I subconsciously noticed the lack of concern too, although was suckered by the Adama VO where he's yelling at Tigh and the intentional reference back to Boomer. I guess Saul could just be showing off his prized service weapon ("See? I cleaned the barrel of the gun and everything!"), unless that image was taken the split-second before all hell breaks loose.

Also very astute read re: the target of Baltar's "healing gifts." There's nothing a gritty, apocalyptic drama needs more than more battlefield fodder...I mean, child actors.

-- Posted by: DD at October 10, 2007 9:39 AM

Dylan wrote "All Along the Watchtower." The version used wasn't Dylan or Hendrix's cover. I'm just saying'.

-- Posted by: steve mare at December 4, 2007 8:49 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 8:59 PM

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