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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: The Eye of Jupiter

by Shannon Nolley, Filmfodder Editor

The humans stumble upon the Temple of the Five and begin to search for the fabled "Eye of Jupiter" just as the Cylons arrive and demand the Eye for themselves. Meanwhile, tensions mount as Apollo and Starbuck's feelings - and passions - for each other grow. This cliff hanger leaves everyone on edge as Adama is poised to launch nuclear weapons that threaten to destroy a key to earth and kill his own son.

Per usual, at the end of this entry is a section called "Observations, Thoughts and Questions" to further focus on particular plot points and enable specific discussion on, well, things I want to talk about. If you've seen the episode and just want to discuss what happened, skip to that section.


The Eye of Jupiter: Episode 3.11

Population count = 41,402 survivors (18 down from last week, presumably suffered as a result of the botched jumps).

We join the fleet in orbit around the algae planet where day 14 of the food resupply mission is underway. Many of our favorite characters are on the ground getting their hands dirty and working hard to harvest the pungent, yet life sustaining algae. Anders and Tyrol joke about the unappetizing new food source. "It's breakfast, lunch and dinner until someone finds a hot fudge planet," Tyrol says. He's distracted, though. He senses something in the hills. Something he can't seem to dismiss.

Meanwhile, Starbuck lands a shuttle with her normal "casual" flare. Dee and Apollo are in the main building as Starbuck lands. Things between them are tense. Dee knows something is going on between Apollo and Starbuck. She comments about how interesting it is that Starbuck always seems to get the shuttle duty. Apollo tries to dismiss it, but can't look Dee in the eye. He quickly brushes aside Dee's comments and heads to the shuttle to see Starbuck.

"Brought her in a little hot, don't you think?" he says to Starbuck as they stand closer and closer together. (Hot is right! These two have definitely rekindled that fire between them.) They make out. Apollo pulls back a bit. "This is insane," he says. "Just the way I like it," Starbuck returns. Apollo says they can't keep doing "this" (meaning, they've been having an affair - this isn't the first time since their boxing match that they've hooked up). Apollo wants them to divorce their spouses. "I can barely look Dee in the eye," he says. Starbuck won't consider it, though. She explains that she believes marriage to be a sacrament. She made a vow in front of the gods and she's not going to break it. "You break it every time we do this," Apollo returns. "Divorce is different. This is just bending the rules," she says with a smile and kisses him. Apollo pulls away and chokes up. He can't live like this. He says he can see his own guilt reflected in Dee's eyes. Starbuck tells him not to be so dramatic, that's it not such a big deal. Apollo disagrees. It is a big deal. "Great. So I won't divorce and you won't cheat. Where does that leave us?" Starbuck asks. "Trapped," Apollo laments.

Back in camp, Tyrol is still sensing something coming from the hills. He decides to investigate and wanders off. He is seemingly drawn to an unknown location and finds a man made cave. He enters and follows the passage to a large door. Opening it and stepping inside (the dramatic music rises), Tyrol finds himself in an enormous calthedral-like room with a center altar. He reports back to the fleet. Later investigation with carbon dating establishes the temple to have been built around the time of the 13th tribe. They believe it is the Temple of the Five. Tyrol explains to Adama and Roslin over the radio that he recognizes it from the drawings in his dad's studies (his parents were very religious). Roslin tells them that the scriptures say the Eye of Jupiter is hidden in the Temple of Five - the Eye is a marker that points the way to Earth. Tyrol and his team are to look for the Eye.

Just then, four Cylon Baseships jump into orbit. On their own search for something "more" in the universe, Baltar and D'Anna have guided their fleet here in search of the Temple of Five and the Eye. The rest of the ships of the fleet immediately jump to emergency coordinates, safely away from Baseships. The Galactica must stay behind because they still have people on the planet and they must protect the temple. Preparing for battle, the Galactica realizes something new is afoot - the Cylons are staying outside of weapons range. The Cylons hail the Galactica. Adama picks up the com and takes the call. Baltar replies, "I can't tell you what a genuine pleasure it is to hear your voice." Everyone on the bridge is shocked. Not only is Baltar alive, but he's in a position of power on the Cylon ship!!

Adama decides to accept a Cylon negotiation party on board - including Baltar. Adama is stalling - he's hoping this will allow them time to get the people off the planet. D'Anna, Sharon, Cavil and Baltar are escorted under heavy guard to meet with Adama and Roslin. As Baltar is walking, Fantasy Six appears. He tells her how he misses the Galactica. She can't believe he misses that place since they'd surely kill him if he returned. She also reasons with him that if he's one of the final five, then those feelings are just part of his programing. Baltar agrees but also comments that if he's not - if he's human - then this is probably the last time he'll ever see the ship again.

Sharon greets the party before they enter the meeting room. She takes a good long look at the other Sharon and tells Tigh that the particular model is Boomer, not just another Sharon. Tigh refuses to let Boomer enter. She's the one who shot and nearly killed Adama a while back, so she's not welcome to the party. In the meeting, Baltar chokes up at sight of Adama and Roslin. "It's good to see you," he says. Roslin and Adama say nothing. After some trite comments, the Cylons reveal that they want the Eye of Jupiter and know the humans have found the ancient settlement and presume they've found the Temple - and maybe the Eye, but can't bring it up to the ship for some reason. Baltar throws in a few comments, but Roslin won't listen to him. "The less this man says, the better this will go," she says flatly to D'Anna and Cavil. Baltar is surprised. Roslin excuses herself from the room out of disgust for Baltar. She's leaving Adama in control of the situation. Baltar still can't believe that they are so angry with him. "If it wasn't for me you'd all be dead!" he shouts after Roslin as she exits. "Give us the Eye, we'll let you go," D'Anna states. The Galactica is outnumbered four to one. Cavil adds with a smile, "We'll throw in Baltar." D'Anna and Baltar are both surprised by this, but Cavil shrugs them off saying he's just improvising. "It's worth thinking about," Tigh says with a one-eyed squint. Adama won't give up the Eye, though. He tells them flatly that he'll nuke the planet if they try to fetch the Eye themselves. D'Anna doesn't believe him. Adama orders the guards to escort the Cylons and Baltar back to the ship. Cavil gives Adama a sly wink and exits with the rest.

Meanwhile, in the hall Boomer is chatting up Sharon. Telling her the humans can't be trusted, Boomer reveals to Sharon that Hera is still alive. Sharon doesn't believe her. Boomer says that Hera is aboard their Baseship and she's ill, but they don't know why. Sharon still doesn't believe. Boomer tells her that Hera was hidden at Roslin's school, so that means Hera was hidden from her purposely - that the humans believe Sharon to be a "thing." They must because they wouldn't treat another human that way. Sharon has had enough. She orders the guards to watch Boomer and storms off.

On the planet, Adama is able to apprise Starbuck and Apollo of the situation before the Cylons jam the signal. Their mission is to defend the temple and find the Eye. Even though it may or may not lead the way to Earth, if it's important to the Cylons, then Apollo and whatever people they have on the ground must keep it from them. Starbuck recommends Anders as leader of the civilians. Apollo is skeptical, but knows that he's the right choice. Of course, when Starbuck and Apollo approach Anders with the mission, he scoffs saying it's a suicide mission. His guerilla fighters never had to defend a fixed position. Most of the civilians on the planet have never even held a rifle before. Starbuck tries to use her whiles to persuade him. With Apollo around, though, Anders is tense. He knows something is going on between those two. With communications cut off and the Cylons circling about, though, Anders knows that there are few other options. He eventually agrees to take the command.

On Galactica, Gaeta has been monitoring some anomalies in the stars of this system. He has concluded that one of them is going to go supernova, but he's not sure when (tomorrow, next year, he's not sure). The only warning they will have will be a fast helium flash. When that happens, they have to jump away before it obliterates the entire system. He muses the odds of this all with Adama - the humans and the Cylons converging here before the star goes supernova. It all seems too coincidental. Fate, perhaps? Adama is skeptical as ever. He just wants a decent plan.

On the Baseship, the Cylons are discussing the situation on the planet. Cavil wants to obliterate the human race once and for all. Let them destroy the Eye. "We have to take advantage of the situation and destroy Galactica," he says. He reasons that even if they don't collect the Eye, eventually they will find the other humans and can destroy them in time. D'Anna tells them that there's no need for rash decisions. She's already put a Raider on the planet - she ordered it when they first arrived figuring that the Galactica would be distracted so they could slip in. She also explained that the Raider has jammed Galactica's communication with the planet so the humans on the planet are completely cut off. Her plan is to have the Centurions get to the Temple, collect the Eye and return. The other Cylons - particularly Six - aren't pleased by D'Anna's actions without their knowledge, but because it's the best plan they've got so far, they let it go.

Later, D'Anna sits with Baltar in the Hybrid's chamber. D'Anna thinks she's on the verge of seeing the final five, maybe god himself. The Hybrid speaks. "The sins will only be revealed to those who enter the Temple. Only to the chosen one. The chosen one. The chosen one." it repeats over and over. The Hybrid seemed to be looking at Baltar as she repeated the line. Caprica Six enters. She's upset and wants to know what's going on. She loves them both and is feeling very left out. She thought their love was transcendent above other relationships. As Baltar flounders, D'Anna says that their affair is over. "Our destiny lies separate from yours," D'Anna tells Six. She continues saying that she and Baltar must enter the Temple. "We love you too, but this is something you can't share with us," D'Anna concludes. Six is distraught and confused. "I loved you when everyone wanted you dead!" Six pleads with Baltar. He tells her it's not personal - it's transcendent, like D'Anna had said. "Pray for us. We'll be praying for you," D'Anna says as she leads Baltar out of the room. Six is broken up.

Back in the fleet, Adama enters as Roslin is reading about the Temple of the Five. Adama cuts her short. Sharon has told him what Boomer said about Hera. He wants to know if Roslin knew about the baby. (Note: Adama never knew about Roslin's plan to hide Hera. It seems only Cottle, Tory and Roslin knew.) Roslin is relieved to hear that Hera is still alive and admits her role in hiding the baby. As she begins to explain, Adama says nothing an exits. He goes to Helo and Sharon who can't believe their ears. Helo tries to get Adama's sympathy, saying that of all people, Adama knows how much it hurts to lose a child. "The difference is, your child is still alive. Eventually I hope you become grateful of that," Adama replies. "I want to see her," Sharon says resolutely.

As the Centurions arm themselves and organize on the planet, Anders has plotted a course of action and is giving the "troops" a pep talk. They will defend the Temple - or destroy it if need be. Afterwards, Apollo tells him that he'd make a good officer. Anders scoffs. Officers swear an oath and promise to keep it - implying that Apollo doesn't know how to do that. Apollo stammers with "I don't know what you think is going....." "Don't insult me. I'm not stupid," Anders returns. "I know my wife. I know how she is. We've been married a year and a half, you think you're the first?" Apollo doesn't have much to say. Anders says he knew what he was getting into marrying Starbuck, but that's his business.

Meanwhile, Dee plots a recon mission with Starbuck, who will fly a Viper and report back what she sees. Dee and the others position themselves to report back what Starbuck sees in the Viper via a "hard wired" radio (remember, the Cylons are jamming other signals on all frequencies). Naturally, Starbuck finds the Centurions quickly and is fired upon. Starbuck is hit and goes down. Dee sees the attack and reports back.

Anders and Apollo hear Dee's report. Anders immediately wants to set up a rescue party but Apollo says they can't spare the people - they have to hold their positions. Anders is infuriated. He can't leave Starbuck out there. Apollo pushes back. "I have known her and cared about her for a lot longer than you!" he yells at Anders. "I'm going after my wife!" Anders spits back. As he tries to exit, Apollo instructs Mathias to pull her gun and stop him, which she does. Anders turns to Apollo and hisses, "You can't stop me!" The two men glare at each other.

As all hell is breaking loose, Tyrol is still looking for the Eye but his crew is also setting charges in case they have to blow up the Temple. Tyrol is obviously in awe of the place, despite his flagrant defiance of his parents' religious beliefs when he was growing up. Cally comments that he's got an unusual reverence for the place - he even talks softer. Tyrol says he feels something there - something true. Naturally, he finds it ironic that he's also setting charges to blow it to bits. He continues to search for the Eye. It must be there and he's the one to find it.

The Cylons launch six Heavy Raiders to planet. On the Galactica they realize that the Cylons must be testing to see if Adama will nuke the planet. Adama orders the nukes loaded into the launch tubes. Roslin and Tigh are both surprised. Apollo is still down on the planet. Surely Adama wouldn't kill Apollo to keep the Cylons away from the Eye. On their Baseship, the Cylons detect the Galactica's preparation of the nukes. They think the risk is unacceptable and want to pull the Raiders back, but a D'Anna stops them. She says that the other D'Anna was explicit that she and Baltar make it to the planet. The Cylons are realizing that this is more about D'Anna and Baltar than about finding the path to Earth. Adama authorizes the release of nuclear weapons. We are at the brink.

To be continued....

Observations, Thoughts and Questions

Poor Kat was not even mentioned in this episode! Thankfully there was a lot of action, to keep everyone's minds off their grief. It still seemed odd to not even give her a nod here.

Why is Starbuck so pious all of a sudden? If marriage was such a holy sacrament, you'd think she would have entered into it a bit more cautiously. (Not that she ever does anything with caution.) She also gets to pick and choose which vow she breaks? Adultery is just bending the rules while divorce is a sin? All I can say is that it sounds like a standard Starbuck wacky rationalization to me. She wants her cake and to eat it too. Anders will obviously stick around no matter what, so sleeping with other folks (Anders implied that he knew of more than Apollo) is just "being naughty" but not actually sinful. I've always liked Starbuck's character, but her recent pissiness and now uber selfish egocentricity is getting out of control. It will probably take her really hurting someone else - and then that person dying - before she realizes her actions have consequences.

There's still no good answer to the Zeus/Jupiter thing. Even Jane Espenson - the longtime "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" writer who wrote last week's episode "The Passage" - couldn't clear that up. In a follow-up interview with TVSquad, she said "When I wrote this episode, the upcoming episode was already well along, and it was called "Eye of Zeus." So all the dialogue in my episode reflected that. It got changed to Jupiter later, and I don't know why." Unless Ron Moore decides to tell us, I doubt we'll know the answer to this one.

Will Tyrol become a religious figure in the fleet now? He rejected his parents' religious ways, but found himself pulled to this Temple and in awe of its power. I think he was the "chosen one" that the Hybrid was talking about. He was obviously pulled there for a reason. Engineer to holy man? That'd be kind of cool - as long as he still swilled beer with the common folk.

From the tiny preview for the next episode (with painful "Dawson's Creek" music), we know that Dee is sent to rescue Starbuck. Her mission succeeds and Starbuck and Apollo reunite in the hangar of Galactica with Dee looking on, seething with jealous rage. So, Starbuck, Dee and Apollo obviously survive. We didn't see Anders in the preview, though. I'm REALLY hoping he doesn't get killed on the planet in pure soap opera style. Killing off the inconvenient spouse so the two favored lovers can be together is a pretty common plot device. I like Anders (though he is proving himself a fool for love) and don't want his character to go away. I'd much rather the four of them mud wrestle to resolve this mess.

On a personal note, this will be my last episode recap entry for Battlestar Fodder. When the show moves to its new night/time, I won't be able to keep up with the schedule. School nights are just bad for this kind of thing. Between then and now, we will be looking for a writer to breathe new life into these pages. I will continue working with Filmfodder, so be sure to check the site for my random postings on film stuffs. I'll also post my own thoughts in the comments section here at Battlestar Fodder - I just won't be spending the hours writing recaps. Thank you for all your thoughts and insights. It's been a great ride. Be nice to the new guy/gal. :)

Season Three will return to us on a new night and time - Sunday, January 21, 2007 at 10pm ET.


Note: Copyright to all images is held by SciFi Channel/Universal Pictures

Posted by Shannon on December 17, 2006 6:07 PM
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Just to let you know, Anders was briefly shown in the next ep teaser and he'll be back for they hired on Michael Trucco as a regular for season 4 as confirmed on his fourm.

-- Posted by: Nikki at December 17, 2006 11:12 PM

Excellent story telling per usual. You should write a book or something, it would be a bestseller! Glad to see that you won't give up on your "Observations, Thoughts and Questions" from time to time. Bye and tnx for everything you wrote so far.

-- Posted by: Goran at December 18, 2006 4:54 PM

thanks, shannon! your postings were super helpful for keeping me up to date. and your insights into the details and also the overall plot then added a new dimension for me watching the program. I'll really miss reading your entries here.

-- Posted by: Davee at January 22, 2007 12:59 PM

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