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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Torn

by Shannon Nolley, Filmfodder Editor

This week, the first of another two-parter, we get to see inside the inner workings of a Cylon Basestar. Fans have been dying for this! Does it live up to expectations? Well... as with anything, I guess that depends on what you expected.

Thanks to the quick editing and story hopscotching, it feels like a lot happened in this episode. That's not really the case when you boil it down, though. After some reflection you see that this episode, while providing some interesting insights, primarily sets up events for the second part that airs next week.

Despite the lack of breakneck action, lots of questions were raised, nonetheless. Per usual, at the end of this entry is a section called "Observations, Thoughts and Questions" to further focus on particular plot points and enable specific discussion on, well, things I want to talk about. If you've seen the episode and just want to discuss what happened, skip to that section. There's a lot in there this time, so let me know your thoughts!


Torn: Episode 3.06

The fleet pushes on as Tigh and Kara wallow

The fleet population stands at 41,422 (down 13 from the count in last episode - more on this below).

We join the fleet with the Galactica pilots engaged in a training exercise. Apollo (yay! He's out from behind a desk!) and Kat are leading the red and blue teams. Kara is on Apollo's team. Apollo's ship reads "Major Lee Adama - 'Apollo'." (Has he been demoted or has his Viper just not been changed?) Kara goes after Hot Dog. Apollo goes after Kat. Kara makes her simulated kill easily, but Apollo has some trouble catching the wily Kat. Kara goes after her. Flying recklessly, Kara smashes into Kat and both ships sustain damage. Apollo is pissed. They all land safely on the Galactica where Tyrol and his crew, including Cally, assess the damage. In addition to the structural damage, Kara was completely out of fuel. She landed the Viper with a bone dry tank. Apollo, now super pissed (and thin!), lays into Kara about running a suicide mission. If she wants to kill herself, fine, he'll open up an airlock for her. Just don't take one of his Vipers with her. He says she's done flying and storms off. Kara isn't pleased.

Meanwhile, in his room, Tigh is drowning himself in booze. He hears a woman's voice that he thinks is Ellen. He runs into the hall where lots of people are passing to and fro. He sees the back of a woman who he thinks is Ellen. Of course, once he catches up to her, it's just a surprised and indignant not-Ellen woman who all but calls him a molester.

Still fuming from her run-in with Apollo, Kara looks down to see a happy, vibrant Kacey running towards her saying "Kara! Kara! Kara!" Kacey's mom, Julia Brennam(sp?) follows right behind. She tells Kara that she and Kacey are staying at "Camp Oilslick" - a sort of refugee camp in the hangar deck. Kacey has been asking to see Kara. Julia has apparently been leaving messages for Kara, but they've gone unanswered. Kara tells Julia that the last thing she needs is a two-year-old friend and Kacey sure as hell doesn't need her, so don't bring her around any more. Kara picks up Kacey and hands her to her Julia. Slighted, Julia says "Sure. Sorry. Don't let us keep you up." Kara storms off to bed.

Next we join Apollo in the gym with Helo. Apollo is now thin and ripped! He's back to his superstar self. Guess all that jump roping worked. He tells Helo "Remind me never to let that happen again!" "You got it, Slim," Helo returns. Thus, we have the end of Fat Apollo. (See more on this below.)

Elsewhere on the ship, Gaeta is meeting with Roslin and Adama. He's been trying to piece together Baltar's research on the route to Earth. Roslin asks the smart question of whether or not they can trust Baltar's work. Gaeta says in his experience with Baltar, the one thing he doesn't doubt is Baltar's sense of self preservation. Gaeta trusts the research because he believes that Baltar wanted to get to Earth. Gaeta shows them various documents and compares them to the language set out in the Scroll of Pythia (a holy document that supposedly chronicles the path the 13th Tribe took to Earth). The scroll describes a "lion" with a blinking eye of red and blue. Baltar had surmised that the blinking was the result of the intermittent radio wave pulses of a pulsar. Baltar found a set of pulsars near a nebula that could appear as a lion head to the naked eye. Eureka! They decide to go hunting.

In the rec room, the pilots and crew are playing cards, drinking and having some laughs. Sharon and Racetrack discuss Adama's plan to track down the pulsar. Racetrack will gladly be her second in the Raptor. She mistakenly calls Sharon Boomer, though. Sharon stumbles a bit and says, no.. that was someone else. Helo raises his voice and calls out to everyone in the room, asking for suggestions for a new call sign for Sharon. Some amusing suggestions fly like Chromedome, Titanium, Raptor Adapter, and Toasterbabe. Hot Dog makes a good suggestion, though. He recommends Athena. The Goddess of Wisdom and War, usually accompanied by the goddess of Victory (according to Hot Dog, anyway). Helo and Sharon/Athena are moved by the suggestion. Athena it is. They kiss. The pilots seem to be in good spirits about having a Cylon in their ranks. The good time doesn't last long, though. Colonel Tigh enters, dragging his miserable mood with him. He approaches Kara who is playing cards. She shares her booze with him. Let the wallowing begin!

Kara and Tigh are in a foul mood. Tigh complains about the long line of civilians waiting to take showers. There are just too many people -namely, civilians - on the ship. One of the pilots makes the mistake of engaging Tigh by saying "Well, it's better than it was before. It felt like a tomb." Here we go! Tigh starts in with "You want to know what alone feels like, try spending a few weeks in a Cylon holding cell." Kat tries to mediate and says that things sucked on both sides. Tigh and Kara don't go for that. They don't believe that the suffering of folks who were left in the fleet and escaped the Cylon rule on the planet comes anywhere close to the suffering that they endured.

Tigh and Kara continue to pound drinks. Kara raises her glass and says "Here's to knowing someone will always have your back." Tigh says, "That's a nice sentiment, but trust is overrated." Kat has had enough of the whining. "Frak you guys. I'm tired of all this 'us against them' crap." she says. Kat says that they still busted their asses to get folks off the planet. Tigh says that doesn't mean anything. Everyone who landed on New Caprica was loyal - to a point. It was amazing watching people you thought you knew go over to the Cylons. Kara says, "At least in the end, you knew where you stood." "Is that so?" he returns. "Then how come you're off flight duty and a Cylon lover is holding down my post?!?! We're all on our own." Kat hisses at him, "Why don't you tell that to the pilots who died getting you off that rock." Tigh just smirks and swishes his drink.

Helo is in Adama's quarters discussing Athena's mission to the pulsar. Adama has heard about Tigh spending a lot of time in the rec room. Helo describes Tigh and Kara's rantings and says that it's destroying morale. Adama is dismayed. They know better. Helo doesn't think they care.

Adama has had enough. He heads to the rec room to confront Kara and Tigh. He clears the room and demands Kara's side arm. Reluctantly, she turns it over to him. He pulls back the slide and loads a bullet into the chamber and throws the gun down on the table. "One of you pick that up and shoot me," he says. Kara starts to say something, but Adama cuts her off saying that she's done enough talking. "Pick up the weapon and shoot!" Adama growls. "What's the matter? No guts? Don't got a pair? You're fraking cowards." "Watch your mouth!" Tigh returns. "Or what?" Adama fires back. "You're going to turn the rest of the pilots against each other? Poison the crew? You've already done that." Kara leans back in her chair and says, "If you're looking for an apology, you ain't gonna get it." Adama has had enough. He kicks the chair out from under her and she hits the floor with a hard thud. Oh yeah. He's pissed. Adama tells her that she once was like a daughter to him, but not now. She's off the ship if she can't figure out a way to be an officer again. He dismisses her and she slinks out. Then he turns to Tigh. "The last thing I need is a one eyed drunk sowing discontent. You can either kill me or go back to your quarters and stay there until you start acting like the man I've known for the last thirty years." Tigh picks up the gun and unloads it. He says, "That man doesn't exist any more, Bill. You won't be seeing me again." Tigh walks away.

Kara heads to the showers. She walks up to the mirror and pulls out the knife strapped to her leg. The other pilots and crew in the bathroom slowly back away from her. She's got that crazy look in her eyes. Kara pulls back her hair and hacks away at it. Well, I guess it's cheaper than Supercuts. After giving herself a new do, she dresses in her uniform (presumably for the first time since she settled on New Caprica with Anders). All dressed and pretty, she goes to Oilslick City and finds Kacey, who is glad to see her. Kacey hands her a stuffed animal, smiles then lunges at her for a hug. Kara holds Kacey and swallows back her tears.

Meanwhile, Tigh has returned to his quarters and drinks, drinks, drinks. Behind him, Ellen's clothes still hang in the closet. He is lost. He sits and morns.

Baltar and life on the Basestar

In the land of Cylons, we open with Baltar and Fantasy Six on a bright, sparkling beach at sunset. Naturally, Fantasy Six is wearing a skimpy red bikini. The scene is extra fuzzy so we can't see what they're actually saying. It's effective as a dream sequence, but slightly distracting/annoying. Baltar asks Fantasy Six what she really is. A dream? A connection with other Six? She says that she's an angel of god sent here to help him, just as she always has been. Baltar wakes again in the Cylon room. There are lots of dizzying cuts, mimicking his disorientation. A creepy piano theme cues. Caprica Six enters the room as Baltar feels up the wall. She tells him that they (the Cylons) are all part of one big ecosystem. Baltar says he can feel the ship breathing. D'Anna enters and begins to ask questions about Earth. Does he know where it is? Not really. Hmm. That would have helped with his usefulness. D'Anna and Six begin to leave. Baltar stammers and says that he can predict its "probable" location, though. "What do you care about finding Earth?" he asks. D'Anna tells him that Earth will be the new Cylon home.

Later, Baltar has told them about the lion's head and the pulsar. A Basestar has been sent out to investigate. Baltar is trying to convince Caprica Six of his continued usefulness despite his extreme ambivalence. She simply remarks that it's amusing how he becomes less ambivalent when his life is on the line. They walk through corridors and rooms on the ship. The walk past a naked Sharon doing some sort of Tai Chi. Baltar is embarrassed and lamely covers his eyes. Six tells him to keep moving.

More surreal and dizzying dissolves. Baltar asks if they are going around in circles. Six comments that it must all look the same to him, that it must be hard for any human to navigate the ship without projecting. She explains that Cylons project what they want to see - they chose to see their environment however they want to see it, whenever they want to see it. Baltar sees it as a hallway, she sees a pretty forest. She chooses to envision "god's creation."

We flash back to the fantasy beach. He is asking the Fantasy Six about his ability to dream and interact with her so fluidly. Is that a coincidence? Is there some connection? "Am I a Cylon?!?!?" Baltar demands. The question goes unanswered.

Continuing on his walk with Caprica Six, she tells him he can rest easy for now because his information on Earth and rescue of Hera has earned him enough points... for now. Baltar is still grappling with the notion that he might be a Cylon and unaware of it. He grills Six about what she knows of the other five Cylon models that he hasn't seen yet. "Who are the final five?!?!?" he demands. "I can't talk about them. It's complicated, but we don't talk about them... ever," Six responds uncomfortably. "You'd know one if you saw one, right?" he presses further. (Note: Moore said that the currently revealed models don't know anything about the "final five" - what they look like, etc. They are programed that way. .. Thanks for the heads up Fan and Newt!)

Before he can continue the cross-examination, D'Anna and Doral rush by saying that there's a problem with the Basestar they sent to the pulsar. They've lost contact after receiving a garbled distress call. The "hybrid" is trying to analyze the data. Six and Baltar follow them into the control room. As the Cylons interface with the ship by laying their hand in a water-like substance, we get our first real glimpse of the Cylon control room. Water is definitely the theme here. It's everywhere. In the panels, streaming from the ceiling. Everywhere. The Cylons learn that the Basestar has been infected by something that is killing them. They make sure the Resurrection ship is out of range so those infected can't download and possibly infect others. They want to save the Basestar, but are in a quandary. The disease has infected everything - all the models, the Centurions, the Raiders, and even the Basestar itself. No Cylon can board or even get very close to the Basestar without risking infection. What to do, what to do. We flash again briefly to the beach. Fantasy Six tells Baltar to volunteer to go to the ship to prove his usefulness. Besides, if he's one of the Final Five models, he'd certainly find out this way. She notes that he'd probably rather die than be a Cylon anyway, so where's the real risk? Back in the control room, Baltar volunteers. He explains that because he's a scientist, he can collect data and report back. He'll use one of Colonial ships seized during the occupation so as to avoid infecting a Raider. The Cylons are skeptical, but know it's very likely the only thing they CAN do.

Later, dressed in a flight suit and ready to head out, Baltar enters the room where the hybrid lays in her tank. She/it is rambling a mix of what sounds like diagnostic system checks and prophesy. Baltar marvels at her. Her "data stream" flows out of tubes that connect her to the ship. Six explains that the hybrid controls everything - she IS the Basestar. What she speaks, though, is never clear. Most of the models believe her words to be random gibberish. The Leoben models, however, think that every word from her mouth means something - is a message from god. (Ron Moore likens the hybrid to a prophet like Cassandra in Greek mythology - one who sees truth of the universe but can't effectively communicate it to others.) The hybrid rambles, pauses, and then says "jump." The Basestar jumps to the pulsar coordinates and to the Basestar in distress. Baltar departs in a Colonial Raptor to inspect the troubled ship.

Once on the diseased/dying Basestar, Baltar first sees a D'Anna dying. There are bodies everywhere. They are all dying. He snaps pictures of the carnage. The control room itself looks sick - the lights are yellow instead of bright white. Baltar sees a large capsule on the floor. He inspects it and determines that it's "Definitely man made." (Er... how'd you know that? Because it wasn't fancy?) He notices a fungus-like thing growing on the outside of the object. From behind, a Six - sick and dying on the floor - grabs his ankle. Baltar spins around to see the Raven Haired Six (she's got black hair... from the disease? The hair of the other models didn't seem to change.) She begs him to kill her. He frantically tries to help. He tells her that there is no resurrection ship nearby so he needs to save her. He takes a blood sample to take back and find an antidote. He asks her what that "thing" is, pointing to the capsule. She says they found it floating. It's some kind of beacon marker left by the 13th Tribe. She believes that it is a human device infected with pestilence to destroy the Cylons. Realizing who Baltar is, she hisses at him "YOU DID THIS! YOU'LL LIE TO THEM AND INFECT THE OTHER BASESHIPS." She's freaking out. He quickly tries to allay her fears to no avail. He screams "SHUT UP!" Panicking, he squeezes her neck to silence her. Harder and harder he squeezes and crushes her neck. She's dead. Baltar's first Cylon kill was a Six. Conveniently, just after the Raven Six dies, the other Cylons call in to check on Baltar's status. "What do you see?" They ask. "Nothing," he responds. "Nothing of consequence." (Insert innocent whistling here.)

Let's all go to the pulsar

Back in the control room on the Basestar, the Cylons are still trying to figure out what to do. They want to help the Basestar and its crew, but they don't know how. They argue. The resolve on a bigger question - "How did this happen?" Not surprisingly, like the Raven Six, they quickly conclude that it was Baltar. He lead their ship there and now all of a sudden there's a mysterious disease killing them? They argue more. Frustrated, D'Anna slams her hand down into the interface. She wants to resolve the question of the Basestar. They have to jump. The hybrid objects with ear piercing whines that travels throughout the ship and says "Mists of dreams drip along the nascent echo and love no more. End of line." D'Anna is unmoved by the hybrid's feelings. "She doesn't get a vote," D'Anna says. They jump away from the dying Basestar. Having won that battle, D'Anna turns to the larger question again. Where did the disease come from? She asks Baltar if he saw anything suspicious. Nope. Nothing, he says. Behind them, Caprica Six is reviewing Baltar's photos. She sees the device in the picture of the control room and zooms in on it. She knows he's lying. Saying nothing (yet), she glares at him.

Meanwhile, Galactica has sent out a Raptor with Athena and Racetrack to investigate the pulsars. They jump to the coordinates gleamed from Baltar's notes. Racetrack is excited that things are as they were described in the scrolls (or at least their interpretation of them). She doesn't have long to be overjoyed, though. She barely gets the words "Holy crap, it's the road to Earth!" out of her mouth when a dead Raider passes overhead. The Raptor spins and sees the Basestar. Racetrack leaps to the back to prepare to jump the ship away. Athena knows something is amiss, though. She says "When god's anger awakens, even the mighty shall fall." She feels the death/disease that has befallen the Cylons.

SciFi EXTRA bit

Using the "secret code word" that aired during the episode, the website revealed an "exclusive" scene from the next episode. Apollo and a team board the dead/dying Basestar. Athena is with the team! She puts her hand in the sick, green slime where the water/controls used to be and attempts to interface with the computer. She recoils with a gasp!

Observations, Thoughts and Questions

Obviously, the big questions after this episode revolve around the mysterious Cylon disease. Can it effect humans? If not, can they harvest it and use it as a weapon against the Cylons? If so, they'd better be careful around Sharon so as not to kill her off before she has a chance to get revenge on them for lying to her about Hera's death. Sharon will likely be a guinea pig of sorts to test out all the variables of the disease. I suspect that even if the disease CAN be used against the Cylons, Baltar will recall that Hera's blood cured Roslin's terminal cancer. It was a magical cure for the deadly human disease (annoying as that plot device may have been at the time). Why, then, couldn't Hera's blood be used to cure a deadly Cylon disease as well? Hey, this is science fiction, right? Hybrid blood could be a cure-all for both humans and Cylons. You don't know. Whether it's via Hera or some other lab experiment he concocts, finding a cure for the deadly disease would win him a few points with the Cylons -- and I think he'll need all he can get soon enough.

In a related thought, if the disease is deadly to Cylons, could it also be harmful to Roslin as someone who was a recipient of Cylon blood - blood that effected her entire body? Or, could her altered physiology - however influenced by Hera's blood as it was - lead the humans to a cure for the Cylon disease (one that they could use as a bargaining chip)? I've held out hope since last season that the "Roslin magical cure" storyline would morph into something other than a random plot device to save her at the last second. I'm still hoping something new/interesting will come of that. Yep. Still hoping.

Where is Hera, by the way? Is the New Caprica D'Anna caring for her? One of the Sharons? I want to see what a Cylon nursery looks like. If it's anything like Baltar's room, they don't need extra night lights.

The big "oohh... ahhh" before the season launched was that we were finally going to get a serious look into Cylon life on a Basestar. In this week's Podcast, Ron Moore said that whatever our imaginations might have come up in terms of how the Basestar actually looked would be way cooler that what he could actually create - no matter what. So, he went for a stripped down version with some surreal elements (e.g. the fancy chaise lounge in the stark room) and added Beethoven inspired simple piano music to create an "out of body" quality to the episode. Are you satisfied with how it's turned out? I gotta say, I'm torn. I like the surreal aspects to it - the almost dreamlike blur though which we view everything. It makes you wonder if you're seeing it that way as if through Baltar's drug addled eyes or if it's just a heavy moisture brought about by all the water elements. A high humidity would account for all the skimpy clothes that Six wears (har har). On the other hand, the soupy feel and quick cuts are rather distracting. There may be a smidge too much of the fuzzy lights and Baltar wooziness. Well, at least the outside of the basestars look super sweet.

I must briefly morn the loss of Kara's lovely golden locks. (Katee Sackhoff was really cutting her own hair in that scene!) Sure, the short hair is more in keeping with military "regulations," but she looks so beautiful with the long flowing mane that it's hard to watch it be hacked to bits. The cutting of her hair is an obvious statement that Kara is cutting away the past and transforming back into the kickass warrior Starbuck again (especially since Adama told her she had to basically shape up or ship out). We have to feel slightly bad that a more "casual" Kara wasn't able to find peace and happiness as a civilian and a wife. It just wasn't in the cards. A brief moment of silence for the long haired, civilian Kara. Ok. That's enough. Three cheers for the return of Starbuck! Actually, we might find a new Kara/Starbuck hybrid evolving. After all, she did go see Kacey after she cut her hair. I doubt that means her vexations are over, though. She's not really the type to bounce back so quickly - despite how neatly the episode seemed to tie that up.

Speaking of appearances and bouncing back, should we comment on Apollo's loss of the fat suit? I know I'm not alone in hating that particular storyline. Instead of ranting about stereotypes of laziness, body image and weight, I'll just tell you what Moore said in the Podcast. Moore admitted that Apollo's rapid weight loss isn't believable at all. He said that Apollo's weight gain at the end of last season was just an idea that they didn't know what to do with. They had all these complex psychological rationales relating to his new marriage to Dualla, unresolved issues with Starbuck, and job complacency, but it ended up being just that Apollo got fat and lazy. Moore said that they tried to come up with storylines where Apollo would lose weight by doing this, that or the other thing, but they just kept getting pushed off the table. Eventually they just said, "Fine, he's not Fat Apollo anymore. See, he's jumping rope and the scale says so." Done and done. Thank the gods.

Finally, the survivor count. This week it was 41,422 (down 13 from the count in last episode). Initially, that looks like that's the 13 that Apollo mentioned who had gone "missing" during the work of The Circle. We know the number was actually 14, though, because The Circle's "people" carried out the execution of a woman they convicted between Jammer and Gaeta. So, I guess we assume someone in the fleet had a baby. Down 14, up one. Down 13 total. I know, now I'm nitpicking.

The next episode, "A Measure of Salvation," airs November 10 at 9pm ET. In the previews, the Galactica discusses the Cylon disease and its possible advantages. The president decrees that all Cylons be made extinct. Err... what about Athena?


Note: Copyright to all images is held by SciFi Channel/Universal Pictures

Posted by Shannon on November 4, 2006 1:00 PM
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Thnx Shannonfr the periodically updates, yknow here in Mexico dont have airing date for Galactica, so this review is all I got for now...please dont leave us without it for as ong as last week, it was hell, literally, i can get enough of BSG...

Regards Djjoeycool...

-- Posted by: djjoeycool at November 5, 2006 12:12 AM

Heh. Thanks, djjoeycool!
Sorry again for the delay on last week's entry. I gotta let the hubby take me on vaca every once in a while. He's a BSG widower each Friday night/Saturday morning when I write the entries. The season is scheduled to air new episodes each week (except for Thanksgiving and Xmas) through March! That's great for us fans, but not so good for my marriage. ;) Thanks for hanging in with me!

Speaking of the schedule, how do folks feel about this whole feast or famine thing? New episodes each week is wonderful, but when March comes we'll have to wait 9-10months again for the next season. I think I'd rather a few reruns here and there to stretch it out. 9-10months is such a loooong time without any BSG!

-- Posted by: shannon at November 5, 2006 10:03 AM

Very good review of a very good episode. I am a little confused by the hybrids- am I correct in guessing they are a cross between the humanoid Cylon models - and the all machine models and not a true human- Cylon hybrid like Hera? Also what has happened to Dee- are she & Apollo still married? She has not been in the last 2 episodes? Also is there any truth to the rumors of the show moving over to NBC? I hope not because then the show would loose it's edge and have to worry about ratings and making things a little less intense for a broader audience.

-- Posted by: Ed W at November 5, 2006 3:40 PM

So, is Tigh going to pull a "Leaving Las Vegas" and try to drink himself into oblivion while spending the weekend with Apollo's hooker friend? ;)

-- Posted by: mac at November 5, 2006 10:13 PM

Hi Shannon

Great review. Gives me something to do while I'm here at work. You made one small mistake, though. You said Baltar's first kill was a Six, but that's not true. He killed a human when he was stranded on Kobol with Tyrol, at the beginning of the second season. Unless you meant it was his first Cylon kill. Keep up the good work!

-- Posted by: Ryan at November 6, 2006 1:25 PM

Ed - I think the hybrids are part "skinjobs" and part Raider-like machines. I wonder what's up with Dee and Apollo too! Has she taken up knitting? I'm pretty sure that NBC has said it won't be taking over the Battlestar episodes, but obviously things can change at any time.

Mac - Hah! Now that would be good.

Ryan - Hmmm. Now that you mention it, I think you're right. In the Podcast, Ron Moore had commented that it was Baltar's first kill, but perhaps he meant either his first kill with this bare hands OR his first Cylon kill. Good catch!

-- Posted by: shannon at November 6, 2006 3:07 PM

This is posted on SciFi - so hopefully the NBC rumors really are just that.

Galactica Rumors Squashed

SCI FI Channel and its parent network, NBC, put to rest fan rumors that SCI FI's original series Battlestar Galactica will make the move to NBC. "There is no truth to this rumor," a SCI FI spokesperson told SCI FI Wire.

The rumor has appeared on fans sites such as the Battlestar Galactica Site and been picked up by other entertainment news sites. "Word has begun to circulate that NBC's acquisition of Battlestar Galactica is in the 'waiting-for-the-ink-to-dry' phase at this moment, and an official announcement could be days away," the Battlestar Galactica Site said.

Battlestar Galactica returned for its third season on SCI FI on Oct. 6 and airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. It was the number-one cable show in its timeslot for the night.

-- Posted by: Taphi at November 6, 2006 3:18 PM

have you Shannon or anyone seen the "advanced" reviews of BSG in the wikipedia page?

What do you think about them? I stumbled upon these as my fever for the show is of the charts, and the waiting is killing me, I want to see Exodus.....damn cable company!!!

-- Posted by: djjoeycool at November 7, 2006 9:31 AM

Which reviews in particular? I've read some snipets and seen lots of promo images. Tell me! Tell me! :)

-- Posted by: shannon at November 8, 2006 11:53 AM

The Hybrid thing is interesting.
In a recent prequel BSG book (I forget the title) a younger Adama is serving as XO with Tigh as CAG on the BSG---they encounter a Massive ship made by the colonials but automated by Cylons---only a few humans are needed. But needed is literal. The ship required human interaction ostensibly to prevent the cylons from hijacking it.
After the cylons split, they find a way to keep what is "needed" of the human crew to run the ship--including the intellect of a man who remembered Bill Adama and demanded the Cylons allow him to speak with Bill. (He could cause extreme problems with the ship on a temporary basis. With Cylons, payback is a 8!+(# so he would only rarely interfere.)
So the cylons still can't run a big ship on processors alone.

-- Posted by: Rob at November 11, 2006 8:26 AM

Just re-read the comments; Im sorry, not really "advaced reviews", but interesting non the less this link

Again sorry if I mislead you with my poor redacted comment. djjoeycool.

-- Posted by: djjoeycool at November 12, 2006 10:29 PM

"We know the number was actually 14, though, because The Circle's "people" carried out the execution of a woman they convicted between Jammer and Gaeta."

Or one of those 14 people killed could have been a Cylon. We know that those numbers dont count Cylons because the number didnt change when Boomer was shot.

-- Posted by: Nick at November 16, 2006 3:10 AM

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