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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Hero

by Shannon Nolley, Filmfodder Editor

Adama takes a serious beating in this episode. One of his pilots, long believed to be dead, finds the fleet and tells of his years of torment under the Cylons. Adama is hiding something from him, though. When the pilot learns the truth, shocking revelations about the months before the attack on the Colonies are revealed. His revenge could mean the end of Adama.

Per usual, at the end of this entry is a section called "Observations, Thoughts and Questions" to further focus on particular plot points and enable specific discussion on, well, things I want to talk about. If you've seen the episode and just want to discuss what happened, skip to that section.


Hero: Episode 3.08

The Miraculous Cylon Bootystar

We join the Cylon story with a D'Anna walking the halls of Galactica! She's keeping her head down to avoid detection. There are marines stationed at doorways. She quickly turns to avoid them. A few steps down another corridor and there are more marines. They seem to be closing in on her. Finally they've got her cornered. They train their guns on her. She stands in front of a hatch door that reads "END OF THE LINE." She tells them to fire. D'Anna wakes abruptly in bed. It was all a dream. She's sweating and disturbed... and in bed with Baltar and Six!!!!!! Yes, folks, things seem to have improved for Baltar. He's no longer an enemy to torture. Now he's a cuddly bed buddy for the hot Cylon babes! No longer does he have to curl up naked on a lounge chair in his quarters. Now there's a giant bed with satin sheets. Guh.

Later, in the command center, D'Anna still looks troubled. Six approaches her and asks if she's alright. "More nightmares?" Six asks. "No. Dreams," D'Anna replies. "Something different this time. I think god's trying to tell me something." Six asks if it's about Baltar. D'Anna tells her no, it's something bigger than that.

When next we see D'Anna, she's talking to a Centurion in an out of the way place. She tells it to delete the order she's just given it after it executes the command. "Execute," she says. It shoots her in the head. She falls dead. On her way to download city, D'Anna flashes on the memories of her life. Then.. there's something else. Something different. She's in a chapel or on some sort of stage. She sees six white glowing figures. Just before she can touch one of them, she wakes in the tub on the Resurrection Ship. She's been downloaded. Another D'Anna, a Six, a Doral and a Sharon are around her. Gasping for breath, she tells the other D'Anna "There's something beautiful, miraculous, between life and death." The Cylons look confused and concerned. What did she see exactly? Is there a glitch in her programming or is there something else out there? Hmmmm..

Bulldog's back...

Meanwhile in the fleet (population 41,421 - up one from last week), three Cylon Raiders are approaching the Galactica. Two of them appear to be chasing the third, which is damaged. Two Vipers (Starbuck and Kat) engage the Raiders. They easily take out the two pursuing Raiders and are ready to shoot down the third when a garbled communication from the Raider goes out. A voice - what sounds like a human voice - is trying to communicate with the Galactica. "This is Bulldog!" the voice says. Adama looks shocked. He obviously recognizes the name and/or the voice. He tells Starbuck and Kat to hold fire and escort the Raider in as a prisoner. In the hangar bay, Tyrol clears the deck as the Raider is brought in on straps and chains. The ship is brought to rest as everyone crowds around, including Adama, Starbuck, Kat and a slew of marines. A hatch opens underneath the Raider, oogy drippy stuff pours out as the Raider seemingly gives birth to a large black man.. Kat and the marines have weapons trained on him. The man stands, shaking and salutes Adama. Starbuck looks at Adama with confusion. Adama returns the salute. "Is it really you, sir?" the man says. "Yeah. It's me. Welcome home Bulldog," Adama replies. Everyone exchanges looks of skepticism and suspicion.

On Colonial One, Roslin and her staff are cleaning house - literally. Tory holds up a painting of Baltar and asks what she should do with it. Roslin tells her to put it in the bathroom over the toilet. Roslin finds the dossier that Billy had prepared for her when she took office, detailing the Galactica's officers. Roslin finds a picture of Adama and Tigh on the bridge of the Battlestar Valkyrie - Adama's command before Galactica. She and Tory realize that it's Adama's 45th anniversary in the fleet. Roslin seizes upon this fact and suggests they have a ceremony and give Adama a medal for 45 years of service. It will give the people something to feel good about for a change. Naturally, Tory thinks its a great idea.

In the infirmary, Doc has done a full check up of Lieutenant Daniel Novacek (aka Bulldog). Doc compared his blood and DNA against his service record and everything checks out. He's not a Cylon. The Doc goes to chat with Adama where we learn that Bulldog disappeared three years ago while he was under Adama's command. Doc tells Adama that Bulldog is healthy - physically anyway.

Later, in Adama's quarters, Bulldog eats ravenously, shoveling noodles into his face. "How the hell did you escape off a Cylon Baseship?" Adama asks. Bulldog puts down his bowl and says, "Well sir, it's like this. The enemy had me locked in a cell for three years. The accommodations were lousy. The service was slow. After a while I felt the institution had nothing left to offer me, so I left." They both smile. Bulldog chuckles. Adama jokes he's relieved - he had been worried that the Cylons had beaten the "bullsh*t attitude" out of him. Adama returns to the question, though. How'd he get out? Bulldog explained that a while ago the Cylons started getting sick. Whatever it was, it was spreading - getting worse. He realized that he was immune. He decided to be smart and patient. He waited. We see flashbacks to his time on the Baseship where a seemingly ill D'Anna is taunting him as he does pushups in his cage. She drags a metal object over his bars to make a terribly annoying noise. He draws close to her as she continues to say smartass things to him. He hits her hard, square in the face. She falls to the floor - dead. He smashed her nose, killing her military/martial arts style - using a palm heel strike to the nose, shattering bone fragments and piercing her brain, killing her instantly (at least I assume that's what happened... I think I watch too much TV).

After his lovely tale of escape, Roslin and Tory join Bulldog and Adama for a little powwow. Roslin is trying to get all the details straight. It's revealed that a year before the colonies were attacked, Bulldog was on a black ops mission with Adama. According to Adama, the Taurons were drilling for ore on a moon that was a little too close to the Cylon Armistice Line. Admiral Corman sent the Valkyrie on a mission to check out what the Taurons were doing and to ensure that peace with the Cylons was maintained. Bulldog was the recon pilot, there to gather evidence. The Taurons ambushed Bulldog's ship and shot him down in cold blood. Adama tells them that he made a bad call. He says he thought Bulldog was dead - the radar showed no ejection and there was no distress call, so he left. (Note: A brief flashback showed Adama on the bridge of the Valkyrie receiving Bulldog's distress call.) Tory says that Bulldog obviously did eject and survived long enough for the Cylons to find him. Roslin doesn't seem to be buying it. Adama leaving someone behind? Doesn't sound like him. She asks Tory and Bulldog to step out so she can speak with the Admiral. Tory asks Bulldog to go with her so they can check the fleet registry to see if any of his family survived the attack on the Colonies. With the others gone, Roslin asks Adama, "So... what really happened?" "You're going to have to trust me. It's my mess, I'll fix it," he replies and stands. Roslin knows that's all he'll tell her for now, so she leaves. Once the door closes, Adama rages. He violently knocks over the chair behind him. This might be a bigger mess than we realize.

... and you're gonna be in trouble

Tigh is laying in bed mumbling "I see it. I see it." He's not wearing an eye patch. We see the hole where his eye used to be. He seems to be testing his field of vision as he drags a cigarette in front of his face. Once it goes past his missing eye and into range of his "good" eye, he says "I see it." Adama enters abruptly and tells Tigh that Bulldog is alive, escaped from the Cylons and is on board Galactica. Tigh obviously knows who Bulldog is. "You here to talk to your friend or your XO? Last time I checked, I was neither," Tigh says taking a drink. Adama looks at him crossly. Tigh smiles and looks smug. "Ohh. I get it," he says. "This is going to be complicated. You gonna tell him what you did?" Tigh asks. Adama says it won't make any difference. The past is the past. "Tell him! He's going to find out! Sooner or later." Whatever Adama did, he doesn't want to tell Bulldog. "I don't know why I came here!" Adama says and storms out. Tigh lays back down on his bed and resumes his vision test.

Later we see Tigh feeling up Ellen's clothes (now wearing the white bandage over his eye). His mind is flashing on life with Ellen - and killing her. There's a harsh pounding on the door. Tigh goes to open it and finds Bulldog on the other side. They greet each other warmly. "I heard you made it! Good for you," Tigh says. Bulldog hugs him. They sit down to share a drink or two. "How'd you end up on this bucket [the Galactica]? What happened to the Valkyrie?" Bulldog asks. "That last mission wasn't exactly a boon to the old man's career. The Galactica was his 'graceful' retirement," Tigh says of Adama. He complains that Adama's primary function these days seems to be covering his own ass. "Considering how you got captured, I figure you found out the hard way," Tigh says. Bulldog is confused. "What's that supposed to mean?" "My gods! He didn't tell you. Did he?" Tigh says smugly. "Tell me what?" Bulldog asked. "That son of a bitch!" Tigh hisses. He tells Bulldog the whole story. Bulldog doesn't believe it. "It's true and you know it's true!" Tigh says. "The sooner you admit it, the sooner you might get that haunted look out of your eyes." Bulldog charges him. Tigh grabs him by the arms and says "Sometimes living can be it's own death sentence. I know that." Dejected, Bulldog leaves.

Meanwhile, Adama is in his quarters thumbing through old picture albums. Apollo enters. Adama has called him there to tell him something important. They sit. "I shot him down," Adama says flatly. Apollo is confused for a second. Stammering he says, "Well, if you shot him down you had your reasons. you were following orders. Preventing something worse." "No," Adama replies and goes on to explain that he shot Bulldog down to prevent detection by the Cylons. Now the truth comes out. The black ops mission was to ascertain the likelihood of a Cylon strike. "A CYLON STRIKE?? We knew they were out there and could launch an attack on the colonies?" Apollo asks in bewilderment. Adama goes on to explain that the admiralty didn't know anything for sure. Just theories. The Cylons had stayed dormant for so long, the fear was that they were building a war machine and were preparing a strike. Adama explains that the admiralty had grown dissatisfied with the Adar administration (the President prior to the attack) - thought they were resting on their laurels and unprepared for a potential attack. Adama's mission was to send a recon ship over the Armistice line to see if there was any suspicious activity. If they Cylons saw that they were over the line - breaching the Armistice - then they could see it as .... an act of war. Bulldog's "stealth star" was two clicks past the line when he came under attack. An unknown ship jumped in, shot him from behind and then jumped out. Moments later two more unknown ships closed in on him from a different direction. Bulldog called for help. He needed rescue. Adama ordered the Valkyrie to fire ship to ship missiles on Bulldog, under protest from Tigh. Adama pressed that they couldn't allow Bulldog to be detected. As the missile closed in on Bulldog, his ship alerted him to the missile lock and he ejected just in time. It wasn't the Taurons, it was the Cylons all along. With his head down, Adama tells Apollo that he had been lying to himself all these years - telling himself that it couldn't be true. But it is. "I started it. Initiated it," Adama says. "What?" Apollo asks. "The attacks on the Colonies by crossing the line, I showed them we were the warmongers they figured us to be and I left them but one choice - to attack us before we attack them," Adama says remorsefully. "NO! It wasn't just you. They put you there. Across the line. You had no choice. It was the admiralty! The military. You were one mission. You were one man. One man," Apollo returns. "It only takes one," Adama says wiping a tear away. Apollo looks at him lovingly. Adama gets up and wanders the room.

In the pilots' ready room, Starbuck is reviewing footage of the Cylon Raiders chasing Bulldog. She's confused. "Huh. That's weird. Why do they keep missing? FRAK!" She exclaims and races out of the room. She goes to Tigh and tells him what she discovered. "They could have wasted him any number of times but didn't. They let him escape!" she says. "Cylons don't do anything by accident," Tigh remarks. Starbuck presses further. "Did he say how he was able to overcome the Cylons? They were sick? A virus? Maybe they just told us a story we'd buy. He was held for three years, escapes and conveniently finds our fleet with no agenda and no reason to be here?" Tigh gets that look on his face where he realizes he might have just screwed up bigtime. Bulldog was released by the Cylons and Tigh just gave him reason to kill Adama. Oopsy.

Yep. Bulldog is pissed. He's in his room doing pushups like he did in his cell. He stops and calls Adama. "We need to talk. I need to see you right now," he says. Adama agrees to come to Bulldog's quarters. Naturally, when he enters the room, Bulldog ambushes him. Adama is given a pretty good beating and tied up. Bulldog holds a pipe to Adama's neck and begins to crush it. "Why did you lie to me, Bill?? All those years, I kept telling myself 'Just hang in there, Bill Adama is coming. He won't leave a man behind.' But you didn't think I was alive. You weren't even hoping I was alive!" Punch to Adama's face. "If I hadn't figured a way to escape. If I didn't make my move when I saw they left that door wide open for me, I'd be as good as dead right now!" "Is that what they did? They let you escape?" Adama gasps. "I know the truth. I beat them. Do you understand!?!" Bulldog says still pushing on the pipe and Adama's throat. Tigh (in uniform) enters with a gun. Bulldog knocks the gun away with the pipe, but Tigh pulls some fancy moves and takes Bulldog out, hitting him with the pipe and telling him to stay down. (Pretty good for a boozy old guy with no depth perception.) Tigh checks in with Adama. Tigh rants at Bulldog. They're all soldiers. All expendable. They all did what they had to do to protect the mission. "The Cylons let you go, the question is why, Danny. Up until a minute ago they were doing exactly what they wanted you to do. Come here, learn the truth and seek revenge. That's exactly what you did! You almost gave them what they wanted!" Tigh goes to Adama, unties him and hands him the gun. Bulldog just sits on the floor looking lost and hurt. "I'll tell you a dirty little secret," Tigh continues. "The toughest part about getting played is losing your dignity. Feeling like you are not worth the oxygen you are sucking down. You get used to it. Start to believe it. You start to love it. It's like a bottle that never runs dry and you keep reaching for it over and over again." "So how do you put that bottle away?" Adama asks. "I don't know. One day you just decide to get up and walk out of your room."

Cleanest locker, shiniest shoes

On Colonial One Adama has tendered his resignation to Roslin. "We can't hide from the things we've done. I can see no way around this situation. Maybe it's time, Laura," he says. "SIT DOWN, BILL!" she commands. "You're being naive. Did you ever think that they sent you there to provoke a war they wanted? The Cylons attacked us because we did a thousand things good and bad to pave the way for those attacks." She shows him the invitation to the ceremony where she is to give him the medal of distinction. He hadn't known about it. Roslin proposes an alternative act of contrition for Adama. "Why don't you meet me for this ceremony and let me a pin a fraking medal to your chest. Not for you. For them. Give them what they need. A hero. That'll be your penance, even if it kills you," she says. Adama reluctantly agrees.

At the ceremony, Roslin presents Adama with his shiny new medal for 45 years of distinctive service to fleet. He stands in front of his crew - all wearing their fancy dress uniforms. Adama's bruised face mirrors his bruised ego. Everyone claps - even Apollo who looks a little broken by why his father told him.

Later, in the hangar, Bulldog is leaving. Doc Cottle is with him and tells him to have another doc call him as soon as Bulldog arrives. We're not sure where he's heading, but it looks like it might be a psychiatric type facility. Adama steps up and tells Bulldog that he forgot something. Adama hands him a uniform. Bulldog resists. "Once a pilot, always a pilot," Adama says. "Yes sir," Bulldog replies and salutes. Adama returns it. They seem to have made their peace. Bulldog boards the shuttle and leaves.

Back in his quarters, Adama is still wearing his fancy uniform when Tigh knocks and enters. "I hear you won a medal," Tigh says. "Yeah, they give 'em out for anything these days. Good behavior. Attendance. Playing well with others. I need you back in the CIC. It's not the same without you in there intimidating the inmates." Tigh has a "real" eye patch now. "No, no, no. That's not what I came here to talk to you about," Tigh says. "Ok then why are you here?" Adama asks. "I don't know. Nothing," Tigh stammers. "You want to tell me what happened to Ellen?" Adama returns. Tigh chokes up and says "I could use a drink." "Me too," Adama says. They sit.

SciFi EXTRA bit

Visiting the website during the show's airing (there was no "secret code word" again this week) a clip from next week's episode was revealed. It showed Apollo and Helo in a boxing ring. There are lots of flashbacks, including Apollo laying naked on the ground, kissing Dee on a shuttle and dancing with Kara. There's also a "present day" scene where Kara and Anders hook up and he tells her he wants her back! Woo hoo!

Observations, Thoughts and Questions

I'll just say it. I did not like this episode. It annoyed me greatly. I get that they wanted to flush out this new info on Adama's possible role in (or at least guilt over) the Cylon attack on the Colonies. We finally see a fallible side to Adama. Apollo sees it too. Great. What I don't get, is the way Bulldog found the fleet in the first place. It's so contrived and annoying that I'm having a hard time getting past it. Starbuck briefly hit upon it, but didn't take it that one final step - if the Cylons know where the Galactica is ... enough to lead Bulldog there ... then why don't they attack??? Multiple Baseships could easily take one Battlestar - especially the still battered Galactica. Are we to assume that the Raiders were just jumping around the universe until they randomly found the fleet, but didn't have enough time to report back before Starbuck and Kat took them out? LAME! The Cylons don't need to send Bulldog back to kill Adama. They can just kill him - and everyone else in the fleet - all by themselves. Even if they don't want to kill everyone because of god's will, they could still at least take control of the fleet. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Ok.. moving on...

Who was that first ship that shot down Bulldog? It seems unlikely that it was a Raider popping in and the jumping away after the Colonial ship was damaged. A Raider would have either destroyed it or stuck around for the capture. Plus, we have the other two ships approaching from the opposite direction. It seems more likely that Roslin is right and Adama was a pawn in the admiralty's plan to provoke a war. The ship that attacked Bulldog was probably sent to disable Bulldog's ship once it got far enough over the line so the Cylons would detect the breach and conflict would ensue. Sneaky military.

Bulldog seemed to back off his anger for Adama pretty quickly. Perhaps he was ashamed for attacking a superior officer. Perhaps Tigh is so wise and all-knowing, that Bulldog realizes he can't argue with the logic. Eh. The story just seemed to all tie up too nicely with a pretty little bow.

Do the humans in the fleet know D'Anna is a Cylon? I don't think it's ever been revealed, if they do. Gaeta surely knows, but has he given that info to Adama? Has the fleet been given a list of Cylon agents and what they look like? I'm waiting for the episode where we find at least one agent mingling with the crew, wreaking havoc.

Six, D'Anna and Baltar sleeping together. Ugh. Just ugh. So.. not... fair. Baltar should be eating glass and drinking crude oil at this point, but nooooo. He gets to shack up with the Cylon babes. He tells D'Anna he loves her and she decides he's super wonderful and wants to have sex with him??? Arrrgh! (Banging head against the wall.) Is Six actually OK sharing her great love, Baltar? I know the Cylons have fewer reservations on sex (which I'm all for), but Six has been so protective of him it seems a bit odd to share him now. I guess Baltar's just too slick for words.

The Podcast for this episode is still not available due to "technical difficulties" according to the SciFi Channel's website. If it does become available and someone listens to it before I do, let me know if there are any juicy bits.

Finally, next time (two weeks from now) it looks like we're going to get a peek into the events that took place during the year-long gap at the end of Season Two! Now THIS looks like a fun episode. I'll be so pleased if we finally get to see what caused the rift between Apollo and Starbuck - and it turns out to be hot. :) Until then...

The next episode, "Unfinished Business," airs December 1st (2 weeks) at 9pm ET.


Note: Copyright to all images is held by SciFi Channel/Universal Pictures

Posted by Shannon on November 18, 2006 2:30 PM
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Hi Shannon:

First, to the comment of a couple weeks back, the suposed advanced reviews i told you turn out to be more like you said it,snipets, so sorry for the misleading comment. You can find them here

For this weeks episode observations,couldnt agree with you more, we are progressively witnessing a decline on the writing of our beloved BSG, i just hope they go back quickly to what they had us fond, a great show (Not just scifi show) based on a excelent script, backed with some flawless acting.

Finally, i would like to say "Thank You Shannon" for bringing us your take on BSG

-- Posted by: djjoeycool at November 18, 2006 5:36 PM

First, thanks for running this update. I'm stationed in Korea, and the TV show is running a season behind here. I don't mind being "spoiled", and can't wait for the DVD's to come out.

Thoughts on two of your Questions: 1) Anders has definitely run into D'anna. I'm assuming Tigh/Starbuck and many others on the planet have as well. She's as good as made, unless she cuts her hair short, dyes it blonde, and wears a slinky red outfit. (Of course, everyone knew about Pegasus Six, too. She sure made a mess of things months after her escape.)

2) If the cylons jump in with a bunch of base ships, it must be assumed that Galactica and convoy will jump out. Yeah, there'd be losses, but the fleet and the command would remain. Now if you could take out the command first, THEN send in the base ships...kinda like real war, it'd get one-sided real quick.

Either way, just for paranoia or safety's sake, I'd be thinking a jump is in order. Good thing they got loaded up on all that Tylium back in season 1. (Talk about a pretty little bow!)

-- Posted by: rob at November 19, 2006 2:42 AM

I actually really liked this episode. I thought it was much better than the last two. And I agree with rob and his second answer: the cylons seem to love laying traps and manipulating the humans. To propose an answer to your misgivings about Bulldog being so easily swayed by Tigh's words: I would say that he was in such a fragile mental state that it may have been possible to convince him that he was, in fact, a woman. A long, solitary, torture-filled confinement will do that to you.

Keep up the reviews. It's great to hear someone else's opinions about the show. Even if we fundamentally disagree about what should happen to Baltar. ;-p

-- Posted by: Ryan at November 20, 2006 2:08 PM

Interesting discussion about whether sending Bulldog was necessary if the Cylons knew exactly where Galactica was.

On the one hand, Rob and Ryan are right that Galactica would jump away. Also, Rob's real world war strategy analogy about taking out the command first makes prefect sense.

However, on the other hand, if the Cylons knew EXACTLY where Galactica was, why not assemble a big enough fleet and/or enough nukes to jump in and launch an insane amount of nukes immediately before Galactica has a chance to jump away? (Sorta like The Captains Hand when they launched a few nukes at Pegasus right away). It could be argued that if the Cylons knew EXACTLY where the fleet was, they could have assembled a bigger fleet and more nukes for a more all-out attack instead of screwing around with a convoluted plan to get Adama that might not work. Perhaps this was Shannon's point. If so, it's certainly a fair point.

I guess I don't feel strongly either way on this issue, but it is an interesting discussion.

As an aside, either way, it really was a convoluted plan by the Cylons for a number of reasons. Most importantly, how would the Cylons know exactly when Bulldog kills Adama in order to time their attack shortly thereafter? (assuming that was the rest of the plan, as Rob suggested). Also, what if Bulldog never made it to the ship or never got to Adama? Do they care? Would they attack anyway? Was this really part of a larger attack plan and if so does it matter if Bulldog never killed Adama?

By the way, I definitely didn't hate this episode, but I definitely didn't like it either. All in all, I thought this episode was "just OK" (which I guess equals "mediocre" based on the high standards set previously by the producers/writers).

-- Posted by: hurley88 at November 21, 2006 1:22 AM

Why don't they attack? Well, there is the question of whether or not the new, improved cylon And-They-Have-A-Plan plan still involves complete genocide against the human race. They now want to find Earth, and they still want to reproduce, so killing off humanity isn't probably in their best interest. Killing off the guy who keeps beating them back, on the other hand...

-- Posted by: Eric at November 21, 2006 4:46 PM

All the points everyone has made related to Bulldog's escape are valid. I would like to add that it might not have necessarily been the Cylons' plan to get definitive results from reintroducing Bulldog into the fleet. It could have just been their hope that, knowing how it was that Bulldog came into their possession and how he must have had a precarious mental state due to his captivity and treatment therein, he would act as a cancer in the fleet when he found out that Adama had betrayed him. The Cylons may have just thought that whatever effect Bulldog would have on the human fleet would be negative, and thus would keep the humans too busy to persue Earth's location. Sort of a delay tactic that might have the added bonus of killing the top military commander of the human fleet. Anyway, it's just a thought.

-- Posted by: Ryan at November 22, 2006 11:29 AM

Wow! I could not even guess about it)) Not bad.

-- Posted by: Andrea at January 2, 2013 12:22 AM

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