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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Episode 2.18 - "Downloaded"

by Shannon Nolley, Sci-Fi Fodder Editor


Episode 2.18
24 February 2006

We open this episode with a bit of back story on the Cylons. Clips of the attack on Caprica, their intent, etc. There are even some extra voice-overs from Adama and Sharon. It's a nice little summary, but I'm sure if you're reading this, you already know plenty.

Six in tubWe jump to nine months ago on Caprica. Baltar is with the "original" Six (at least the one we were first introduced to). He's just learned of their plan to destroy the human race and bombs have started going off. Six explains that she's a Cylon, that there are 12 models and that she cannot die - she will be downloaded to a new body when this one dies. We flash on all the memories of this model. Faster and faster. The giant blast rocks Baltar's house and the windows are blown in. Six wakes up gasping in a slimy tub. She's disoriented and afraid. D'Anna, Sharon and another Six model are around her. She's still confused and frightened. She says that she was in a house. D'Anna tells her that the house was destroyed but now she's here with them. She's been downloaded into a new body. Six looks at the other Six, then turns to D'Anna. Baltar was in the house. Is he alive? Shhhhhhhhhh! Someone from off screen is shushing her. BALTAR appears and stands near her right shoulder. He tells her that no one sees him but her. He doesn't want her to let on that he's there. Baltar says that he's not really there. Don't let them know she sees him. D'Anna asks Six if Baltar were dead, would it trouble her? Baltar whispers that if Six lets them know how she feels about him, it would be unfortunate. After some pausing, Six says that Baltar was helpful and his death would unfortunate. D'Anna doesn't say whether he is alive or not. She says that thanks to Six, the mission was a complete success - beyond their projections. Six is a hero of the Cylons. (HUH??? Confused! Is Baltar a Cylon?? How? Who? HUH? So the "real" Six sees a Baltar hallucination just as the "real" Baltar sees a hallucination of Six? Is he tied to this particular model? We never did learn how Baltar got out of the house alive.)

Sharon tubNext, we flash to ten weeks ago on the Galactica. Sharon (the one who shot Adama) is being taken down the corridor to the jeers of the crew. Cally shoots her. She dies. To the tub again. A Sharon is in the tub, handcuffed and struggling. She is not conscious. Her eyes are flickering. We flash quickly on her memories. D'Anna tells her that yes, it's a painful experience but it'll be ok. Sharon awakes. She looks around panicked and disoriented. D'Anna says "Welcome home little sister. We're proud of you, Sharon." Looking around quickly, Sharon sees another Sharon model and screams a horrified scream.

(The Opening - we're at 48,579 population-wise, the same as the end of last week)

Caprica parkWe return to Present Day. Cylon occupied Caprica. Six sitting with Baltar on a bench in a plaza. Other Cylons (Centurions and humanoids) are milling about. A Centurion is replanting a tree. Rebirth. Baltar asks Six if she knows how many people died in this park alone. (He obviously vexes her just as the Six hallucination vexes the "real" Baltar). D'Anna surprises from behind. Baltar disappears. She wants to know how Six is doing. Adjusting ok? (She was reborn 9 months ago, remember.) D'Anna recommends that she seize the opportunity - new body, new life. Let go of the rest. "We're all thankful to you," D'Anna says. "You're a war hero." The short male Cylon model (Doral) approaches. He tells Six that what she did was inspiring and that they are honored to have her among them. Six smiles and thanks him, but doesn't seem to like the notion of being a war hero.

Sharon surgeryNow, to Present Day, Galactica. Sharon and Helo are in the infirmary. Sharon's been given an epidural. She had started bleeding again. Doc Cottle says that she has a detached placenta and if they don't go in and get the baby out, they could lose them both. They prep for surgery.

Caprica parkBack on Caprica. Six is walking with D'Anna, describing how she doesn't understand why people treat her differently. She's just another Six. D'Anna disagrees. She's not. D'Anna calls herself just another 3. She points to nearby Cylons: He (a Doral) is just another 5; She (a Sharon) is just another 8. "They call you Caprica Six." Her work seducing Baltar so completely that that he gave up access and secrets to his people is now legendary. But, D'Anna says, she realizes that it could also be disturbing to her. Baltar appears. "Does she mean sleeping with me or killing billions of people. I thought you rather liked sleeping with me," he says. D'Anna says that another Cylon is having trouble re-assimilating after her download. An 8 model (Sharon). If she doesn't re-assimilate soon, there's been "talk" of "boxing" her - putting her memories into cold storage. Six will help. Meanwhile, they are being watched through binoculars. A red-headed woman and .... ANDERS! (Starbuck's love interest.) YAY! He's still alive! They are plotting. They are talking about the Cylons and how many of them are in what location. They call the Centurions "Bulletheads" and the humanoids "skin jobs" (a la "Blade Runner"). We're not sure yet what they are up to, but they are definitely planning to take out a few of the Cylons in the process.

Now on Galactica. The baby is born! It is rushed away to an incubator. Doc is rushing to save Sharon. It seems like the Cylons didn't make all the plumbing exactly the same as a human woman. Sharon is in serious danger. Everything happens quickly.

Sharon madWe jump back to Caprica. Six knocks roughly on a door marked "502 S. Valerii." Music inside the apartment is blaring. Sharon opens the door in a huff. Six enters. Sharon asks her if she's there to help her with her "adjustment problems." Six walks around looking at pictures of humans (family, etc) that Sharon has all over her apartment. Sharon, after doing a few chin-up reps - roughly turns off the music. She tells Six that this is her home. She's not leaving. (They want her to separate herself from her "human" memories.) Six says that she had an apartment and lived on Caprica for 2 years. She knew she was a Cylon the whole time. Sharon says that just makes her a good liar. Six didn't like that. Sharon goes into the next room to change clothes. Six browses the apartment. She picks up one of Sharon's pictures. Baltar is on the couch. He says "Start with the elephants." He looks to the coffee table where two elephant statues are placed. (Something weird - the shot of Baltar looking at the elephants is in reverse.) Sharon emerges dressed. Six tells her that the elephants are beautiful. Sharon says that her mother gave them to her. Or who she thought her mother was. All part of the programing. Sharon is bitter. Six says that following god's path is never easy. Baltar scolds her! "Don't go religious, what are you thinking?" Sharon picks up a picture of the Galactica crew on the hanger. She holds it out to Six. She's yelling now. "This is love." "I loved them and then betrayed them." Why? "Because I'm a frakking Cylon!" She hurls the picture against the wall. Six shields her face, but emerges with a scratch. Sharon calms. She's sorry. She goes to get a bandage. Baltar congratulates Six. Very sneaky. We see - in a flash back - that when she shielded her face, she used her own thumbnail to scratch her face. He looks at the elephants again. It's that weird reverse shot again. Sharon returns and bandages Six's face. Six, prompted by Baltar, tells Sharon that she is different - more like her. She loved a man and thinks he would have eventually loved her. Six and Baltar continue to talk - in sync. Very creepy. (So what's with the reverse shots of Baltar and the elephants? Is that a computer hiccup? A glitch in the "Matrix"?)

The resistenceNow to the resistance folks with Anders. They are making bombs with a cigarette charge (when it burns down, a clothes pin will close and trigger the charge). What's their plan? Kill the skin jobs. Take out as many of them as they can - despite the fact that they will be reborn again. They know that the "skin jobs" take their memories with them when they are reborn. They want them to remember getting killed by the resistance. The message is simple - If you want to stop getting killed, get off of Caprica.

SixBack to Six and Sharon. Six is recalling Baltar's house before the explosion. She said it was her favorite place in the universe. She said that she went back to the ruins of the house, looking for a connection to the man she loved. She took a few things from there, but it kept her from truly embracing her new life (of course, she doesn't say that she sees Baltar on a regular basis.) Sharon asked what Six did with the things she took. She burned them and felt liberated. Baltar emerges and comments that Six is just telling a pack of lies. Sharon asks who Six's man was. Six names Baltar. Sharon is shocked! Dr. Gaias Baltar is the human who betrayed the human race?!?! Yep. Sharon asks if he still works for the Cylons. Still?? Six looks like she was just hit by a truck. He's still alive??!?! Sharon tells her that Baltar is Vice President of the colonies. Six is blown away. She hadn't considered that he was still alive.

What to doMeanwhile, on the Galactica, President Roslin is meeting with Admiral Adama, Colonel Tigh and Baltar. Roslin is trying to figure out what to do if the baby lives. Baltar is shocked. He doesn't understand - is she considering throwing it out an air lock??? Roslin says he'll know if she decides that. Tigh reminds them that it's half machine. Bottom line - according to Roslin and Adama - is that if birth of the baby is good for the Cylons, then it's bad for the humans. They can't turn it over to Sharon to raise because that could be disastrous for them - too much of a security risk. There are also other Cylons aboard the fleet that they haven't discovered yet - if they find out about the baby, they will undoubtedly try to get it. Six fades in from behind Baltar (almost emerges from him). She says "We are going to have to take our child." Baltar knows she's right.

Proud parentsBack in the infirmary, Sharon is looking happily at her baby girl in the incubator. Helo is there. They are proud parents. They've named her Hera (the mother of the gods). The baby must stay in the incubator until her lungs develop (she's a preemie). They remark what a miracle she is. Helo says that it almost makes him want to believe in the Cylon god. Sharon looks at him. "Almost," he says with a smile. Sharon returns the smile and puts her head on his shoulder. "I love you completely," she says.

D'AnnaOn Caprica, Anders and his crew are sneaking into a garage while the Cylons are in the busy cafe above. Sharon is talking with Six. Sharon asks Six, "Why do think they kept it from you? (about Baltar being alive?)" Baltar is at the table with them. He says that's the wrong question. Six tells Sharon that the real question is why did D'Anna have Six work with Sharon knowing that she'd tell her the truth about Baltar. The conclusion - she's frakking with Six. But why? D'Anna appears and surprises them. Everything ok? After a very long pause and some tense looks, they assure her that everything is great. They're just talking. Baltar tells Six that D'Anna is testing her. To see if she's as messed up as Sharon. He says they will box her too. Meanwhile, Anders is still planting the bomb. His crew leaves. He remains to finish. He'll be the one to set the thing.

Red EyeIn the cafe, Six tells D'Anna that Sharon has agreed to move out of her apartment (and leave her human trappings). D'Anna is intrigued. Really? Well, how about today? Now? Some more tense looks. Sure. Sharon rises and heads back towards her apartment. D'Anna congratulates Six on her good work. Six rises and follows Sharon (with Baltar). D'Anna is right behind her. Anders finishes setting the bomb (and cigarette trigger). A Centurion enters, though, so he can't leave. He doesn't want to be seen and he must ensure that the Centurion doesn't mess with the bomb. Six and D'Anna are climbing the stairs to Sharon's apartment. D'Anna is watching Six suspiciously. The Centurion scans the area. It spies the bomb and cigarette. It reaches for the cigarette. Anders, hiding behind a car, shoots to distract it and ducks quickly. Success. The Centurion prepares to fire on Anders but before it can get a shot off, the bomb blows - big.

DocBack to the fleet and Colonial One. Roslin is talking with Doc. She tells him that the baby will not be raised by a Cylon. They can't risk it. Her aide (Torrie) hands Doc some papers. Roslin explains that they have a list of adoptive parents who can all be trusted. They will be putting the baby in the care of one of them. Doc can decide. He's angry, but knows there's not much he can do. "You've thought of everything, haven't you?" he growls. "I hope so," Roslin returns.

Dog TagBack on Caprica - everything is under rubble. Effective bomb, it seems. Six is under beams and rock. She appears unconscious. D'Anna calls to Sharon, who responds that she's fine. D'Anna remarks that the stairwell probably saved their lives when everything came down. Sharon asks about Six. D'Anna says that her body is dead. "Not yet," Six responds. They pull the rubble off of her. Six's leg is broken, bleeding and at an odd angle. D'Anna says that there's nothing they can do about the pain until they're rescued. Does Six want D'Anna to hit her with a cross-beam and put her out of her misery?? No. Six isn't giving up on life again. D'Anna doesn't understand, but it's her choice. Sharon sets Six's leg. OUCH! Nearby, we can hear coughing. Someone else is alive. Sharon and D'Anna dig. They find two legs and pull their owner out. It's Anders (they weren't expecting that!). He says without thinking who might have just rescued him, "Thanks! I thought I was a goner!" Sharon and D'Anna look at each other. D'Anna kicks Anders in the head, knocking him unconscious. She searches him and finds his gun. She explains to Sharon that he's part of the resistance. Sharon doesn't understand why they'd just randomly blow up the building. "Humans don't respect life as we do," D'Anna says as she aims the gun at him and is about to shoot. Sharon stops her. The women glare at each other. Sharon won't let her kill him. Six agrees. Don't kill him. Baltar vexes her - "Why not kill him? You've already killed billions. Does it weigh heavy on your conscious? You don't have one." Six pleads with D'Anna that they should interrogate him. Find his accomplices. D'Anna seems pleased with that. Ok. She lowers the gun. She looks down at Anders and yanks hard on a necklace he was wearing. It's Starbuck's dog tag (she gave it to him before she left Caprica in "The Farm"). D'Anna explains to a confused Sharon that Starbuck was on Caprica a while back and escaped with the help of the other Sharon. D'Anna glares. Sharon responds that if Starbuck gave this to him, then he must mean something to her. D'Anna scowls. She tosses the necklace away (near Six) in disgust at the "sweet" thought of genuine affection. Six, unseen, picks up the necklace. Baltar says that it's hard proof of one's love for another. Six turns and says that she loves him. He scoffs. Where's the tangible proof?

Bad newsMeanwhile on Galactica, Sharon is crying. Doc is talking to her and Helo. Doc has just told them that the baby is dead. Helo doesn't understand, Hera was doing well. No, she wasn't. Her lungs were underdeveloped There is the body of a baby in the incubator. Sharon continues to cry. She should have been here! (Where'd she go?) She turns on the Doc. "You MURDERED HER!!!!" she screams. "I don't kill patients," Doc tries to reassure her. She's dead and that's all there is to it. He says he should be able to release the ashes to them later today. Sharon is enraged. She lunges at Doc. She grabs his throat and starts to strangle him. "MURDERER!!!!!" she yells. Helo and the guards pull her off. She is dragged away screaming. Helo is crestfallen.

Six and BaltarLater, we see Helo and Tyrol in space suits standing in the doorway of a shuttle. Helo has the canister of ashes. He opens the lid and the ashes blow out. (HUH? Is that possible? He didn't give them any momentum. Is there wind in this section of space? Anyway..) Back on Galactica, Baltar enters his lab. Six is sitting there. She is solemn. Devastated. "You let them murder our child," she chokes. He kneels. "I am so sorry. I tried my best," he whimpers. "God's will was that our child would survive and lead the next generation of god's children. His will was that you would to protect her!" Six hisses. She throws him up against the wall, with his face to it. She angrily presses up against him. "Your entire race will suffer god's vengeance," she growls and then disappears. Baltar is left alone. In tears.

New momMeanwhile, on Colonial One, the baby is with her new adoptive mother, Mia, who is very grateful to have the new baby. When her baby died (we assume that it was her baby in the incubator) she had given up hope. Torrie tells her that the adoption requires the utmost secrecy - she gives a story about the mother being a Pegasus officer. Roslin touches the baby's head gently and asks if she can come and see the baby from time to time. Of course. (Is Mia a Cylon agent? Perhaps not if she just gave birth and Doc is familiar with her.) Torrie leaves with Mia and the baby. Doc looks worried. Roslin thanks him for what he's done and assures him that it is vital that as far as the Cylons know, the child does not exist.

Sexy momOn Caprica, Anders wakes up in the garage. (Note the license plate that says SEXYMOM - fitting for the episode where the baby is born!) The ladies are watching him. D'Anna throws the gun towards him. She's messing with him. She hints that she'll attack him if he goes for it. Err.. "I'm fine where I am," Anders says. Digging can be heard above. The Cylons are coming to rescue them. D'Anna continues to tease Anders. Sharon tells her to leave him alone. The two women begin to argue. "You're just a broken machine that thinks she's a human," D'Anna says. "At least I'm not a murderer and I know the difference between right and wrong," Sharon returns. "A murderer is exactly what you are." D'Anna says. Sharon flashes on shooting Adama. Baltar leans in to Six and says "Life is short, but the next one's not. Let your heart adrift and your soul will get caught." "My heart and soul are yours," she replies. "They will box you, darling. You are celebrities in a culture of unity," he continues. "She wanted you to lose your mind. You're corrupted by your experiences. You're a waste. Believe the lies, ignore the truth. Say the things you know to be true." Six turns to Sharon and D'Anna. "Genocide, murder, vengeance are all sins in the eyes of god!" she exclaims. Turning to Sharon she continues, "They don't want us to know that. Then they'd have to rethink things. Then the slaughter of man might be a mistake." D'Anna is flustered. Anders sees his opportunity and goes for it. He lunges for the gun. He gets it, but Sharon knocks him down and the gun goes flying. D'Anna get it. Pleased, she stands over him, ready to fire. Suddenly, Six smashes her over the head with a giant piece of concrete. D'Anna isn't killed instantly. Six hits her again, finishing her off. She's dead! Anders is shocked. Sharon is a bit shocked too, but knows it was the right thing. They give Anders the gun and the necklace and tell him to go. "Who are you?" he asks. Then retreats. (This is the next generation of Cylons, I think. Either that or they really are just broken machines).

AccordAfter Anders is gone, Six and Sharon sit. The other Cylons will be mad that they killed D'Anna. (Um.. Der.) Six says that because so many people died in the cafe, there will be lots of people to rebirth/download. It'll probably take about 36 hours before they get to this D'Anna. That's long enough for them to change things for the better. Sharon is confused. What are you talking about? Six looks at Baltar who says to her flatly, "I have never loved anyone more in my life than I love you now." Six turns to Sharon. "Our people need a new beginning. A new way to live in god's love. Without hate. Without all the lies. All they need is someone to show them the way. Someone like two heros of the Cylons." She extends her hand to Sharon. "I'm with you!" Sharon says. Above them the Cylons have broken through. They call down to Sharon and Six. "We're ALIVE!" Sharon yells. Six and Sharon look at each other happily. Yes, they truly are alive.

BabyBack in the fleet, Mia is looking proudly at Hera (or whatever she'll call her). She glances out the port window and into the fleet.

The end.

Despite no Apollo or Starbuck in this episode, it was fantastic!! I love it when they get tricky! The whole Baltar/Six hallucination thing is much more complicated now! Will it ever be explained? Also, what's with the playback glitch with the elephants? Is that an indication of Six being broken? Perhaps each time the Cylon is downloaded he/she risks imperfect transfer. Or, is the "master plan" that they become perfected by imperfections? Individuality. Personal identity. Downloading is evolution? Such a potentially rich tapestry the writers are weaving here. I really hope it doesn't jump the shark.


2_19 previewNext week - "Lay Your Burden Down, Part 1." It's the first part of the season finale! ACK! They are tired of war. Tired of running. Awakened by hope. They find a world that can support human life. Permanent settlement. Roslin thinks that settling will mean the end of the human race. Not everyone thinks that. From the picture, it looks like Starbuck meets up with Anders again!! Does that mean he somehow got off Caprica? Did she go back to Caprica? Perhaps the Cylons bring him to her because they know he's important to her. Of course, he could still be a Cylon and it's all a big game. I think we should be prepared for anything.

Note: Copyright to all images is held by SciFi Channel/Universal Pictures

Posted by Shannon on February 26, 2006 6:42 PM
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This was a stunning episode! Why hasn't anyone posted?

This episode opened so many questions! How are Baltar and Six linked? How did Baltar survive? (If you remember, in the miniseries, after the attack, Baltar was running to the Raptor with the other survivors and was not very scratched up. Six dies but he survives?) What was the meaning behind the look Mia gave as she was flying away? (I think we will see a big role by HER later) What was Six's REAL name - surely Baltar knew her name on Caprica, they were together for 2 years, and during the whole show he has never used her name?

What intrigues me about this show is the merging of logic (cylons)and objectivism (humans). Having one God is symbolic of their one-track path they have set for themselves, and the humans have many Gods, and give themselves many choices. I read an interesting post at another website about how the Cylons "God" could simply be their sentient A.I. that grew into itself after the humans sent them away. Interesting to see where they will take it... hopefully SciFi will not cancel it like they have so many other shows.

-- Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 2, 2006 3:00 PM

Six's name on Caprica (at the beginning of the series) was "Gina." I think we're supposed to assume that she protected Gaius from the fatal blast that ripped his house apart. Either that or the Gaius on board the Galactica is a sleeper Cylon, but I doubt it. He's too obvious.

Anyway, I agree that this was a fantastic episode, but there's one giant, gaping hole in the whole Cylon reincarnation logic as I see it: If each humanoid Cylon is an individual with a unique--that is, not shared--consciousness, that is reborn into a new body each time the previous body dies, then how is it that Sharon #2--the one that got pregant--has all the same memories as Sharon #1? Their lives overlapped, so it's not possible that Sharon #2 is an actual reincarnation of Sharon #1 (and, anyway the Sharon we saw in this episode is the reincarnation of Sharon #1 as was made explicitly clear). I don't see how the Sharon that's on Galactica now could have any of the same memories of being in the Fleet or of being friends with anyone on board Galactica (including Helo) because she, as an individual, never experienced those things. The newer reincarnation of Sharon on Caprica did.

I'm willing to let it slide as long as the writers are consistent from now on, but I see it as a major mistake. I had thought that all of the Cylon/Caprica parts of this episode might have taken place after Sharon #1 died and before Sharon #2 hooked up with Helo, but that doesn't work.

So, getting back to the substance of the episode... Remember that the sacred scrolls in the human religion say that "This has all happened before and it will all happen again." I believe that the human race was a creation of the "gods," against whom the humans rebelled on Kobol in the distant past just before they exiled themselves to the 12 colonies (just as the Cylons later revolted against their creators, the humans, and exiled themselves to some unknown world or worlds). Now we see the humanoid Cylons starting to acquire empathy for humans, and becoming more human themselves. Meanwhile, there's a new Cylon creation--the human-Cylon hybrid--starting the whole cycle over again.

-- Posted by: Michael at March 3, 2006 2:40 PM

I'll have to watch the miniseries again. I've seen it about 4 times and I honestly don't remember Baltar calling Six "Gina" at all. Remember, Gina was the cylon on Pegasus, and if the Caprica Six was called Gina, why hasn't Baltar ever called her that in all their conversations, both public and private, in 2 seasons? I think if she did have a name that he would have said it at least ONCE.

What I have noticed, is that since the Pegasus episodes, Baltar never retreats to the sexcapades in his mind with Six anymore, it's as if he's repulsed by anything sexual nows that his duties have increased, and his political clout grows, he becomes less and less cavalier - gone are the late night poker games and galavanting with the ladies. I'm very surprised he has not chased after Gina more, it's as if her rejecting him has caused him to lose his libido. He's also very angry now with Roslin's distrust, maybe that is the cause also.

As far as the reincarnation issue goes, I believe it was pretty evident when Sharon asked Adama "And you asked why?" on Kobol that each model is connected somehow to the same models of themselves. Remember, Adama cried "Why?" over Sharon's corpse, and if the new Sharon knew that, they HAVE to be connected somehow, kind of like twins feel pain or fear or other emotions even when miles apart. I don't think that the Cylons could make something SO human and leave out this quality, or maybe this part grew on its own from their A.I.

Which brings up another question: Just what ARE the cylons made out of? The only thing that seems inhuman is their red spinal glow when climaxing. Surely Dr. Cottle did an autopsy on Sharon - what did he find? Personally, I think the cylons are TOTALLY organic human tissue that has been somehow psychically manipulated to be linked to the other models when downloaded. Electronic transfer could be tracked, and would also require a large amount of power and time - when Sharon died she was imediately awakened in the birthing tank - electronic transfer over millions of miles would have taken days, maybe even weeks, whereas spiritual, or psychic tranfer, could be instant. We can assume that since cylons can "jump" farther, they can also transfer their memories farther. I believe that Cylons have somehow tapped into the %80 of the brain that we humans do not use and it's more spiritual power than "electronic". But, this still poses the problem, how did Sharon link up with the ship's computer? Hmmm...

-- Posted by: aDaMsKi at March 4, 2006 1:48 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 25, 2010 11:50 PM

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