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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Episode 2.16 - "Sacrifice"

by Shannon Nolley, Sci-Fi Fodder Editor

Sesha phone

Episode 2.16
10 February 2006

Hold on to your hats for this episode, folks. It's gonna be a wild ride!

Sesha pictureWe open in an unknown room. The camera pans across news clips and photos of Cylons and Sharon. Lots of them. Like the room of a crazed stalker. Someone is typing. A woman (Dana Delany) is writing about the Cylons. She looks longingly at a picture of herself and a man. She flashes back on a memory. The man is running down a ship corridor as windows are exploding behind him. The air is venting into space. He holds on to some pipes as his feet are lifted off the ground. It's no use. The man is sucked out one of the large windows into space. (Visit executive producer David Eick's video blog #14 entitled "Irresistible Physics vs. Immovable Budgets" on the visual effects for that scene.)

BillyMeanwhile, in Admiral Adama's quarters, Adama, President Roslin and Billy are listing to a radio broadcast. Speculation of a known Cylon existing among the fleet is spreading. Reports are leaking about Sharon. Adama comments on how she has become a key military asset, but he would kill her in an instant if he thought she was a threat to the fleet. Billy, in an unusually bold move, says that the fleet should hear that. End the speculation. As they exit, President Roslin, with a pleased look and a slight smile, comments to Billy that she likes his new attitude. They talk briefly about how to handle the press. Billy seems to be coming into his own. Taking charge.

DeeSpeaking of which... he spies Dee walking down the corridor in the other direction. He begs the President's leave with a short word on hard questions. Billy chases after Dee. Next thing we know, he's holding out his debate team ring (looks like a standard high school class ring with a red stone) and proposing to Dee! It's the only ring he could find, but he hopes it'll do. He loves her. Has since he first laid eyes on her. Dee looks stunned. She's speechless at first. Gathering her will, when she finally speaks she says "Billy, I can't marry you. I don't know how else to say it. I'm sorry." She darts off, leaving Billy to stand alone in the corridor. He's visibly devastated. Poor Billy.

Dee looking hotNext, to Cloud 9. Dee talking to Apollo in a bar, telling him about Billy's proposal. They are both obviously off duty and looking super hot! Dee says, "I don't know what to make of Billy. Then again, I don't know what to make of you either." They both smile coyly. Elsewhere in the room, Ellen Tigh enters. Walking fast and confidently, she runs right into Dana (we don't know her character's name yet) who was scanning the room. They snarl at each other and go their separate ways. We see that Dana is carrying a gun. She continues to scan the room, looking to what appear to be accomplices. They give her nods and looks of approval. She is poised and ready to strike.

(The Opening Credits. SciFi also runs that creepy commercial with the Cylon baby again.)

Billy hurtApollo goes to the bar to order more drinks. He turns and notices Ellen sitting at the bar. They exchange hellos. Meanwhile, Dana's accomplices get up and walk around the room, seemingly taking their positions. Unexpectedly, Billy pops up in front of Dee. Hi there! Dee is slightly stunned and looks uncomfortable. She's here with Apollo. Billy isn't going to like that. Apollo, fresh drinks in hand, arrives at the table. Billy turns to him with a warm greeting. There's a long pause and then the "Oh I get it moment." Billy's getting mad. He hadn't expected this.

Apollo retreatsApollo retreats back to the bar. (Run Apollo, Run!) Billy becomes indignant. "You should have told me about this! I thought we were honest with each other!" The complicated thing here is that Dee and Apollo really haven't had much of anything but a flirtation. Some unspoken attraction. In the "Black Market" (aka to me as the Bootystar Galactica) episode, Dee asked Apollo point blank about their relationship and he ducked with an "I don't know what you want me to say." So what is she to tell Billy about? That she thinks Apollo is hot? Der. Everyone thinks that. Nonetheless, Dee feels some guilt in not telling Billy beforehand about her attraction to Apollo and letting him get so caught up in her as to propose. She apologizes.

Apollo Ellen in barBack at the bar, Apollo and Ellen are chatting. He asks her if she's a regular here. Yes. She is. The ever-ready military man has gotten a vibe from Dana and he doesn't like it. He suspects that she's up to something. He asks Ellen if she's ever seen Dana there before tonight. She makes some snide comment about Dana's outfit and says no. Apollo is watching Dana closely. She moves in such a way that her open jacket reveals the gun tucked into her pants. Alarms sound in his head. He scoops up Ellen and tells her that she has to go to the bathroom - with him. She misunderstands and thinks it's for some nooky and gladly goes with him. Once in the ladies room, he puts his hand over her mouth. Shhhh.

Now to Galactica. Admiral Adama is talking to Sharon in his quarters. They are looking at star charts and discussing safer places to take the fleet, places where they can avoid traps and they'd be less vulnerable to attack. Sharon asks him if the fleet knows she's on Galactica? Yes. She winces in pain. The baby is kicking. Adama dismisses her saying that'll be all for today. As Sharon is lead out by the guards, Colonel Tigh walks in. He tells Adama that if people knew how much he relied on her intelligence, they'd freak. He doesn't like how much she's gotten under his skin.

Apollo drinkBack on Cloud 9. Apollo and Ellen are still in the bathroom. He's looking for a way to set off the security system. He opens an access panel and starts to climb in. He demands the drink from Ellen. Huh? She's confused. The dry ice in the fancy drink! The CO2 might be able to set off the oxygen sensors. (Visit video blog #13 entitled "A Drinking Problem on Battlestar Galactica" on the problems with the dry ice.) Ellen thinks she can solve this situation by talking. She runs out of the bathroom. (Man, she's just "that" character, isn't she? Too bad she and Tigh don't have kids we can hate as well.)

Sesha gunEllen runs into the bar saying "Don't Shoot! My husband is X-O on Galactica! You've made the worst mistake of your life." Oh brother. Can't they just shoot her and get it over with? Dana and her crew finally make a call to Galactica about their little hostage situation. They use Ellen to cry and scream to Tigh for help. Dana's name is Sesha Abinell. When Adama asks what she wants, she replies that this is not about what she wants. The fleet has become a Cylon occupied territory. They want Sharon delivered to them. Adama has 2 hours.

(Commercial Break)

Ladies inspectionBack on Galactica, Adama gets the 411 on Sesha and her husband who was killed. He learns that Starbuck is on Cloud 9 on R&R (is EVERYONE on vacation in this episode??). They send word to her about the situation. Meanwhile, on Could 9, Apollo is sneaking around in the ductwork trying to set off the security system with the dry ice from Ellen's drink. Sesha's thugs decide to take a look around for more people - lots of military types frequent the bar. They know there was another guy, one who had been talking to Ellen (Apollo, of course). One of the thugs goes into the ladies' room and begins to inspect the stalls. Just after he hits the last one and feels some relief, Apollo jumps him from behind and takes away his gun.

StarbuckElsewhere on the ship, Starbuck (in a cute little black number and thanks to an extra little camera zoom we suspect she's not wearing a bra) is meeting with some very large men in Hawaiian shirts. Yep. Marines on Could 9 for R&R. What's the plan? Lock and load, according to Starbuck. Ohhh kaaay. Back in the bar, Apollo emerges with the thug. He's holding the gun to the thug's head. The thug says "This is Captain Adama from the Galactica. They just want to talk." Sesha, unimpressed, looks at the hostages and moves one of the other thug's guns to train on Dee. Sesha knows Dee was with Apollo. Standoff time. Trouble is, no one believes that Apollo will actually shoot the thug in the head. He puts the gun down and gets a swift elbow to the gut. Sesha is pleased. She knows Apollo is the Admiral's son. He won't choose a Cylon over his own son. Just then, the CO2 alarm goes off (thanks to the drink). Apollo says that the shooting probably nicked an oxygen line. If they don't get some help, they'll suffocate.

Adama phoneSesha makes a call to Galactica. She tells them that they are losing oxygen and that they have Apollo. Adama says that he knows this is about the loss of her husband. He understands loss. "We've all lost people we care about, we learn to live with it." He refuses to give up a valuable military asset (Sharon). Sesha is enraged. "YOU are infiltrated. You are being played and the rest of us do not want to go down your ship. We want the Cylon." After the call, Tigh asks Adama what they should do. Repair the air system. That's it. There's no giving in to terrorists. Tigh reminds Adama that the "thing" is not Sharon, it's a Cylon. Adama is gruff and annoyed at that, but Tigh continues by saying that he thinks there is some part of him that still sees the young girl who reported to the ship two years ago (not unlike what Starbuck said in last week's episode about how she feels about Sharon).

Starbuck spyBack on Cloud 9, Starbuck announces that they've checked the oxygen levels and they're fine. They realize that Apollo has probably messed with the CO2 sensor. Starbuck wants to go in. Adama says no, she's just there to do recon. Well, our little Starbuck will never be satisfied with that. The oxygen repair guy shows up. Starbuck, of course, takes his outfit to go in. She's ushered inside by the thugs. She recommends that they not close the hatch door all the way because they are losing oxygen. They keep it open half-way. They search Starbuck and her toolbox. She's clean.

Starbuck gunsStarbuck enters the room and does a quick visual of the situation and where Apollo is. Sesha tells her to get to work. She walks slowly over to the tables in the back, away from the hostages and the group. Ellen (grumble) does a "hey, I know her" double take of Starbuck that is noticed by one of the thugs. They should check that toolbox again! Just then, Starbuck releases a trap door in the top of the box and pulls out two guns. She turns into the room and all hell breaks loose. Everyone is shooting. The marines come storming in under the half-open door. In the chaos and shooting, Apollo goes down. It's friendly fire. Starbuck has shot him square in the chest (right side)!! The marines begin a retreat. One of them pulls Starbuck out. They both get shot in their legs and they dash under the now closing door. Well that went well. Dee rushes over to Apollo. She's crying. She calls to Billy for help. The thugs aren't going to let him go initially, but he reminds them that if the Admiral's son dies, they won't get what they want. Sesha approves. Apollo ain't looking too good. Outside, Starbuck is calling in to Galactica. Things went wrong. Two marines are dead. One of the terrorists. And Apollo. She tells Adama that she thinks it was her that shot him. She doesn't know if he's ok. She cries.


Apollo downDee can't stop Apollo's bleeding. She also can't stop crying. Billy consoles her, saying that Apollo will be ok. Billy is pissed. Looks at one of the whimpier-looking thugs and intently eyes his gun. Back on Galactica, Adama is talking to Sharon over the phone com things in the brig. Are you playing with us? Playing with me? Sharon, a bit indignant, returns "How many times have I saved the ship? The fleet?" Adama is not convinced. He asks if she would tell him who the other Cylon agents in the fleet are (she undoubtedly knows them and their locations). Nope. She won't help him with that. "That I believe," he says.

One of the thugs is trying to be comforting. He says that Apollo will be alright. Billy lashes back that they are all so stupid to be lead by a woman who is out for revenge over her husband. Well, that was also the thug's brother. He was a good man. Killed by the Cylons. Uh huh. Along with the rest of the population, pal. Billy, mentioning his brother who was also killed, says "They were all good men."

The dealBack on the Galactica, President Roslin is describing Sesha's manifesto to Adama and Tigh. (It was sent over right before they took the hostages). It's mostly about Cylon agents in the military. What options do they have left? Give them Sharon? Roslin refuses that option. There's no giving in. "What if they're right? What if Sharon is a threat?" asks Tigh. "It's not about Sharon. It's about our long-term survival and how we conduct ourselves," returns Roslin. They've all got people they care about in that room. Roslin reveals that Billy is the closest thing to family she has left in this world, so this situation is hard on her too. A call for Sesha comes in. Apollo is dying. She says she didn't know how far she'd take this before this moment but.... she instructs a thug to grab Ellen. They put a gun to her head with the intent to execute her. Adama tells her to hold her fire! Roslin looks surprised. He'll give her the Cylon, but she'll be dead. Roslin looks very surprised. Didn't they just talk about not giving in to terrorists?!?! He says that Sesha has convinced him that they may have been played. If that's so, then it's his place to kill the Cylon. The trade is the Cylon's body for the hostages. Sesha agrees.


A shuttle lands in the hanger on Cloud 9. Marines enter wheeling in a body. Admiral Adama walks with it. They wheel past Starbuck. "Let me help. Please!" she begs Adama. In a soothing, fatherly voice, Adama simply says "Let me take it from here." Inside the bar, Billy is still stalking the thug with his eyes. That gun. Dee tells him to stop it. She knows what he's thinking. She tells him he's got nothing to prove. "You're not a soldier!" she presses. Yes, yes. He knows. That doesn't stop him from watching that gun.

Sesha and SharonThe marines are at the door with the body. Sesha and her brother-in-law thug agree that if anything goes wrong, they'll start killing hostages. The body is wheeled in. It is the lifeless body of Sharon. There's something wrong with her right cheek, though. Sesha aims her gun at Sharon's head an shoots. Brother-in-law thug notices that something isn't right. He pulls down the sheet a bit further to see that an autopsy has been done on the body. "This one has been dead for weeks! It's not the right one!" Sesha says, "kill the girlfriend." (The girlfriend is Dee). Billy makes his move. (Unknown whether it's finally just the right "moment" or because he is trying to protect Dee.) He wrestles the thug and gets his gun away. Before he can even raise the gun to shoot anyone, he's shot by the thugs. He goes down. The marines storm in. More shooting ensues. Sesha is shot and goes down. The marine secure the room. All bad guys and gals dead. Dee rushes over to Billy. "We need help!!!" Sesha's body has fallen over the corpse of the original Galactica Sharon (the one that shot Adama way back when) now laying on the ground. Adama rush to Apollo. "Lee!!!!" The medics rush in. Dee is with Billy. She's crying. He's still lying where he fell. His eyes stare blankly at the ceiling. He's... dead. HOLY CRAP! THEY KILLED BILLY! Dee is crying.

Roslin and BillyWe're back on Galactica now. Adama is standing over the body of the original Sharon. He stares at her for a long time. Roslin walks in. She sees body of Billy, is shaken, but walks to Adama. "Was it worth it?" she asks. (I'm not sure what she means here. Was it worth it to give in at all and pretend to give them what they want? Was it worth it to refuse to just kill the pregnant Sharon? Not sure.) Adama says nothing. Roslin walks away and sits by the body of Billy. She braces herself against the wall - fighting back her grief - and sobs silently. Adama can hear her just so slightly. She composes herself and focuses on the body. She lightly brushes his hair away from his face. That's better. She speaks softly to him and cries. "You were so young!" she laments.

Dee and ApolloIn the infirmary now. Dee is sitting with Apollo, who wakes momentarily to joke that they were on one hell of a vacation. He is recovering, but still looks terrible. He loses consciousness again. Dee says "You can't leave! You have to stay! It's ok. I'll be here." (I think Dee is referring to the conversation she overheard between Starbuck and Apollo where he revealed that he didn't want to come back from his Resurrection ship mission alive. She's telling him that he's gotta stick around - and WANT to stick around.) As she's saying this, Starbuck is passing through and overhears, gives a brief moment of pause and then exits. Do we think Starbuck's got some residual feelings from last week's lusty encounter with Apollo? Yep. We sure do.

Finally, we go to Sharon in the brig. Her stomach is ever-increasing with the growing baby. The camera simply scans up along her body, ending on her left eye. She is staring up at the ceiling of her cell. We fade out. Is Sharon gaining power? The undeserved trust of Adama and Galactica's crew? Is it all part of the Cylon master plan? Only time will tell.

The End.

DAG! It must be sweeps for them to kill off a main character! I was surprised because they didn't make any allusions to it in the previews. Surprising us like that makes for so much better television! Thank you! Ah, Billy. We hardly knew ye. What will the President do now without her main advisor / right hand? Do we have any thoughts on who she might tap next? Someone new perhaps? Certainly not Baltar or Zarek. When are we going to get in some more leading men to be love interests? They just killed off Apollo's only real competition (Anders only slightly counts because he's suck on Caprica and may be dead)! Talk about cornering the market on the ladies! It was quite refreshing to see a less morose Apollo in this episode. I'm all for dark, brooding hunks, but suicidal ones are just so much more complicated.

I don't usually watch all the video blogs on SciFi's website, but there were a slew for this episode! I have one last video blog to recommend. See video blog #11 entitled "Billy Gets No Respect." Paul Campbell, who plays (er.. played) Billy, is great. He's very funny! He wrote the bio of himself on IMDB. You'll see what I mean. If I had seen that video clip earlier on, maybe I would have like his character more. Ah well. In this Battlestar universe, only the strong (or the evil) survive it seems.


Sacrifice PreviewNext week - Episode 2.17 - "The Captain's Hand." Raptors are stranded (it could be part of a trap) while there's a power play between "Major" Adama (Apollo) and John Heard (probably the new commander of the Pegasus). Can we please get SOMEONE stable in charge of the Pegasus? Geesh!

Note: Copyright to all images is held by SciFi Channel/Universal Pictures

Posted by Shannon on February 11, 2006 3:21 PM
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Oh my God, they killed Billy?!

-- Posted by: mac at February 12, 2006 3:24 PM

Excellent episode overall... Since the beginning of the "re-imagined" show, we've been waiting for Apollo and Starbuck to get down to it... now, in this episode, we get to see Starbuck almost KILL Apollo. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

-- Posted by: Ex-GINO at February 13, 2006 7:55 PM

What kind of nonsense? This is not interesting. There is no such a thing.

-- Posted by: Matthew at February 1, 2013 9:11 AM

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