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Battlestar Fodder

Season 2 Primer: Episode 2.7 - "Home, Part 2"

by Shannon Nolley, Sci-Fi Fodder Editor

To gear up for the January 6th resumption of Season 2, here's a cheat-sheet of the major plot points from the season so far. SO MUCH has occurred, it's impossible to include everything in a concise way. Of course, it's also hard not to go on and on about the show so I TRIED to be as brief as possible. If you think a major point has been left out, feel free to post it below!

Previously on "Battlestar Galactica"....

Home, Part 2

Home, Part 2

Episode #2.7
26 August 2005

Following a firefight with Cylon Centurions and the death of her spiritual advisor, President Roslin and her merry band of misfits push onward in search of the Tomb of Athena.

As usual, Tom Zarek butts heads with Lee Adama, inspiring Zarek's henchman Meier to plot Lee's demise, clearing the path to power for his old friend.

Meanwhile, aboard the Galactica, Baltar continues to be vexed by hallucinations of Number Six and begins to question his sanity. Commander Adama heads toward Kobol with Billy, the President' aide, to meet up with Roslin and Lee.

After some searching, the Galactica landing party finds Roslin and her group while they are camped. Coming upon the camp unannounced, Lee draws his weapon on his father. There some back and forth emotion-filled glances and then much hugging - except, of course, when Adama sees Sharon and tries to kill her. Remembering his fatherly love for the "old" Sharon he had known aboard the Galactica, he backs off.

Meier, however, sees the mending of fences as a renewed threat to the "rightful" power of his prison bud Tom Zarek, and he conspires with Sharon to murder Adama, Lee and the president.

Sharon leads them to the tomb. Yay! As they all stand around and try to figure out how to open it, Meier and Sharon spring their trap with Sharon's gun on Commander Adama and Meier's on Lee. Sharon proclaims her independence from the other Cylons and uses her opportunity to shoot and kill Meier instead.

The plot revealed, Zarek is essentially neutered and left outside with Sharon and the others while Kara, Billy, Roslin, Lee and Adama enter the tomb to see what secrets would be revealed by the Arrow. They find statues of each of the 13 tribes and place the Arrow in the archer's arms. Instantly transported to what looks like a field, the group realizes that they are seeing constellations of the 13 tribes from an unknown planet they decide is Earth. Finding an object they recognize, the group heads out with a renewed hope - a map to Earth.

Posted by Shannon on January 3, 2006 2:55 PM
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