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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Episode 2.13 - "Epiphanies"

by Shannon Nolley, Sci-Fi Fodder Editor


Episode 2.13
20 January 2006

We open on Caprica, 189 Days ago. Everything is all bright and fuzzy. A flash-back sequence in the memory of someone, obviously. It's President Roslin. She's talking to her doctor on Caprica about her cancer. Flash to the Galactica. She's being wheeled to sickbay in a rush. She's in obvious physical distress. She flashes to memories of her work as Education Secretary on Caprica, then back to the Galactica. She's in pain and struggling for breath. Her aid Billy stands over her in sickbay.

[Our first commercial]

Kara (Starbuck) and Cat are out in their Vipers on regular maneuvers. After throwing a few verbal barbs Starbuck's way, Cat tests her guns per normal protocol. In a dramatic turn, her port gun blows up sending a piece of shrapnel into Starbuck's cockpit window, cracking it. Everyone is ok, but they head back to the Galactica in a hurry as we hear Starbuck's window cracking more and more. Back on the Galactica, Starbuck and Chief Tyrol (freed from the brig following Cain's demise in the last episode) discuss what happened. Cally shows them the rounds that had been loaded into the ship. Some of them are lighter than the others, causing a misfire and explosion. More than just Cat's Viper have these "duds." It's sabotage.

213_roslin.jpgMeanwhile, Roslin is lying in sickbay. She's getting worse. She has called Adama, Billy, Baltar, and Doctor Cottle to her side so the doc can tell them what he's found in the blood samples taken from the Cylon fetus growing in Sharon. There are genetic abnormalities. Nothing "conclusive" yet, just abnormalities. Roslin says that the Cylon fetus must be aborted. Allowing it to be born could have terrible security consequences to fleet. Baltar objects, trying different angles of persuasion. Roslin simply replies that one of the benefits of being president is that she can make decisions that other people may not like. As they leave, Baltar pleads with Adama for the baby. Adam scolds him saying that he will be president soon, he needs to act like he can handle the responsibility.

213_baltar_six.jpgAs he stands in the hall post-scolding from Adama, his hallucination of Six appears. She's been "absent" since ... (insert assumption that she's be absent since he freed Gina.) Baltar asks if she's jealous. Getting mad, she says no. She's concerned about "their" baby - the one in Sharon. She says the only way they may be able to save the child is for Baltar to use the nuclear device he was given by Adam to help in his "research" early on when devising a Cylon blood test. Six gets a little extra rough with Baltar here. He's also less concerned about crew members seeing him talking to himself.

We flash to Adama tell Helo of the planned abortion of the baby. Not surprisingly, he's not happy about it. He's not pleased that they'll be killing a part of him - whether it's also part Cylon or not. Despite his strong objection to it, Helo wants to be the one to tell Sharon.

In the CIC, Apollo and Col. Tigh are arguing about Apollo's decision (as the reinstated Captain of the Air Guard) to stand down all Galactica and Pegasus vipers until all the ammo can be checked. Tigh says it leaves them defenseless. Apollo says its the only way to be safe.

Cylon sympathizerWe flash to Apollo and Kara in the armory with marines, looking for someone in particular. They single out the crewmember handling rounds like those used in the vipers. She stands, starts screaming and then attempts to flee. She says she's got a message for Adama - they demand peace with the Cylons! Well, that's a new one.

[Commercial break]

Apollo, Baltar, Tigh and Adama are discussing the new situation. Apparently civilians have been hired to work on ships because they are short staffed. The "leader" of the Cylon sympathizers has requested a meeting on Galactica. Adama has agreed to the meeting to see what they are up against.

Well... the meeting didn't go all that well. Royan Jahee, the Cylon "peace" movement leader, gets agro saying that the military warmongers forced the Cylons to attack because the humans had made them their slaves - continued hit and run missions against the Cylons is not the way to ensure peace with them. The "peace" movement does not intend to back down. Adama thinks he knows more than he's telling. He had Jahee arrested.

Meanwhile, Starbuck and Apollo are going through the armory crewmember's personal items to see what they can find out. They find plans for the tylium refinery ship and know trouble is afoot! Tylium is the fuel the fleet uses. If something were to happen to that, they'd be more vulnerable to attack. Apollo organizes a team to head to the ship.

Now to Helo in the brig talking to Sharon, telling her of the planned abortion. She gets -- a little upset. She doesn't understand - she's been so helpful! Helo says he believes that deep down everyone is still afraid of her. She gets angry now. "Just let them try to take my baby!" she yells. She begins to slam her head into the glass wall in front of Helo. As she's going a bit nutty, the marines come in and try to "calm her down."

apolloApollo is now on a shuttle with a handful of troops heading to the tylium ship. A broadcast is coming over the radio. A woman saying if the sacrifice she is about to make sends a message of peace to the Cylons then it will be worth it! Apollo recognizes this as a suicide bomber and orders them to back off the ship just in time - a large explosion rocks the ship, blowing a large hole in it.

[Commercial break -- with a creepy commercial for "Battlestar" with a Cylon baby who has "the power to change everything"]

Adama's pissed. He and Tigh are interrogating Jahee. Things get worse when Jahee says the suicide bomber is just a taste of what is in store unless someone starts listening. Adama doesn't like that. He uses a little "tough love" and starts to choke Jahee! Adama says that this will stop!! He back off when Jahee cries "Uncle." Tigh looks very pleased throughout. He's been the "bad cop" on more than one occasion. Seeing Adama using violence during an interrogation seems to make him quite happy.

213_1.jpgMeanwhile, Baltar is meeting with Billy on Colonial One. Roslin has instructed Billy to have Baltar there to show him around and make the "transition" go smoothly. Billy hands Baltar a letter from Roslin that is to be opened in the event of her death, and Baltar's subsequent rise to the presidency. The phone rings - it's for Baltar. He responds cryptically and we next see him in a shuttle heading for Cloud Nine. He enters a room with an armed guard. Gina appears from the other room. She had called him. She has joined the "peace" movement. The guard is asked to leave. Once alone, Baltar asks Gina if the others know of her true identity (as a Cylon). She laughs and says of course they don't know. Even they might have limits. She says she's missed him. He approaches and kisses her. She punches him - she's just not "ready" for that yet (seemingly still in shock from the abuse meted out to her on the Pegasus). Baltar asks why she called him there. She says she wants to "save" him. She says he's got to use his pending presidency to turn the people against Adama. Baltar, thinking hard on the blood he's dripping as a result of Gina's rebuff, he looks back at his notes on the baby Cylon's blood. He's had an epiphany! He turns to Gina and says that he "will not be responsible for the destruction of mankind."

213_roslin_president.jpgBack to Roslin's dream state and memories of her life on Caprica. She returns to the President's office. After a few brief words, they're swapping spit! YES! Laura's in a hot love affair with President! She, having just heard about her cancer, quickly pulls away and starts talking business. She tells of a deal she's brokered with a striking teacher's union. The President gets pissed. She was supposed to "hold the line" - meaning, continue to stonewall because they don't want to look weak. Despite having reached a peaceful resolution to the problem, the President says he will be asking for her resignation. She will fight him, she says. Back on the Galactica, the doctor tells Adama that Roslin's health is failing fast. Adama makes an announcement over the intercom for everyone to pray for the President. Meanwhile, the marines come for Sharon and her unborn baby. Despite her tantrum earlier, it doesn't seem hard for them to subdue Sharon and knock her out with meds.

[ Last commercial break]

heloWe return with Sharon, drugged and being wheeled to sickbay. Helo, proud papa-to-be, blocks the door to sickbay and has hand at the ready on his gun. He asks Adama not to do this. Adama tells the guards to stand down and he approaches Helo to discuss the matter. Helo begs Adama to just give him a Raptor and he'll take Sharon and the baby far away from the fleet. Adama refuses, of course. As the tension builds, Baltar comes running in saying that he has made a terrible mistake about the blood and that they need to talk about what he's discovered. In sickbay, Baltar explains things to Adama. The amalgamation between human and Cylon blood has resulted in the baby being "blessed" with heightened resistance to disease. When he applied a sample of the baby's blood to the President's cancer cells, they were completely gone in a matter of hours. Baltar pleads that if the baby is aborted now, the possibilities abound.

Baltar, having been given permission from Adama, withdraws more blood from Sharon and the fetus. Doc says he objects to this - it's unnatural and dangerous. Baltar says he sees no other alternative at this point. Given her condition, the President will die - and soon. They inject the blood into the President.

213_roslin_president.jpgMeanwhile, President Roslin is still dreaming of her life on Caprica. As she's talking with a union representative, she has an epiphany of her own. She sees Baltar kissing the flesh-and-"bone" version of Six. Roslin recognizes the Cylon. Back in sickbay, Roslin goes into convulsions as a result of the injection. After a few tense moments, she stabilizes. As she slowly opens her eyes - first seeing Sharon on a nearby table - she sees Baltar and opens her eyes wide in remembrance. She points and him and mumbles something. They don't understand what she said, but it's clear to us that she remembers her epiphany and knows Baltar had a relationship with the Cylon.

48 hours later, Doc tells Adama he has never seen anything like it. Roslin's scans are now clear. The cancer is completely gone. It'll be a while before she's 100%, but she's recovering. Obviously regaining her strength quickly, Roslin asks about the Cylon sympathizer With Adama, she visits Jahee in the brig. She says she'd be willing to negotiate with them - if they promise no more violence. He agrees. Of course, Roslin adds that if he renigs they'll hunt him down along with all his friends.

Now to Baltar in his lab smoking a cigar, pleased with saving the President. Six is there. She says he robbed himself of a chance to be president. Baltar finds the letter Roslin had written to him in the event of her death. He decides to read it. Among other things, Roslin wrote that he has no compassion or ethics and that he must find some in order to be a good president. Baltar gets a little annoyed at this - especially since he rebuffed Gina and saved the President's life. He knows know that Roslin will never trust him completely. (He doesn't even know yet of Roslin's epiphany) Six says it's no longer a political struggle between them - it's a matter of life and death.

sharonIn the brig, we find Sharon walking around in her cell. She's still very pregnant. Roslin is silently watching as Sharon strokes her belly, communing with the baby.

Finally, in Galactica's hanger bay, Baltar is watching Jahee leave the ship. When Jahee reaches Could Nine, he enters the quarters where Gina is working at a desk. He tells Gina what Roslin said about negotiating if they stop the violence. He also says that Baltar had met with him just before he left and had a message for Gina. Baltar's message was for them to have patience while he works the President from within. Baltar also gave a large suitcase to Jahee for Gina. Gina opens it and recoils quickly. It's the nuclear warhead. Yes, Baltar has given a nuclear warhead to a Cylon.

The End.

I'm not sure how I feel about this whole Roslin-cured-by-Cylon-baby thing. I'm usually not a fan of miracle cures on my shows. It adds to the suspicion that main characters very rarely die - and if they do, it'll be during sweeps. That's just boring. Baltar seems to have turned a major corner, though. We may have excused his release of Gina out of his blind love for her, but giving her a nuclear warhead? Now that's not exactly in humanity's best interest. He may finally be showing his truly evil side! Now we're left to wonder when Roslin will reveal her memory of Baltar and Six to Adama. Do we think Baltar will ever be taken into custody and/or exiled like the Baltar on the original "Battlestar" series? This Baltar in command of a Basestar? Hmm. He doesn't exactly seem adept enough. Perhaps that'll change as he embraces his darkside.


black market previewIn the preview for Episode 2.14 - "Black Market," Apollo is dealin with some bad guys. Honestly, the previews don't give much away. The SciFi Channel's website reads "An attempt to halt rampant black market trading within the fleet leads to violence, scandal and tragedy." At the very least, it looks to be an Apollo-centric episode. YAY! He's so cute.

Note: Copyright to all images is held by SCIFI Channel/Universal Pictures

Posted by Shannon on January 21, 2006 6:29 PM
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Seems like BSG is cribbing more and more from other successful shows. They've already used the "zoom and pan" F/X shots pioneered by "Firefly", and now in this episode, we're treated to all sorts of "Lost"-like flashbacks. What's next? Adama's younger-year flyboy episodes? The early days Six spent as a washing machine for her evil human owner? I think BSG has come a long, long, way in proving itself as a solid entertainment... I just don't want them stealing every other good show's trademark devices.

Unless... hmmm... besides Tigh's sweetie, are there any other "Desperate Housewives"?

-- Posted by: Ex-GINO at January 22, 2006 1:38 AM

I wasn't a huge fan of this episode. Don't get me wrong -- it was 99% better than most of the crap out there ("According to Jim," I'm looking at you). But after the stunning events of the Pegasus-Resurrection Ship arc, there just wasn't much left in the tank. (And there was minimal Starbuck in this episode ... never a good thing).

Oddly, this ho-hum episode featured an event that's been a long-time coming: Roslin's death. Well. Non-death. I had a feeling something like that would happen and I was wondering how'd they do it. Shannon, I agree completely about the "miracle cures" thing -- it just seems like a cop-out. However, there's a legitimate shot at redemption with this one since there are a SLEW of storylines they could develop: Will Roslin be different now that she's been 'saved' by a Cylon? Will the combination of human-Cylon blood open a new can of worms (or a new can of Roslin?). Does her history of love affairs with power brokers bode well (or bode ill) for the Roslin-Adama storyline? And when will Billy go ape-shit on Baltar? (I'd pay good money to see that.) There are places they can go with this, so I'm going to withhold final judgement until I see how it plays out. But on first glance, the "miracle" thing is kinda lame.

As for flashbacks, I didn't mind them too much in this episode. Of course, BSG has a history of "weird" flashbacks -- remember last season when Tighe remembers when he and a young Bill Adama tried to get reinstated in the fleet? Do you remember that god-awful wig Tighe was wearing? And I love how they tried to make Edward James Olmos look younger by shagging up his hair and making him open his eyes real wide. LOL. Now THAT was a bad flashback!

-- Posted by: mac at January 23, 2006 12:38 AM

I'm re-titling this episode "Deus Ex Machina", for two obvious reasons :)

Even if the miracle cure does set up interesting situations and changes, there are less lazy ways to write that sort of thing... oh, and the science of it made no sense to me either. It was like listening to Geordi explaining how his engineering magic worked. Which is what it all might as well be, magic.

Still a little confused by Baltar's actions. I thought at first he was coming around to the human's side since he was refusing to do what Gina wanted. Then he turns around and gives her a nuclear device. Hrmpf?

-- Posted by: Doug at January 23, 2006 2:53 AM

omg i HATE baltar. heeebiegeeebies!

-- Posted by: minnie at January 25, 2006 4:14 PM

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