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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Episode 2.12 - "Resurrection Ship, Part 2"

by Shannon Nolley, Sci-Fi Fodder Editor


Resurrection Ship, Part 2

Episode 2.12
13 January 2006

After last week's cliffhanger, we should just jump right into this.

We open with Apollo (Lee) floating in a cold lake in the mountains. Of course, we're wondering if he's on a holodeck or something - where would he get such a lake on board a battlestar? As he's floating, the sun becomes brighter and brighter, almost blinding. Out of the sky swoops a Cylon ship. As the camera tracks the ship, we see it dart into space followed closely by a Viper and passing just a hair's breath from ... Apollo who is really free floating in his cockpit chair in space.

We flash to 48 hours earlier. (We know because the text says so.) Kara and Lee are talking about Kara's mission from Adama (to shoot Cain). Kara asks Apollo to be her backup. Of course he will be. He gets all mushy and says that they have to have this - trust. If they don't then we are no different than the Cylons. Okaaay. Kara thanks him. They share a big hug.

Now to the Pegasus bring where Tyrol and Helo are still being held. A few of the Pegasus' men decide to pay them a little visit. They're a little "sore" over the death of Thorn. He saved their lives, you see. They throw around some gruff words and Tryol decides to antagonize them a bit and invites them into the cell to "discuss" things. The men go in with the guards, guns blazing.

[Commercial Break!]

We return from break with Helo and Tyrol tied to their bunks. The Pegasus men (apparently students of Thorn's tactics) are describing what they're going to do. It'll be the soap in a towel to the gut move - it leaves no mark (we learned this trick with Vincent D'Onofrio in "Full Metal Jacket," though I think there it was oranges and not soap). The men get in a few good shots before Fisk appears on the scene to break it up. He scolds the men - Specialists Gage and Vereen - and reminds them that assaulting officers during a time of war has severe penalties. He orders them to get out. Helo and Tyrol thank Fisk. He doesn't want it. Thorn had saved his life too. When Helo defends their actions against Thorn, Fisk looks pained. He is in the camp that Sharon is a machine and you can't commit crimes against machines.

Meanwhile, Cain and Kara are sharing a drink in Cain's quarters. Kara jokes that she only drinks to excess. After some brief discussion their talk turns to Adama. Cain understands that he's a good man who's had to make hard decisions. Kara defends Adama, saying if she's so understanding, then Cain should realize why he did what he did to save his men. Cain - a bit indigent - says of course she understands. She's seen a lot of men die (with some vivid description of caskets with flags going out the air lock) and sometimes terrible things have to be done. If we hesitate or flinch in that terrible moment we all have to face, then there are more people in body bags. She makes Starbuck promise that she won't flinch when her moment comes. Starbuck, of course, looks disturbed because she thinks her moment will be to kill Cain.

Back on the Galactica, Apollo enters with a courier run from the Pegasus (where he's still commissioned since Cain started meddling) to Adama. He says he asked for the job to talk to Adama about Starbuck's mission. Adama says he won't be talked out of it and he's not going to debate it with Apollo. He also discloses that the President had first put the idea in his head, saying "She's made of sterner stuff than people give her credit for."

Meanwhile, everyone on Galactica and the Pegasus are gearing up for the mission against the Cylons. Kara and Fisk pass in the hall where Fisk says "Good Hunting Captain." Kara, with a squint, returns "You too."


resurrection_ship_pt2_sharon.jpgWe return with Fisk showing Tigh the order from Cain to have him on the Galactica with the marines. The stage is set for Cain's assassination plan. Meanwhile, Adama has Sharon brought to his quarters. He says he has asked her there to find out why Cylons hate humans so much. She says that hate isn't exactly the right word. It is like he had said at the decommissioning ceremony for the Galactica before the Cylon attack on the colonies: Humanity is a flawed creation - killing each other for petty jealousy and greed. Humanity never asked itself why it was allowed to survive. Sharon ends with "Maybe you shouldn't."

The attack on the Cylons begins. Apollo, in the Blackbird, sneaks up to the resurrection ship and destroys its FTL drive. He reports in his success and is looking back on the destruction. Because he wasn't looking, he crashes into something (not sure if its debris or a Cylong Raider), is ejected and the Blackbird spins away on fire. The Galactica received the auto distress signal from the ship but doesn't know if Apollo is ok. Adama orders a rescue Raptor launched.

Meanwhile on Galactica, Fisk and his marines take their posts around Adama and his crew. The battle ensues while Fisk walks around looking nervous, shifty and unsure.

apollo2Apollo is now floating in space. He looks around with a "Huh. Now what?" expression. Then, he looks down and sees "now what. " He's got a hole in his flight suit - he's venting air and is almost out of oxygen. Frack! Not much to do about it other than try to cover the hole with his hand. At least he's got a great vantage point of the battle. The Galactica and Pegasus are in full attack mode against the Basestars.

BaltarBack on the Pegasus, Baltar is with Gina in her cell while his hallucination of Six is talking over his shoulder. They know the battle is raging. Six is livid. She says that God will not forgive the killing of thousands of Cylons. Baltar asks Gina if she thinks god will forgive it. She says that god forgives all. Baltar is ignoring Six at this point. It seems that engaging Gina is helping him pull away from his hallucination. Baltar tells Gina that he misses sports most of all from life before the war. (This is what Six had told Baltar that she missed). Six is distraught. She begs Baltar not to tell this to Gina. He does anyway. He says that he misses going to games and buying two tickets - one for him and one for her. Gina reaches for him and slowly their fingers entwine in a good old-fashioned hand-holding.

We're back to Apollo floating. The Galactica is trying to reach him, but he's not responding. He moves his hand away from the hole to let the air out faster. What??? What's up with him? He looks tired and depressed. He wants to die. We flash to Apollo back in that lake floating. His only words are of apology to Kara for not being there for her mission (after their long discussion of trust and such). He watches the attack on the resurrection ship.

Apollo2This sequence if very pretty and well done! It's not quite long enough for my taste, but the attack seems incidental to all the other stuff that's going on in this episode. The Vipers swoop in on the resurrection ship and blow the heck out of it. We see the Cylon humanoid bodies float into space. Then, we're back to Apollo. He sinks beneath the surface of the lake. Noooooooo! Back to him floating in space, the rescue ship has just found him. Is he really already dead? Are they too late?

On the Galactica, Fisk is getting even more nervous. Cain's order to take out Adama could come at any moment. They confirm that the resurrection ship was destroyed and the other Cylons have jumped away. As a bonus, the rescue shuttle gives Apollo a few jolts to jump start his heart and he's back among the living! The scene ends with Fisk looking at the marines and back at Adama.


On the Pegasus, Gina knows that they've destroyed the resurrection ship and says she's ready to die. She begs Baltar to send her soul to god.

Meanwhile, Kara - having planned and lead the successful mission against the Cylons - is walking down a passageway all sweaty and nervous, unsnapping her gun holster. "I wish you were here Lee. But what the hell," she says. She walks into the Pegasus' CIC and up to Cain who turns to her and says emphatically, "I am so very proud of you." Cain calls the Galactica. Congratulations all around. Adama asks to talk to Kara. (This is the moment he said he'd give the order to kill Cain.) He says thoughtfully, "It's not enough to survive. One has to be worthy of surviving. That's all." Kara, relieved beyond words, turns to the door and takes a time out. Cain asks to talk to Fisk. (Here's the moment she said she'd give the order to kill Adama and his crew.) She says, "Congratulations Jack. ... (long pause)... That's all." Fisk, also very relieved, looks as if he's soiled himself. Tigh turns to him and says he looks as if he could use a drink. Fisk becomes nearly hysterical with laughter. They all smile. PHEW! No military coups today!

Back in the Pegasus' brig, Baltar is with Gina. He calls the guard and distracts him just long enough for Gina to take him out. She takes the guard's gun, gives it to Baltar and puts in under her chin. She can't kill herself because suicide is a sin, but she wants to die. Baltar, resolute, says what she needs is justice and gives her the gun. Hmmm. What do you suppose he means? He says he will keep her safe, hide her, protect her. Why would he do this you ask? Because he loves her, silly. She walks out to find "justice." Baltar is left with tears streaming down his face.

Resurrection Ship_Pt2_3.jpgFinally - the scene we've all been waiting for! Cain heads to her quarters. Tired from the day's adventures, she disarms and begins to undress. She turns to find Gina with a gun. Gina tells her to roll over and beg (what Cain had said to her in the brig while kicking her). Cain's only response - "Frack you." Well, it didn't really matter what her response would have been now, would it. Gina growls, "You're not my type!" With a tear in her eye and a gun pointed at her head, Cain knows it's the end. The gun blasts and we fade out. YAY! I'm sure Cain was a nice person if we'd had more time to get to know her - I mean she didn't kill Adama and his crew so that's good - but, she was mucking everything up. Adama needs to lead this rag tag fleet. I thought they might pick Gina as the assassin for the revenge aspect (I also suspected Laird for the same reason). It also makes better sense for Gina to be the killer - it lines up with Adama's statement that humans must be "worth of surviving." It wasn't a human that murdered Cain. It was a Cylon. Now that's good script writing!


We return with Apollo laying on his back, eyes open, looking dead. We then flash to a funeral where we see a casket with the Colonial flag over it. We quickly learn the funeral is for Cain. (Phew!) (It doesn't seem a coincidence that she had so vividly described earlier soldiers dying and caskets.) Fisk is saying a few words - blah, blah, brave leader, blah blah, I'm taking command of Pegasus, blah. Kara then gets up to speak. She delivers a moving speech about how Cain never backed down and she did what she needed to do to lead. To Adama's surprise, she also says, "We were safer with her than we are without." I'm very glad that the writers didn't pull a soap-opera fast one and leave her death more open-ended. We've become so used to that trick that we suspect a plot loophole any time we don't see the killer pull the trigger and the bullet enter the body in gorey fashion. Since we didn't see that here I suppose they COULD do that, but I doubt that they'd really need to use such a lame plot device. The writers seem (hope hope) above that.

Back to Apollo laying there. Kara is leaning over him asking if he's ok. "No, not really. I broke my word to you. I wasn't there when you needed me," he says. Kara gives him the "don't be stupid" face. (Petty Officer Dualla is listening in.) Kara says that they should just be glad they made it back alive. That's the thing, Apollo says. He didn't want to make it back.

Meanwhile, in Galactica's brig, Helo and Tyrol enter and Sharon is overjoyed. In fact, she's crying she's so happy. As she and Helo talk, Tyrol stands back in silence. Knowing he must end his emotional ties to Sharon, he leaves.

Resurrection Ship_Pt2_roslin.jpgFinally, on Colonial One, Adama and President Roslin are talking. It's revealed that the Cylon (Gina) was able to get off the Pegasus without being detected and no one knows where she is currently. We can only assume Baltar knows. Roslin says that Adama has a new job. Taking a box from her aide Billy, she turns it over to Adama saying that, despite her reported lack of knowledge of military protocol, she believes someone in charge of more than one ship is an Admiral. Yep. We've got Admiral Adama now! Adama says that he'd stopped trying for that rank years ago. Roslin responds, "Never give up hope, Bill." "Same goes for you, Laura," he says. Growing ever weaker from her terminal cancer, Roslin is unable to get out of her chair on her own. Adama helps her up. Once she's on her feet, he cups her face in his hands and gives her a small, tender kiss on the lips. It was not the kiss of teenage lovers, more like one of very close friends sharing a special moment. They both smile widely. Roslin takes Billy's arm as she struggles to walk back to her quarters. Adama, welling up with tears, smiles as she goes. He looks down at his new Admiral insignia.


Wow. After all the hatred and fighting of the last few episodes, this one was very moving. Apollo showing that he's not made of steel and that this war might actually be getting to him. Baltar confessing his love to Gina and actively helping a Cylon (most of his actions previously were passive or per the persuasions of his Six hallucination). We even got to see a "caring" side of Cain before she was killed. Of course, the last scene with Adama and Roslin was quite amazing. Never before have we seen a more tender side of our fearless leader.

This ending feels like a bittersweet exhalation of relief. Things are not ok, but at least no one has a gun at their head - right now anyway. Perhaps next week.

Speaking of next week - in the preview for Episode 2.13 - "Epiphanies," President Roslin - whose health is declining rapidly - declares that the Cylon pregnancy must be terminated, Baltar finds the baby's carrying a genetic anomaly, and Sharon's ready to fight to the death to save her baby. The episode airs next friday, January 20th.

Note: Copyright to all images is held by SCIFI Channel/Universal Pictures

Posted by Shannon on January 14, 2006 1:10 PM
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My ... God.

What an episode: emotion, character development, major revelations and events and, to top it all off, a movie-worth battle sequence.

It was so good, I watched it live, then watched it a second time on my TiVo. I might even watch it again. If the "Battlestar" crew ever wanted to move the big screen, they could easily take this three episode arc (Pegasus, Resurrection Ship 1 and 2) and play it as-is. It's that good.

-- Posted by: mac at January 15, 2006 1:20 AM

I KNOW! It was awesome! I was quite surprised at the level of emotion this episode evoked. I definitely felt a sad relief after it was over. A great roller coaster ride. It could certainly be a movie!

-- Posted by: shannon at January 15, 2006 3:07 AM

Is it Friday yet? I'm going to have to break out the DVDs to curb the "Battlestar" needs I've developed.

-- Posted by: mac at January 18, 2006 12:12 AM

After reading what is coming up for this week, I think that "Battlestar" is going to take a page from "Lost" and utilize the flashback with more frequency (perhaps entire episodes). Tonight's episode involves Pres. Roslin flashing back to her life on Caprica (I think).

And if Mary McDonnell is really going to die, why is she signed on for the entire season? I keep waiting for them to find a cure for her cancer somewhere, a la Scully in "The X-Files".

-- Posted by: Melinda at January 20, 2006 2:18 PM

I would spell it "frak", not "frack"...

1. It looks more futuristic.
2. It's more like "grok".
3. It's a "four-letter word".

I guess that would make it "frakking" though, as "fraking" sounds like yard work. Oh, well. I stand by "frak".

-- Posted by: Dug at January 23, 2006 2:59 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:26 PM

Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

-- Posted by: Abigail at February 1, 2013 10:04 AM

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