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Battlestar Fodder

Battlestar Galactica: Episode 2.11 - "Resurrection Ship, Part 1"

by Shannon Nolley, Sci-Fi Fodder Editor

Resurrection Ship

Resurrection Ship, Part 1
Episode 2.11
6 January 2006

After a verrrrrrry long mid-season break it's finally here! With such a long wait, BSG fans were frothing at the mouth for the new installment (or was that just me?). Thankfully, this episode didn't disappoint. It was so jam-packed with juicy bits it felt like a two hour episode instead of just an hour -- that's a good thing. So, let's get to it.

We rejoin our heros mid-chicken fight ...

The Galactica and the Pegasus have launched Vipers against each other. The Galactica's pilots have the order to not fire unless fired upon. The Galactica pilots are soon overwhelmed by the better trained veteran pilots of the Pegasus, who can easily out maneuver them. Frustrated and outmatched, the Galactica pilots request permission to shoot.

Meanwhile, Kara (Starbuck) has been off on an unauthorized recon mission in the new stealth ship, the Blackbird, to take photos of the new Cylon ship that has been stalking the Galactica. Undetected, Kara is able to sneak right up alongside the ship and take some very valuable shots. After she gets a slew of photos, she uses her FTL (Faster Than Light) drive to jump back to the fleet.

Back in the chicken coop, Captain Lee Adama (Apollo) is in a Raptor with the Pegasus' Captain of the Air Group (CAG) who is told to relieve Lee of his duty and to aid in the attack on the Galactica. Refusing to be completely helpless in the fight, Lee sends a text message to Kara to let her know what's going on.

Jumping back from her mission, Kara sees all the Vipers flitting about and is, of course, rather curious about what's going on. Her ship picks up Lee's text message and they have a little conversation (which we don't see) about the situation.

Since the Blackbird doesn't have a transponder to identify itself (that would defeat the purpose of a stealth ship), both the Galactica and Pegasus believe it to be a Cylon and instruct Vipers to break off their attack on each other and engage the Cylon.

Kara sees the Vipers heading her way and alerts them to her non-Cylonness with "I'm a friendly! You're a friendly! Let's all just be friendly!" Realizing that it's the Blackbird they break off. Kara downloads the images of her recon mission to the fleet. Admiral Cain is more than impressed. (I think she was drooling!) It's revealed that an entire battery of Number Six model Cylons in some sort of storage.

With that threat over, the question is, do the Vipers re-engage each other. After some growling, Commander Adama and Admiral Cain agree to a mutual stand-down and to meet on the neutral ground of Colonial One (the President's ship).

[Phew! With that, we get our first commercial break!]

We pick up now with Cain, Adama and the President on Colonial One where President Roslin is attempting to mediate. Cain states flatly that her insta-trial of Helo and Tyrol for killing (accidentally while trying to save the Cylon Sharon) one of her men and her sentencing them to death was specifically according to regulations. Roslin argues that the spirit of the law would say otherwise. Cain, the merciless military leader that she is, was amazed and nearly dumfounded by the prospect of thinking outside the military box. "Is this what the two of you have been doing for the last six months? Debating the finer points of Colonial law? ... I have no idea how you've survived this long!" she says.

Roslin bottom lines it for her. Cain has Pegasus. Adama has Galactica. If they turn on each other there will be heavy casualties on both sides. Turning on each other with the Cylon threat ever looming is a bad plan. Neutralizing the current situation with the Cylon ships must take precedence over all other matters. Cain agrees and says her compromise will be to delay the executions until after their attack on the Cylons. She storms off and heads back to the Pegasus.

Resurrection Ship KaraNow back in her quarters, Cain has called for Kara. After some sarcasm, she tells Kara that she is promoting her to CAG of the Pegasus for her excellent work during her recon mission. Cain has revoked Lee's air status for contacting Kara during the chicken-fight. Naturally, Kara says she wants Lee on her team. (Don't we all?) Cain, impressed by Kara's gutsy attitude says she can have him. She also tells Kara that she is aware of her desire to return to Caprica to rescue the folks still there. She also reveals that her ultimate goal is to return to the colonies and kick the Cylons out. Missing home and wanting to help the resistance fighters (including the very tasty Anders she had a fling with) Kara is thrilled with the idea.

Back on Colonial One, Roslin and Adama are talking. In a surprising statement, Roslin tells Adama that there's only one way the situation can go - he must KILL Cain! She says that Cain is dangerous and that Adama must hit her before she hits him - that she will push until Adama is out and will wreak havoc on the civilian fleet. Adama is amazed to hear this coming out of "let calmer head prevail" Roslin. If Roslin is saying this, though, Cain's true threat to the fleet is obviously something he'll have to consider more closely.

[Commercial break #2!]

We return with Doc and Sharon in the infirmary. Doc is relaying his diagnosis of her injuries from the attack on her by the Pegasus men. The baby fine but she has a cracked rib. Adama is there and informs Sharon of the stay of execution for Helo and Tyrol. Then something else surprising happens - he APPOLOGIZES to a CYLON - the same model who SHOT him - for the brutal attack that happen on his watch aboard his ship. Is this a statement on behalf of humanity? A recognition of the individuality of the Cylon models? Unclear.

To the brig on Pegasus. Lee pays Helo and Tyrol a visit and tells them of the chicken fight on their behalf and that their executions have been put on hold pending a "big ops mission." Then, on to one of Baltar's delusions with Six. He's back on Caprica and Six is naked on the bed, covered ever-so-slightly with a sheet. Baltar says he doesn't miss home any more. He's lost interest. Six says she misses sports (huh??). She describes how she used to attend games and would buy a ticket for Baltar, knowing he'd never join. Then, Baltar comes out of his hallucination and is, of course, in the brig visiting Gina (the Pegasus version of Six). Admiral Cain enters. She wants Baltar to get Gina to tell them about the new Cylon ship in the recon photos. Cain struts around Gina (who is lying on the floor), then brutally kicks and spits on her. Baltar asks Cain to stop, saying it will only put them farther back in getting her to talk. Cain leaves. As Baltar is turned around, Gina attacks him and tries to strangle him. After a few moments, she backs off. She begs for him to kill her.

Back on the Galactica now, Adama is inspecting the flight deck. With Chief Tyrol in the brig, they've been forced to make do with what they've got - a former civilian aeronautical engineer, Peter Laird, who has been serving as the Pegasus deck chief. He's not sure of what he's doing, but with the impending attack he's still tasked with getting the birds in the air. Adama asks Cally about his background. She tells him of the new Chief's former civilian status and that rumor had it that the Pegasus also used to have a civilian fleet in tow, which is where the Chief likely came from.

Col. Tigh and the Pegasus' X.O., Col. Jack Fisk, are drinking. Tigh asks if it was true that Pegasus had civilian ships under its wing at one point. Fisk confirmed and described a gruesome tale. The Pegasus had found a fleet of 15 civilian ships after the attack on the colonies. Cain mandated that military needs took priority and stripped the civilian ships for parts to be used by the Pegasus. They even took the FTL drives - meaning the ships couldn't jump away from the Cylons during an attack. Cain also ordered the "valuable" passengers, chosen by her, to be taken aboard the Pegasus. The other civilian were to be left. The folks on the ship Laird had been on, the Cylla, didn't care for this plan. The "selectees" refused to go. Cain ordered her men to line up the families of those selectees who wouldn't go and to shoot them. Two whole families murdered before the selectees resisted no more.

This means that Laird either went with the Pegasus to save his family from immediate execution (with the knowledge that they were unlikely to escape if a Cylon attack occurred) or his family had been one of those lined up and executed because he resisted. I suspect that Cain may have to answer for this incident. For crying out loud, Tigh was nearly killed for the accidental shooting of civilians on the Gideon.

[Commercial break! Did I say this was an event-filled episode or what?!?!]

We return with quick scene between Kara and Lee on the Pegasus. Lee is now "under" Kara's command (not quite the way we've all be waiting for, but it's a start). Kara is struggling with drafting the plan to attack the Cylons. She asks for Lee's help.

Back to the brig on Pegasus. Baltar has brought Six a fresh set of clothes. As she's dressing, he asks her if she knew she was a Cylon when she boarded the Pegasus or if she was a sleeper agent. She said she knew she was a Cylon and had thought that at the end of the mission she would die and go to a new body. But they didn't kill her, they ... (insert just about all the horrible things you can imagine they did to her here). [Gina actually uses the word "you" here - "The things YOU did to me" - indicating her belief that all humans are one, a collective of sorts.] Gina only wants to die now. Baltar says that she can't die, though, because her consciousness will just be downloaded to another body. Gina corrects him - not if they destroy the Cylon ship, she reveals.

Resurrection Ship 2Baltar goes to Cain and Kara with what Gina told him. The ship is called a "resurrection" ship. It's where the clones are stored. The ship has been traveling with the Galactica - but not attacking - because its sole purpose is to serve as a repository of bodies for the Cylon humanoid agents. The Basestars that travel with the ship serve as its protection. Because the Cylon agents are so far away from their home world, the ship needs to keep the bodies closer to the agents for download. Apparently the signal doesn't travel all that far across the universe. If the ship and its cargo are destroyed, the Cylon agents would have nothing to download to when they die. Cain and Kara are thrilled with this news and believe that they may finally have something that might deter the Cylons from continuing to pursue them - true mortality.

Now to Colonial One. Roslin is in bed, weak from her cancer. Adama is at her bedside. Adama jokes with her saying that she's become "bloody minded." Roslin says that as long as Cain lives, their survival is at risk. Adama tells her of the civilian fleet that Pegasus essentially wiped out. Adama and Roslin then have a sweet dialog where he asks if there's anything he could get for her (to ease her condition). She replies "A new body - one of those new young models from the ressurection ship." "I can't see you as a blonde," Adama says. "You'd be surprised," she returned. As Adama exits, Roslin calls to him and says "She [Cain] won't hesitate to kill you. Don't let her."

[Last commercial break!]

Helo and Tyrol in brig again. Tyrol says he's going to make changes if/when they get out. He's going to be done with Sharon. He would save her again in a heartbeat, but he's got to let go. Helo thinks that's a good plan. He admits that he's got doubts of loving a woman who's not a woman and having a baby who's 1/2 machine. He truly loves her, though, so he's got to stick it out.

Meanwhile, Adama is in his quarters intently reading papers. Cain is also in her quarters intently reading. Such literacy! Both leaders are obviously thinking over how to get the other one out.

Next, we're on to Kara and Lee going over the attack plan with Adama, Tigh, Cain and Fisk. Kara reveals that they are going to let the cylons come to them. They will jump most of the fleet away, but leave some civilian ships behind as decoys - making the Cylons believe that their FTL drives are not working and they can't get away. Meanwhile, Galactica and Pegasus are to go after the Basestars. Lee will use the Blackbird to get close to the resurrection ship and destroy its FTL drive so it can't jump away. Then, the attack squadrons (all of them) will move in to destroy the resurrection ship. Adama says he is not satisfied. Cain is. Adama asks that Kara stay behind to discuss the plan with him again.

On their way back to the Pegasus, Cain orders Fisk to deploy "completely loyal and reliable" marines to the Galactica. She is also transferring him to the Galactica under the guise of Adama's poor management skills. She tells him that he is to stay in the CIC (the bridge) during the attack and, when she gives the signal ("case orange"), he is to have the marines shoot the Galactica's command, starting with Adama.

Meanwhile, Adama and Kara are having their pow-wow. He's got a mission for her. Yep, you guessed it. She is to take Lee with her during the attack and shoot Cain in the head. Of course, Kara doesn't look too thrilled with this plan.

And with that, we're left hanging.


Well, at least this time it's not six months before the next episode.

The previews for next week's episode weren't very revealing: Lee talking to Kara about what we assume is the assassination attempt. Kara walking up behind Cain and unsnapping her gun holster. Gina and Baltar in the brig with a gun under Gina's chin. The attack on the resurrection ship. They end with Cain staring down the barrel of a gun, saying "Frack you!" Any bets as to who's holding it? I've got an idea, but I'm not saying.

Until next week... Resurrection Ship, Part 2 airs Friday, January 13th (YAY! Friday the 13th!)!

Posted by Shannon on January 7, 2006 2:56 AM
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Awesome recap and awesome episode! I'm stunned at how they were able to pick up the energy level so quickly, especially after such a long hiatus.

The scene where Starbuck drifts *through* the Resurrection ship was amazing -- seriouysly, is there anyone cooler than Starbuck? No. The answer is no.

And the final scene with the intercutting of Adama and Cain's separate assassination planning was fantastic filmmaking.

My bet is that Apollo is the one to off Cain. Starbuck seemed to have a connection to her and I just can't see her following through.

-- Posted by: mac at January 8, 2006 10:57 AM

This is a REALLY good story and there is probably far more to it than meets the eye. Admiral Cain comes across as a real you-know-what but one questions whether she could have really gotten away with giving an illegal order to murder civilians. All that Adama has is Jack Fisk's word for it (via his own XO, Colonel Tighe).

It COULD be that Fisk is a Cylon whose mission is to set up Cain to be killed by Adama, and vice versa. ALSO, there was an episode in which Number 6 accused Dr. Baltar of betraying the human race and then vanished after President Roslin put him through the wringer before "exonerating" him. Number 6's glasses seemed to match President Roslin's. Is Roslin a Cylon? She even dropped a hint about getting a "nice new body." (Time to bring back Joe McCarthy in "Who's a Communist," I'm getting paranoid.)

If Jack Fisk is NOT a Cylon and his stories are true, he may be the one to shoot (or threaten to shoot) Admiral Cain-- he seems to fit the role of the loyal shield-bearer who may finally realize that he has to kill his own "lord" for the good of the organization.

OK, that's my prediction; let's see if I've outguessed the scriptwriters.

-- Posted by: Bill at January 10, 2006 10:37 PM

Almost forgot-- I now feel sorry for the people in Frackville, PA. There is really such a place, between Hazleton and Harrisburg.

-- Posted by: Bill at January 10, 2006 10:38 PM

Ok. I'll go out on a limb and say my two favorite theories on who will pull the gun on Cain.

First - Laird. He's got a good deal of revenge to dish out on her for what happened to his family and his ship the Cylla. He's also mobile enough to slip on and off the ship without much detection whereas Starbuck, Apollo and Fisk would be very noticed.

Second - Gina. She's got some revenge built up too. In the previews she is seen with a gun under her chin with Baltar. It's not clear who's holding it. Even if he is in possession of it, it'd be easy for her to take it from him (he's not the manliest of men). The only trick, of course, would be slipping past the guards to where Cain is. It might be doable during the chaos of the attack on the resurrection ship. There's also another thing - I'm curious whether Cain is a Cylon. In the "recap" episode that SciFi ran before the season resumed, Tricia Helfer (Six/Gina) gave a bit of a spoiler saying that she even gets to kill a Cylon! If she/Gina kills Cain, then does that mean Cain was a Cylon? Hmmm.

Of course, I could be totally off on these. They may not even reveal who actually kills her (and we're assuming someone does). They may simply imply that it's someone and then reveal later that it was someone else (god I hope not).

All will be revealed tonight! HOPEFULLY!

-- Posted by: shannon at January 13, 2006 12:12 PM

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