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New 'Dancing with the Stars' Cast Announced

The 11th season of Dancing with the Stars will kick off on Monday, September 20. 11th? How and when did that happen? Apparently, they keep coming up with casts that people want to see shake that thang. Here is the upcoming season's official roster:

  • David Hasselhoff: Talks to cars, Baywatch man candy, recently starred with a cheeseburger. See also: "The Hoff."
  • Brandy: Pop singer to tabloid target to reality star.
  • Kurt Warner: Football player, possibly seen firing his agent.
  • Jennifer Grey: Completely unrecognizable as Baby or Jeanie Bueller.
  • Michael Bolton: Not the guy from Office Space.
  • Margaret Cho: Comedian, also in need of new agent.
  • Florence Henderson: Mrs. Brady
  • Rick Fox: Former NBA player, former Mr. Vanessa Williams, current handsome devil.
  • Kyle Massey: That's not Raven, but he starred on her TV show.
  • The Situation: Jersey Shore parasite with well-defined abs and not-so-defined personality.
  • Audrina Patridge: Former Hills parasite with slightly larger chest than The Situation.
  • Bristol Palin: Teen mom + famous daughter = a few familiar faces in the front row.

Sadly, because there were so many leaks over the past few days, we had very few surprises. If you want surprises, you will have to wait until September 20. Based on the above, who is your favorite? I'm going with Jennifer Grey because Baby and the corner apparently don't mix.

Posted by Rachel Cericola on August 30, 2010 11:13 PM
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