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Someone Will Die on "ER"

pnagra.jpgApparently not everyone will be around for this season's "ER" finale.

TV critic Terry Morrow is reporting that at least one member of the current cast won't make it until the end of the upcoming season. Sure, Abby, Luka and Joe could move away to be happily ever after. However, executive producer John Welles couldn't deny that one of Country General's finest was going to be leaving the set in a body bag.

Now before you say that doesn't exactly mean anything, Welles went on to say that if they did kill off someone, it would be a person "whose story has played out." The important question is, in such a long-running show, whose story isn't played out?

From reading the blogosphere, it seems like I am the only person that is upset about the end of "ER." Sure, it's not the same as the George Clooney/Anthony Edwards days. However, it still rates highly and keeps the story semi-fresh with a rotating cast. Sure we've seen every horrible Abby story imaginable. Maybe they should adopt a "Menudo" policy when it comes to canning certain cast members.

Plus, good luck getting rid of that timeslot. Everything else that has appeared there since "ER's" inception seems to tank. And c'mon -- won't NBC just have another hospital drama in a year or so?

OK... enough of my weeping. Who would you like to see get the axe on "ER?" Neela? Morris? Gates? Joe?? I will be livid if Abby, Luka and Joe don't leave the show as a family. Hasn't enough happened to those poor people?

We shall soon see. The final season of "ER" premieres September 25 on NBC. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on July 23, 2008 9:56 PM
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