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CBS Picks Up 3 Comedies

himym-britney.jpgCBS should be clinging to its comedies.

Despite dumping two of its dramas yesterday, there were smiles at the network. Three comedies that were given additional orders: "The New Adventures of Old Christine," "How I Met Your Mother" and "Rules of Engagement."

The Julia Louis-Dreyfus vehicle received a hearty thumbs-up, with an additional 22 episodes. Maybe the network was worried; according to Reuters, ABC was ready to offer her the same deal.

The least of the surprises is "How I Met Your Mother," which has been enjoying good press lately for its use of guest star Britney Spears. It might even be receiving a slight jolt from star Jason Segal's summer comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

CBS also renewed "The Unit." The network just announced it would not pick up the James Woods drama "Shark" or the cult hit "Moonlight." -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 14, 2008 9:41 AM
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Moonlight did consistently win its time slot! So from where is this issue of sagging ratings coming? Isn't that the goal to win the time slot? Friday night at 9pm is the death slot and Moonlight prevailed! This is such an unsuspected blow to so many fans. I am so disappointed in CBS. I started watching Ghost Whisperer because of Moonlight.

Aafter the news broke, I called CBS to voice my concern and they kept saying nothing was confirmed yet and we wouldn't know till this afternoon. My complaint is if they did the dirty deed and it is all over the news, then why not own up to it. I still keep thinking I am going to wake up from a bad dream and CBS is going to say they are giving it a 2nd season. This show has so much potential and after surviving a turbulent start with the writers' strike and the behind the scenes issues, it still won its time slot consistently.

I think the entire Nielsen ratings system is way out of date and not representative of what people are watching. Out of all the thousands of people on the fan boards, I do not know of one that said they are a Nielsen family and have their vote counted. There should be a way for the networks to obtain actual viewing data from the cable and dish companies to have more accurate and representative reporting.

Please, please CBS, reconsider this decision. We are begging you to look at the facts. Moonlight has potential and is starting to hit its stride. It is winning its time slot consistently, the cast is awesome and they won the People's Choice Award, Alex was voted sexiest Sci-Fi guy, they have won poll after poll on the Internet, and the fans promoted the show with blood drives, food donations and donations to the Red Cross and garnered positive media coverage for CBS in the process. All of these things should add up to a renewal. Why is it these things do not count?

-- Posted by: Becky at May 14, 2008 11:48 AM

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