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2007 Fall TV Deathpool -- With Prizes!

TilDeathDVD1.jpgThe Fall TV season has already begun, and to commemorate the occasion, we've got ourselves another giveaway.

Drop me ONE email with your vote on which show will get canned first -- and you could earn a special prize. We have ONE copy of "'Til Death: The Complete First Season." It's a 3-DVD set and it ain't cheap. We know a lot of you voted for this show to go in last year's deathpool, but it's alive, well and now coming back to haunt you.

We have just added a Steve-O prize pack to the pot as well. Hopefully the contest will keep going for a few weeks so we can add more. Just don't count on it!

A few rules you must abide by (but that require no effort):
• Please send only ONE email to
• You can only choose ONE show.
• The contest keeps going until something gets cancelled.
• You can choose the same show as another reader; in the event of a "tie," a winner will be chosen at random.
• You need to have a U.S. mailing address.
• You can't be a member of the TV Fodder family, or my real family.

We were going to pull "Cavemen" out of the running because it seemed too obvious, but hey -- "Small Wonder" stayed on for FOUR seasons, so go figure. However, since "Nashville" has seems to be on life support, you can't pick that one. We want this to be semi-interesting!

Don't worry about us selling your name, address or email. I will probably delete your email two seconds after the giveaway is over. I don't have room for that crap! If you are chosen, I'll email you back and get your mailing info. If you don't email me back within a week, you will forfeit your prize.

Sorry we are slow... we are slaves to our TiVo these days. If you want us to do more giveaways, cut us some slack.

Special thanks to Sony Home Entertainment for the DVD set. "'Til Death: The First Complete Season" is currently available on DVD.

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 1, 2007 2:17 PM
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