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Maxim Picks TV's Worst Endings

sopranos2.jpgClosure is clearly not a concept mastered by the minds behind these once-formidable shows. Check out's list of "Worst Endings to TV Series."

So wait... ­Sydney was working for the secret, secret, secret quasi-governmental cabal or the secret, secret ULTRA-secret one? Prophet 5, SD-6, The Covenant, Rambaldi... What's this about who's what? If this impenetrably plotted show had dressed Jennifer Garner as conservatively as the "Law & Order" gals, it'd have been off the air in about 18 seconds.

The Sopranos
We're putting this one on the list a few weeks in advance (and no, we haven't received advance screeners). If David Chase and co. stubbornly refused to tell us the fate of the Russian left in the woods way back in season three, we have little hope that they''l answer any of our other questions. Our best guess: "The Sopranos" ends with Tony eating something (turkey? gelato?) with the same look of bemused annoyance that he's worn for the last three seasons shrouding his face. And every reviewer in the universe will laud Chase's "bravery" for having plotted such a daring, dramatically unconventional climax.

Leaving the gang in prison after finding them guilty of violating a Good Samaritan law -- ­what's up with that? (Utter that last clause in a nasal, New Yawk whine, if you will.) The conclusion may have been true to the show's no-hugs, no-learning blueprint, but it wasn't remotely... what's the word we're looking for here... funny, perhaps? Costanza deserved better.

The show spent its final season methodically and nonsensically killing off most of its memorable characters (e.g.: Warden Leo Glynn got stabbed as part of some conspiracy involving the governor and Said got shanked for being too righteous or something). But the blow-off of the series-long Beecher vs. Schillinger subplot remains several levels beyond unforgivable. After all the rape, kid-killing, face-pooping, and sublime nastiness, Beecher accidentally kills Schillinger during a prison performance of Macbeth? That's all we get for our emotional investment in the feud?

There's more at What's on your list?

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 17, 2007 5:16 PM
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One I hate that immediately comes to mind: Will & Grace. It was saccharine and contrived. I hated Everybody Loves Raymond's as well. I can't recall any others that got on my nerves, but I'm sure they're out there.

-- Posted by: James at May 19, 2007 9:55 PM

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