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Comedy Central Announces New Programming

miblack.jpgNot to be outdone by the major networks (and the CW), Comedy Central just announced new programming for its 2007/2008 season. Here are the pilots you should see soon...

Held Up
A bank teller's life is so boring that these main characters develop a "comedic version" of Stockholm Syndrome for two teams of robbers.

Larry the Cable Guy Animated Project
Larry isn't just animated -- he's the co-owner of a cable TV station. The other owner? A woman who seems to be the anti-Larry. Let the laughs begin!

Michael Ian Black Doesn't Understand
I know one thing Michael Ian Black doesn't understand -- how to keep a TV show. Is this guy lucky or what? Now he's got another sketch show that takes on one topic each week. Buddy Michael Showalter (from "Stella" and "The State") will co-executive produce.

Night Writer
Described as "short-form comedy," this show stars and is inspired by former "Saturday Night Live" headwriter, T. Sean Shannon. It centers around his real life in real time, with live action sketches, animation shorts and voice-over stills.

Root of All Evil
Two people get into a faux courtroom pit and face off on current events, while Lewis Black presides.

There are also a few presentation deals to note:
• David Allen Grier's Chocolate News: An "urban" faux magazine program.
• The JoKoy Project: This stars JoKoy and a "racially diverse" cast in an "SNL"-style show.
• The Watch List: This has -- you guessed it -- more sketch comedy, but with up-and-coming Middle Eastern-American comedians.

Does Comedy Central think we all have ADD or something? I think they've got the sketch genre covered. Enjoy. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on May 29, 2007 11:22 PM
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