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2007 Season Finales Mostly a Hit

blake_jordin.jpgWith the season finales of "American Idol" and "Lost," and with the exception of the "House" season-ender next week, the 2006-07 television year has come to a close. And what a crazy year it's been. It started with a Miniature Killer ("CSI"), an exploding man ("Heroes") and an exploding bomb ("24"). It also introduced us to Betty (from "Ugly Betty"), the Walker clan (on "Brothers & Sisters"), Olivia's brother ("Law & Order: SVU"), about eight more hatches (ABC's "Lost") and a 17-year-old named Jordin Sparks (Fox's "American Idol"). So here's a rundown of some of this year's season-closers, featuring my ratings, as well as some from USA Today and TV Guide. (Note: Don't read on if you have yet to watch your favorite show!)

• "CSI"- The Miniature Killer arc came almost full-circle, when the killer was revealed. Unfortunately, after almost six episodes were specifically devoted to the story this season, the killer meant nothing to the audience. Producers are also still in negotiations with Jorja Fox to return next season, so it's no wonder her character Sara is lying in a ditch somewhere at the end of the episode. USA Today gave the episode three out of four stars, and so do I.
• "Lost"- Man, the reaction to this was split. USA Today gave the two-hour episode four stars, my friend Brian said he absolutely hated it and don't even get my mom started. She grumbles at the fact that she's sucked in, yet receives virtually no answer to her questions. Sorry to tell you mom, but you'll have to wait till the show's over in 2010. I give the cliffhanger four stars mostly because I had no idea the flashback was a flash-forward.
• "24"- What a long, boring day. The CTU scenes were boring, I didn't really care that Milo got shot and the season cliffhanger revealed…that Chloe is pregnant. Ugh. It's time for Fox to rework what was once my favorite show. USA Today gave it one star, TV Guide writer Matt Roush said it was awful, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for it, so two stars.
• "Brothers & Sisters"- My mom loves this show, so she convinced me to tune in every once in awhile. The writing is great, the stories are compelling and these characters act like a real family. The season-ender was gripping mostly because Sally Field's character Nora Walker had to say goodbye to her son, who is off to Iraq. I give it three stars. --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on May 25, 2007 3:43 PM
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