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Poll: Fall TV Deathpool is starting a 9-week game called Fall Season Death Watch 2006. Viewers are invited to vote off new shows like "Survivor" castaways.

We aren't going to wish any ill-will on new programming, but we think our readers can spot crap when they see it. Which new show do you think will be the first to get the axe?

TV Show Deathpool
Friday Night Lights (NBC): Are you ready for some football? Like every week??
Twenty Good Years (NBC): It's nice to see Jeffrey Tambor get post-"Arrested Development" work, but John Lithgow's overacting in the promos provoke more bellyaches than laughs.
Runaway (CW): Donnie Wahlberg gets another TV show. "Boomtown" was great, but are people really that fascinated with lawyers to the point that we need another one on TV?
'Til Death (FOX): Fox seems to be hedging a lot of bets on the comedic talents of Brad Garrett. If the scenes in the commercials are the funniest, this show should be cancelled before the first airing.
Standoff (FOX): Ron Livingston is sleeping with his hostage-negotiating partner. We get it. Where is "Office Space: The Series" when you need it?
Vanished (FOX): Fox is notorious for getting people hooked on a season-long premise and then pulling the plug. Besides, the title is just a little too perfect to keep it around.
Brothers & Sisters (ABC): Too many big names usually spells disaster for TV. Also, people might confuse it with the now-cancelled "Sons & Daughters."
The Class (CBS): The creator of "Friends" compiles another good-looking cast. I love Jason Ritter, but do you want to see these people making $1 million an episode a few years from now?

Don't see your least favorite show on our list? Write in your vote in the Comments section below. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Mac Slocum on September 12, 2006 10:50 PM
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I think it'd be a shame for 20 Good Years to get cancelled... just because I'm still riding on the Arrested Development high and would like to see Jeffrey Tambor gain the success he had with The Larry Sanders show. As for John Lithgow, I don't mind his overacting but I think the roles would have better off reversed. I'd much more like to see Tambor's character the gregarious, flamboyant type, and Lithgow's character more reserved and maybe even a bit morose. Lithgow is much better off as the brooding character that we've seen in Kinsey and Cliffhanger. I don't just want to see a "down to earth" but equally ostentatious Third Rock from the Sun.

I'm still excited about Vanished...the acting from the senator's daughter, her boyfriend, and the "hot" (eh) bitch news reporter are horrible and would do well to be recasted. But other than that, it's an all around good show. It requires absolutely no thought as everything is painstakingly explained (about the only thing left ambiguous in the show is who and why the senator's wife was abducted), which is something the majority of television viewers love. They throw in a lot of cheesy twist, but nevertheless it's a fun show. Great to wind down to after Prison Break!

Brothers & Sisters could be doomed to bad writing. I read that the original pilot episode was completely redone because it was just atrocious. This having happened, I don't really see consistency of quality from episode to episode. But, who knows, right?

Now I think I'll make an off colour prediction and say that JJ Abrahms will nosedive with Six Degrees. Maybe people will have a great reaction because Abrahms is attached, but the show sounds more tiring than good. Abrahms seems to love the six degrees of separation concept which, I think, may be too exhaustive to the audience that watches What About Brian and Veronica Mars (both really good shows).

One thing I'm particularly interested in is how Grey's will do on it's new Thursday night timeslot, pitted up against CSI. Personally, I've never been impressed with CSI so I'll be one of the people wondering if Meredith will choose McDreamy or Finn.

My pick for first show to get cancelled: Ugly Betty.

-- Posted by: Phil at September 7, 2006 11:58 AM

I saw a preview of a new show called "Men in Trees" - I think it has something to do with a woman trying to find Mr. Right somewhere in Alaska. This one is getting my vote for the first show to be axed. After that I'm thinking "Friday Night Lights" will be turned off for good.

-- Posted by: Jim at September 13, 2006 12:11 PM

Men in Trees, I agree doesn't have that spark that would last an etire season, but ABC's done stranger things with their lineup.

I watched the show last night, and I wasn't very impressed, but I admit that it had a lot of very sweet moments that gives the show a bit of hope. If anything, I think it'll the about the amount of success that What About Brian had (or lacked), but I do hope this show is kept in the lineup.

I'm really repulsed by Standoff. I take back my vote for Ugly Betty (which has enough star power behind it to stick around for a few seasons) and replace it with Standoff

-- Posted by: Phil at September 13, 2006 12:29 PM

Phil... I think that was a smart move. For some reason, I think "Ugly Betty" will hang in there for a little bit. It might not get multiple seasons, but it definitely won't be the first to go.

"Men in Trees" isn't a bad pick. Does anyone need Anne Heche to be on TV?

-- Posted by: Rachel at September 13, 2006 11:22 PM

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