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Mischa Bares Some

mischa.jpgThis week, on a very special episode of "The O.C.:" Mischa Barton exposes her boob. Sounds like a great promo, doesn't it? E! Online is reporting that so far, people are actually applauding the very special guest star.

In last week's episode, Barton, clad in a skimpy top, rose up from bed and apparently her breast was exposed. She quickly covered it. It was like a magic trick: blink and you miss it. TiVo it, and well -- you should really consider getting out more.

Fox has yet to receive complaints, by my guess is, in this post-Janet Jackson, uber-sensitive society, now that people know the boob is out there, people will start calling. But aren't Pam Anderson's boobs out there every week on "Stacked?" It does raise other questions though: Was that take of "The O.C." just so classic that they didn't want to reshoot? Did they run out of film? Obviously someone saw it. Considering that the Fox drama currently ranks in 78th place, the boob is probably a welcomed guest.

Tune in to see if anyone else's nipple slips on "The O.C." every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (EST) on Fox. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 18, 2005 9:00 AM
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I thinks it's fucked up how society (white america) is in such a taboo about seeing african americans exposed as if it's some sort of si, as in my girl- Janet Jacksons case, and people become so offended as if she was a terrorist or something, and she and Fox has too pay a fine for what happened, but then you they show a caucasian womans white breast and pink nipples (whose also glorifying homoseuality on t.v. like it's some sort of fad) and they fucking embrace it.. That's straight bullshit, and I always said if that Super Bowl shit had happened to america's sweetheart Jessica Simpson and somebody like Nelly had did what J.T. did to J.J., then they would probably arrested his ass and covered up for her as it beign an accident, and as a Latin deployed soldier risking my life for people to care about stupid shit in life, America can be really bogus on certain outlooks sometimes, I've seen Planet channel go to foreign (poor) copuntries and show how the natives live, naked and all and that's o.k...Happy Holidays!
I believe your innocent Micheal, what fucking pedophile you know raises and donates money too poor people and makes wishes come true by meeting them.. GOD BLESS AMERICA THE FUCKING GREAT

-- Posted by: Tia at November 18, 2005 5:59 PM

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