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Rick Springfield Returns to Soaps

springfield.jpgIt's very common for stars to spawn out of daytime soaps, but rarely do they return to their roots. However, E! Online is reporting that former pop heartthrob Rick Springfield is checking back into "General Hospital."

Looks like the "Working Class Dog" isn't as busy as he used to be. The 56-year-old Grammy winner will be reviving his original role of Dr. Noah Drake. When Springfield originally joined GH in 1981, it only took the Aussie-born actor a matter of months to rocket to pop-superstardom.

Springfield's comeback will occur on December 2. "General Hospital" airs every weekday on ABC. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 19, 2005 8:43 AM
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Just a minor correction or two, to the Rick Springfield item. Rick will only be appearing on GH for about 4 episodes, mainly to introduce his character's grown son, who will play a doctor just like dear old Dad.

Rick in fact is quite busy. He has a new CD which was just released, "The Day After Yesterday". He has been on tour, and is taping GH during a break. He returns to his tour in December, first stop, Tokyo, Japan.

For more, visit the Cast Tidbits page in the News Section of our website, .

-- Posted by: Shirley at October 19, 2005 12:25 PM

Just being a bit snarky... I still love to rock out to "Working Class Dog" now and then (with my car windows up, of course).

Too bad he's not sticking around on the show. I recently saw Jack Wagner back in the soap world. I thought maybe it was a trend.

-- Posted by: Rachel at October 19, 2005 2:18 PM

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