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EchoStar Pulls OLN

hockey.jpgEarlier this week, we sat down to enjoy a Bruins game. Remember hockey? It was very exciting to have it back. We waited and flipped -- and flipped some more. Where was it? Instead of enjoying the game, we were "treated" to what appeared to be a rip-off of "Bassmasters."

My husband was convinced it was a conspiracy. It had to be our house, right? He was so sure that everyone else in the country was reaping the benefits of the new and improved season.

You see, I am a DISH Network subscriber. ESPN is reporting that DISH is in a bit of a tiff with Comcast, who now owns the rights to airing hockey. And like most people that own something that others want to enjoy, they want to jack up the price for people to watch.

So instead of letting EchoStar know about their wants, they decided to preempt programming on their own. No warning for the provider or subscribers. Instead of dealing with subscriber reactions to a rate increase, EchoStar has opted to pull the plug on OLN. They may be hockey fans, but who wants to participate in that kind of brawl?

After all, if it wasn't for the Tour de France and now hockey, I wouldn't even know where OLN was on my lineup. As much as I will miss this season (like the last), I have to side with EchoStar on this one.

But they're both like two little kids, and only one of them is holding the milk money. The loser in the whole deal is really going to be hockey, who is still fighting to win back fans, some of which decided to give up a while ago. What playoffs?

For me, I can get along without it. I guess I will just have to plan to go to a few more games this year. And I will just have to learn to deal with another little kid -- my husband. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 21, 2005 8:53 AM
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