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"Alias" Spoiler Alert!

sydney_green.jpgNothing cheeses me off more than when someone spoils my TV fun. So if you're a fan of "Alias" and don't want to know what might happen later this season, stop reading. You have been warned.

Unfortunately, I did not heed my own warnings, and couldn't help but peek at what the SyFy Portal is reporting about upcoming episodes.

Everyone was crying about Vaughn getting killed off in the first episode. Is anyone that shocked? I mean, Michael Vartan and Jennifer Garner stopped dating in real life and now that she is about to produce the spawn of Bennifer, the only real surprise was that the producers hadn't changed the locks on the lot before the season starting filming. People featured a sneak peek of Vartan on the set, signifying that he will, in fact, be back. Whether or not he actually survived, how much longer he will appear, or if his scenes will just be part of the ever-popular dream sequence is anyone's guess.

SyFy also says to expect to see plenty of familiar faces from past seasons, which might be another indication that this will be the last season. David Anders will be back as Mr. Sark and we might also be treated to more of Lena Olin as Irina Derevko. Supposedly, Mia Maestro will also be reprising her role as Nadia Santos -- as soon she wraps up Wolfgang Petersen's all-star extravaganza, "Poseidon."

They can pull out all of the plot twists and special guests they want. But when Garner gives actual birth this over Christmas, the show will go on an extended hiatus -- and that is never a good thing, especially for a show whose ratings aren't as sharp as they used to be.

"Alias" airs every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. (EST) on ABC. For more "Alias" news, visit TV Fodder's Alias News section. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 26, 2005 11:49 AM
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