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"Raymond" Tops Emmys

raymond.jpgIf you won your office's Emmy pool, you deserve a billion dollars. Maybe not, but only a gamblin' man would have bet on the winners of last night's TV extravaganza. E! Online says it perfectly: "Everybody loved Raymond one last time."

Last night's festivities were surprising from the very beginning. Unfortunately, it still didn't necessarily make the whole thing interesting. The addition of "Emmy Idol" was downright embarrassing. No wonder host Ellen DeGeneres was hiding out -- where the hell was she anyway? She actually did a decent job. Maybe that's why she was nowhere to be found. You know that these awards shows can't actually have someone entertaining on-screen, right?

In my book, the big winners of the night were Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien and "Da Ali G Show." Only Stewart walked away with parting gifts, but all deserve some "respek" for doing something slightly original and downright funny. Both Stewart and O'Brien actually got people laughing with presentations, while the listing of writers nominated for "Ali G" must have sent the FCC into panic mode -- and I liked it. I'll also give props to David Letterman, who received a standing-O for eulogizing his hero, Johnny Carson.

Nominating "Desperate Housewives" as a comedy sort of blew up in their faces, except for Best Actress winner Felicity Huffman. And the cast of "Raymond" cleaned up for their swansong season. The entire night was semi-shocking. My predictions were the worst I have ever made (remember though, it was just a fantasy list; if you made bets, don't come crying to me). The following is winners in the main categories; be very afraid:

  • Lead Actor, Comedy: Tony Shalhoub, "Monk"
  • Lead Actress, Comedy: Felicity Huffman, "Desperate Housewives"
  • Supporting Actor, Comedy: Brad Garrett, "Everybody Loves Raymond"
  • Supporting Actress, Comedy: Doris Roberts, "Everbody Loves Raymond"
  • Comedy Series: "Everybody Loves Raymond"
  • Lead Actor, Drama: James Spader, "Boston Legal"
  • Lead Actress, Drama: Patricia Arquette, "Medium"
  • Supporting Actor, Drama: William Shater, "Boston Legal"
  • Supporting Actress, Drama: Blythe Danner, "Huff"

    Posted by Rachel Cericola on September 19, 2005 8:45 AM
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    I gotta give the Emmy committe props for awarding "Lost" the Best Drama honor -- it certainly deserves it. But Terry O'Quinn was ROBBED in the supporting actor category -- *WILLIAM SHATNER* What?!

    -- Posted by: mac at September 19, 2005 1:18 PM

    I actually think MANY people were robbed. No offense, but Brad Garrett?? Peter Boyle is that entire show. It should have been called "Everybody Loves Peter Boyle."

    I was still rooting for Jeremy Piven though. I still am today!

    -- Posted by: Rachel at September 19, 2005 1:20 PM

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