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5 Reasons to Get Arrested

arrested.jpgDespite what the Emmys claim, "Arrested Development" is still the best comedy on TV. I'd like to take this moment to thank Entertainment Weekly for every time they beg you to check it out. Although you've already missed two seasons and have probably heard about its flailing ratings, you only have to blame yourself -- why aren't you watching? Now it's time to redeem yourself. Here are five reasons to get your head out of your ass and your mind on the smartest, and sometimes silliest, sitcoms on TV today.

1. Perfect ensemble cast. It's difficult for a show to have so many characters and make them all interesting. While some can argue that Jason Bateman or Jeffrey Tambor carry the show, the other seven regular characters are just as intriguing, and more importantly, entertaining. They even make great use of regular and one-time "secondary" characters -- Steve Holt, Kitty, Barry Zuckercorn, Ann Veal, Carl Weathers, among others -- without blowing each of their appearances into a "special" event or a crutch.

2. Jessica Walter. Emmy or not, she is the best -- but certainly not the most maternal -- mom on TV. No one else could pull off motherboy, adopting and sending away Annyong, and feuding with Liza with such grace and timing. While the entire cast could be called out, she really deserves a special mention, as well as one of those little tin statues come next year.

3. Sitcom does not mean "brainless." If you need to be told when to laugh, there are plenty of places to go. But the absence of a laugh track is not what makes this sitcom unique. It doesn't give it an edge. They rely entirely on writing for that. It's got dark and often bizarre humor (how everyone seems to treat Gob's African American puppet pal Franklin like an extended member of the family, Buster's missing hand, George Michael's lightsaber practice tape, Tobias bracing to be a member of Blue Man Group), but you also don't need to check your brain at the beginning of the half hour. In fact, you really need it because you just might miss something good.

4. Opie. If Ron Howard backs this show, and makes time to participate in it every week (as the show's narrator), how can it be bad? His weight in Hollywood probably doesn't hurt when it comes to seeking out great guest stars (like an upcoming stint for Charlize Theron) -- and might be one of the reasons why it's still on the air.

5. It premieres tonight. It's got another tough timeslot, against CBS hit "The King of Queens," but isn't that what VCRs, TiVos and other recorders are made for? Show it some love people.

"Arrested Development" premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m. (EST) on FOX.

For more "Arrested Development" news, visit TV Fodder's Arrested Development News section. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on September 19, 2005 5:51 PM
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AMEN! "Arrested" is the best half-hour comedy since "Seinfeld." It NEEDS to be loved!

-- Posted by: mac at September 19, 2005 9:15 PM

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