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Gene Simmons is Ready to Rock

I am not a fan of KISS -- especially of Gene Simmons in particular. I don't own a KISS toilet and have no plans to be buried in a KISS coffin. One thing I do plan to do is watch VH-1's new show Gene Simmons' Rock School.

Love him or leave him, the guy is sort of a legend, and not just because of the countless babes he claims to have bedded, even with all of that sweaty, scary makeup. Of course, he might have dropped a few bars in the credibility department after last year's special guest appearance on "American Idol." Gene judging kids on hitting the high notes on Alicia Keys songs? Not buying it. Gene teaching classically trained kiddies how to rock and roll all night, and possibly party every day? Save me a seat.

Part of me wants to pooh-pooh the show simply for piggybacking on the success of the Jack Black family comedy School of Rock and more recently, the compelling Richard Linklater documentary Rock School. However, Gene doesn't seem like a really deep individual, but he sure looks like an interesting one.

To soothe those of you chomping at the bit for your dose of reality TV drama, you can definitely expect tears as well as heads to roll. After all, not all of the kids will be making it back from this hellish field trip. Gene will pick those deemed worthy to open up for none other than Motorhead, which also makes me wonder if you will be able to pause the DVR on the exact point when those metal pioneers lose their cool.

And for those of you already annoyed at the prospect of Gene mugging for the cameras and talking up how he's still got it, there is plenty of speculation circling that might indicate that viewers will get a ringside seat for Gene's shocking revelation that he might not be as relevant as he thinks he is.

VH-1 will air six episodes of "Gene Simmons' Rock School." The show premieres August 19 at 11:00 p.m. (EST) -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on August 6, 2005 11:48 PM
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