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Nikko Smith Axed from American Idol -- Who's Next?

by Rachel Cericola

In case you've been under a rock, Reality TV World has reported that Nikko Smith was booted off "American Idol" Wednesday night -- again.

Yes, I am one of the 30-plus-million people glued to the saga known as "American Idol." The music makes me want to poke out an eardrum with a sharp object, but I find it to be more addicting (unexplainably so) than "Melrose Place." Unfortunately, it also reaffirms my fears that America doesn't know what the hell it's doing.

Don't get me wrong. Nikko was not my pick to take the whole enchilada, and I didn't even think he'd make it to the bottom three. Also, I can't feel too bad for this kid. First of all, he's already been kicked off once, so in a sense, he's been there and done that. But mostly importantly, he is the son of baseball legend Ozzie Smith. He doesn't have to go back to waiting tables and he didn't claw his way to get where he is today. Sorry if I'm jumping to conclusions, but with his talent and fashion sense, I think Nikko's going to be OK.

But what bothers me is that the guy can actually sing. In fact, everyone in last night's bottom three can. Vonzell? C'mon now! With Whitney in rehab, we need a fill in and this chick can almost out-Whitney Ms. Houston herself. That said, we're getting to the point where most of the singers have something going on, but here's my list of the top three to get voted off just because, in my opinion, they have just about worn out their welcome:

  • Scott Savol: It pains me to say it because the guy is like a young, white Luther Vandross. He's got the pipes, but unfortunately, he has zero personality. Everyone thought Scott would be gone after his rap sheet become a big hit last week, but he's hangin' tough like NKOB.

  • Anthony Federov: Without a doubt, the worst singer still standing. He sort of reminds me of that line in "Major League": "You may run like Hayes, but you hit like shit." He may look like Clay, but he sounds like a cat dying. Anthony should have packed his bags at least a week ago, if not more, but it seems like the Claymates have fast dialing fingers.

  • Constantine Maroulis: The audience loves this guy, the judges often love him too, but his singing leaves an aftertaste like I've just eaten dog food -- the wet stuff. The way he mugs for the camera and moves like Jim Morrison and Eddie Vedder's retarded love child makes me want to shoot my TV Elvis-style. If this poser wins, I will never watch again. Never!
Each week wins massive in the ratings. If you're watching, it's too late to stop now. Expect the winner to sell their soul to anti-rock-'n-roll on May 25.

Posted by Mac Slocum on April 8, 2005 3:32 PM
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