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American Idol: Harry and Friends

Despite the massive amounts of lip-synching our contestants did tonight, I’d say this was still a pretty good episode of “American Idol.”

After a pretty awesome set list last night which featured five Frank Sinatra originals, plus some stellar mentoring by Harry Connick, Jr., it was time to find out who was walking the plank. But before we learned this week’s castoff, we’d get a chance to hear some Sinatra tunes from our singers, a performance from Mr. Connick and of course, some weird antics from Lady Gaga. (And really, where else are you going to get Sinatra and Gaga all in the same night?)

As is tradition during results nights, up first was the ever-inconsistent but always corny group number! Cue the lights, get the matching Sinatra outfits ready and press play on the recorded lyrics! This week’s lip-synch-fest of course featured the songs of Sinatra, and here are some notes I jotted down as the Top 5 snapped their fingers on stage: I like Crystal’s Frankie suit, very cool look; Aaron needs to stop shaking his head, it’s distracting!; who told Casey he should improvise? stop acting so dramatic!; and why is Kara sitting in Randy’s lap? Awkward!

Continuing the awkward theme was this week’s Ford Music Video, in which our Fearsome Fivesome sang “1,2,3,4” from the Plain White T’s. The best parts of this week’s video: Aaron randomly riding a bike, Mike walking some dogs, and what’s this? Are Crystal and Lee in love? Nope, he’s just looking fondly at his new Ford Fiesta.

Before Ryan dimmed the lights to get to the results, he took everyone on a backstage look at how our Top 5’s lives have changed since they started on “Idol.” It’s impressive to see how only a few months ago, Lee worked in a paint store, Aaron was just a student and Mike and Crystal were just parents trying to get by. And judging by how some past Idols have succeeded, this is the just the first step for several of them.

Then, in order to make sure we had two sets of two contestants, Ryan put Lee’s mind at ease and told him he was safe. We’d have to wait to find out about everyone else.

That meant it was time for the night’s first performer, Lady Gaga. If you were wondering “why Lady Gaga on Sinatra night,” then we’re on the same wavelength, because I couldn’t figure it out either. Singing her new song “Alejandro,” Gaga showed up with her typical bag of weird tricks, which included a full-body veil/body stocking, smog, a gang of half-naked men, shooting flames and some charred trees. This lady has a great voice, and her songs are pretty catchy (though I am sick of hearing people sing “Poker Face”), but man is she odd. But that’s the look she’s going for, and I think it’s working for her.

After Gaga and her minions exited stage left, Ryan came back from commercial to show a blooper reel of all the funny comments Harry Connick, Jr. said as he worked with the contestants. Here’s some of my favorites: telling Crystal she has a bird in her ear; telling the camera that instead of a mentor he’s going to be a “centaur;” telling Casey’s mom over the phone that Casey is ugly and then being told by the mom that she thought he was Chris Isaak; scolding the judges for making up the word “pitchy;” and having a staring contest with Lee. This guy should come on every week! He may be the funniest person to grace the “Idol” stage (at least intentionally funny, that is. Sorry Sanjaya!).

It was Connick’s turn next, as he took the stage to sing his new song “And I Love Her.” There’s no doubt he has an amazing voice, and many similarities to Sinatra, but what was up with the pained look on his face? Was it something we said? (And to whichever producer allows that mosh pit full of people near the stage to sway their arms back and forth, you’re fired!) Harry’s song was followed by another group medley, this time of Connick’s own songs.

Finally it was time to reveal some results. After his customary recaps, Ryan sent Crystal and Casey to the far side of the stage, while keeping Mike and Aaron on the near side. Immediately he revealed that Mike and Aaron were this week’s Bottom Two, which meant Crystal and Casey could take a seat. See you for movie music night!

But who would be heading home this week? Would Mike’s luck finally run out, or would Aaron be sent packing? It looks like the audience is done with all the youngsters, as they ousted Aaron from the competition. As he sang to the closing credits, Aaron delivered his best and most emotion-packed vocals of the whole season. Too bad he didn’t sing like that last night!

So, here’s to you Aaron Kelly! You were this year’s David Archuleta, and even though your Justin Bieber-like transformation over the last few months was pretty amazing, your country crooning wasn’t enough to win.

Did you agree with tonight’s result? Do you wish the Judges’ Save was still an option so they could have saved Aaron? Does Casey still deserve to be on stage after his performance on Tuesday? And could Lady Gaga be any weirder? Post your comments below and tune in next week as the Top 4 tackle Songs of the Cinema with guest mentor Jamie Foxx! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on May 6, 2010 2:22 PM
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