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American Idol: No More Bear Hugs

Fitting with this week’s theme, tonight’s episode opened with a dramatic movie trailer, with our Final Four revealed one by one. The lighting, the music, the wording- it all added up to one dramatic scene. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only drama that would play out tonight. In honor of Movie Music week, here’s how tonight’s show went down, act by act.

ACT I: The former champ returns
As the first performance of the night, Season 3 champ Fantasia returned to the stage that made her famous, singing her new single “Bittersweet.” I’ve always thought she’s had a good voice, though I’ve never been her biggest fan. And her performance tonight did nothing to change my opinion. With a slow, boring song and a terrible arrangement, I don’t think this was the best song to unveil from her new CD.

ACT II: Fiesta Time
There was no group sing-along tonight, but that’s OK, because we still had that other corny feature, the Ford Music Video! Singing “Put the Message in the Box” by World Party (neither of which I’ve ever heard before), our top contestants took a spin around the world in a Ford Fiesta. This was one of the more boring videos, though I did like all the outfits the singers were sporting at the end (including Casey’s German-inspired ensemble).

ACT III: Families are great, but will I be here next week?
Ryan unveils four groups of people in the Couches of Safety, which are normally reserved for the singers who make it through to the next week. Who are these people you ask? Well, they’re the families of the Final Four singers, that’s who! But despite having their loved ones close by, these four singers wanted to know who’d be back to visit their hometowns during next week’s episode. To calm their nerves, Ryan dimmed the lights and first gave us the comments for last night’s duet partners. Up first were Mike and Casey, followed by Lee and Crystal. Mike said he thought their duet song “would really speak to us as men,” while Crystal said she picked her song because it’s from her favorite movie. After all that, which one of these four would be the first to make it to the Top 3? Well, it’s a good thing I’m not a betting man, because I would’ve lost a lot of money on this one. Casey was the first contestant safe! That’s when the real drama started to set it! Was it possible that either Lee or Crystal would be going home tonight? Say it ain’t so!

ACT IV: Fourth place isn’t a bad thing
Continuing to show the world that leaving in fourth place isn’t all bad, and with a conveniently timed performance, was rock band Daughtry. This guy is always good. I think he could have the flu and need his tonsils out and he’d still sound better than most of the singers who made it to the Top 12 this year. He sounded great on his new single “September,” and did an impressive job sounding humble in his interview with Ryan.

ACT V: Is anyone else safe?
Ryan doled out a little more of the results, lining up Mike, Lee and Crystal to find out who would be joining Casey in safety. Turns out the audience really likes Lee, as they voted him through, meaning we’ll get to see him next week! But, what does this mean for Crystal??!!!

ACT VI: Will you be my Superman?
Taking the slot for the last performance of the night was the always entertaining Bon Jovi. Ryan said they are the number one touring band in the world and they’ve become popular for several different generations. I have to admit, their new single “Superman Tonight” was pretty catchy.

ACT VII: Big Mike vs. Mamasox
It was the showdown of the century, as heavyweight hitters Mike Lynche and Crystal Bowersox battled it out for that coveted final slot in the Top 3. But who would it be? With his impressive vocal runs and the mutant power to make all the ladies cry tears of joy, Mike is quite the contender. But with her golden pipes and the impressive ability to make everyone else sound like a warm-up act, Crystal definitely has an edge. Then Ryan read the card, delivering the final blow to Mike, as Crystal earned a spot in the semi-finals. Unfortunately that meant Mike’s time on the show was over!

So here’s to you Michael Lynche! You made it five weeks past the infamous Judges’ Save, delivering crushing bear hugs and bench pressing anyone who got in your way (or stood next to you, or was human). Not only did you become a father in Hollywood, you were also one of the only contestants to make Kara cry! Keep up the good work and make sure there’s a cover of “This Woman’s Work” on your eventual album!

Were you crushed by tonight’s vote or did you think Mike lasted five weeks too long? Does Casey deserve his Final Three spot or is he just a pretty face with a somewhat-good voice? Were you at all worried that Lee or Crystal could’ve gone home tonight (because I sure was)? And did you feel bad for Big Mike’s wife? Post your comments below and come on back next Tuesday as the Top Three gear up for their hometown visits! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on May 12, 2010 11:58 PM
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