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American Idol: Diddy Meets Didi

I miss the good old days when “Idol” was simply a music competition and not an extended ad for the newest movie of the week. And while I’m extremely excited to see that Kraken thing lay waste to some Greek gods in “Clash of the Titans,” did we really need that perplexing mash-up intro, where scenes of the movie were spliced together with shots of Simon berating contestants? (Well, that part was funny, but I could’ve done without the rest.)

After “Idol” was done selling its soul, and screen time, to the movie, it was time for the first guest on results night for R&B week. That’s right, it was time for Ruben “The Velvet Teddybear” Studdard. It’s hard to imagine it’s been seven years since he was crowned American Idol in that infamous showdown with Clay Aiken. Now, after all that time, Ruben and Clay are actually going on tour with each other! Singing his new single “Don’t Make Em Like You No More,” Ruben sounded better than ever. His voice is even smoother than it was all those years ago, and he’s got tons of stage presence.

With Ruben starting off the show, that meant there would be no group sing-along this week. As I started to tear up, wondering how I would get my weekly dose of corniness, the producers threw me a bone. It was time for the Ford music video! I always love these things. They’re mostly cheesy, though the graphics have taken a big jump forward lately. This week our Tough Ten sang “Kung Fu Fighting” while dressed in appropriately cheesy kung-fu gear. Making my top ten list for all-time best Ford Music Video moments was Aaron trying to look tough as he showed off some kung-fu skills and Big Mike scrunching his face before belly-flopping on his comrades!

Before we could get to the results, it was time for “Idol’s” newest segment, “Real Chit-Chat with Ryan Seacrest.” Some of the gems we learned this week include: Big Mike has a strand of purple hair glued to his head (I’m not sure why); Crystal learned how to play the piano in sixth grade; and Andrew’s mom thinks he’s cool. (Just don’t try to hug Simon again, OK?)

Finally it was time for part one of the results. Ryan dimmed the lights (Or should I say Kieran dimmed the lights. Who exactly is this Kieran anyway?) and away we went. In order, Ryan told Lee Dewyze, Casey James, Aaron Kelly and Siobhan Magnus they were safe. That left poor Katie Stevens as the first occupant of the Silver Stools of Doom. In between all of this, we got another taste of the creepy little feud going on between Simon and Ryan. It seems as if Ryan is intentionally trying to irk the cranky Brit this year, and it’s working very well. I’m sure people have created drinking games for every time Simon asks the irksome host to back away from his table, because it’s become a regular occurrence.

After a quick commercial break, Ryan took a time-out to visit with teen-pop idol Justin Bieber before throwing the show over to last night’s guest mentor, Usher. I liked a lot of things about this performance. I liked those crazy flames shooting out of the floor. I liked the use of the triple-screen to show different perspectives on stage. And I liked some of that choreography Usher showed off near the end. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the singing. Usher sounded a little off tonight and I’m not sure why. Overall, it was a disappointing performance from someone I thought would be a lot better. (Oh, and was there too. Also not very good.)

Back to the results, Ryan told his favorite contestant Didi Benami that she was in the Bottom Three! As Didi crossed the stage to join Katie, Ryan toyed with Michael “Big Mike” Lynche’s emotions before telling him he was safe too. (For which Ryan paid for with what I’m guessing will be months of chiropractic bills.) Also safe, and to no one’s surprise, was Crystal Bowersox. Good job MamaSox! That left Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia battling it out for that final silver stool. This wasn’t much of a surprise, as Tim grabbed that last stool for the third week in a row.

But not to fret Bottom Three, Ryan was going to make someone’s night a little easier and let them off the hook. Who would get the first save of the night? That would be Ms. Stevens, who joined her friends on the Couches of Serenity.

Take a seat everyone. We still have one more performance left before we whittle the field down to the Top 9. Closing out the trio of performances tonight was someone who used to be called Puff Daddy. Y’know, before he was called P. Diddy or just plain Diddy. Well, he’s reinvented himself once again. Taking the stage was Diddy-Dirty Money (yes, that’s his new name) performing his new single “Hello Good Morning.” This was way more entertaining than Usher’s song, and made better use of the stage. Plus, Diddy actually looked happy to be there! (Though I’m not so sure about those Salt-N-Pepa-like outfits his backup dancers were wearing.)

With only minutes left, the lights dimmed once again as Ryan read the results. Who would be going home this week? It has to be Tim right? America wouldn’t vote for him again would they? Apparently, yes they would. With a snap of his fingers, and without the judges’ coveted “save,” Didi was sent packing.

So, here’s to you Didi Benami! You cried during your audition. You cried in Hollywood. You cried when you made the Top 12. And you cried when you met Usher. And now I’m crying because somehow you left before Tim! Make sure you keep singing, and make sure to put a cover of “Terrified” on your first album!

What did you think of tonight’s vote? Did the viewers make the right choice by giving Didi the boot or do you think Tim should’ve gone home tonight? Was I the only one who thought Ruben outsang Usher? And can anyone keep up with Diddy’s name changes? Leave your comments below and come on back next week for a big ol’ helping of “American Idol!” –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on April 1, 2010 12:38 AM
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