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American Idol: Five Alive

It’s been 24 hours since the dust settled on “Idol’s” Shania Twain night and I still wasn’t sure who was going home.

Everyone pretty much stepped up their game last night, making it hard to come up with a definitive Bottom Three. Would it be Casey, who delivered his best performance of the season? Would Big Mike prove those judges wrong and be sent packing? Could this be Aaron’s night to leave? How about Lee, who seems to get better with each passing week? Or would another woman, either Siobhan or Crystal, be going home in a season that was billed as the one where a woman would win? I guess we’d just have to sit tight and find out.

With four musical performances to get through, tonight’s results show was going to go very, very quickly. First up on stage, and opening the show, was country super group Rascal Flatts, singing their newest ditty “Unstoppable.” First, let me say I love everything these guys sing. It’s always good. But man, these guys sure are better on the radio! I did like lead singer Gary LeVox’s signature vocal runs on the song, and I was really intrigued when Ryan said they’d be back near the end of the show to sing with…Shakira! What the? That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. There’s no way I’m missing that!

Up next, we got to see behind the scenes of the always hokey Ford Music Video. This week our Top 6 were transformed into rejects from the movie “Twilight” (or maybe just a bad episode of “Angel”). As usual, I tried to jot down the funniest or strangest moments as I saw them. Here’s some things I noticed: Crystal says they will be “eating” Mike and that “there’s plenty to go around;” is Andrew trying to be hard core?; why is Mike driving his convertible through the woods?; and smart choice on that garlic pizza.

Before Ryan could split the singers up and start whittling down our Bottom Three, we got to see their trip to a private screening of “Shrek Forever After.” They even had a chance to meet with the director and dub their own voices against the characters. My favorite two moments- Siobhan turning into Yoda and Big Mike channeling Ahnold. Then, for no good reason at all, Antonio Banderas and Cameron Diaz stopped by to say hi and to dim the lights. So glad you came.

After all that craziness died down, Ryan started announcing our results. He quickly separated the Top 6 into three groups of two. Siobhan and Lee went to the far side of the stage, Aaron joined Crystal at center stage and Mike stood with Casey on the right side. But which two would be the Bottom Two? And would there be a Bottom Three? Ryan quickly answered those questions when he dragged Siobhan across the stage to Mike and Casey’s group, creating this week’s Bottom Three.

But you know the drill. The results are never that simple on “American Idol.” The producers always like to make the contestants sweat it out, so that meant it was time for another musical guest. This time former “Idol” champ Carrie Underwood introduced a group of guys who have been touring with her. I’d never heard of Sons of Sylvia, but they did a really good job. I was a little scared by their lead singer who seemed really intent on looking gloomy as he angrily played his violin. Plus, the band kinda reminded me of a cross between My Chemical Romance and a random 80s group. But overall these guys did a really good job.

After them was the best performance of the night by far, as country crooners Lady Antebellum took the stage. This trio has been ruling the country charts for about a year and their songs keep getting better. Even cooler was that their performance of “Need You Now” was just as good as it is on their CD. Their voices were amazing and I can’t wait to see these guys in concert one day, though maybe without some of those corny facial expressions.

That left one more performance before the night came to a close and our bottom contestant was revealed. Ryan teased it at the beginning of the show that Shakira would be taking the stage with Rascal Flatts. I figured this was a train wreck waiting to happen (unless somehow she found a really cool way to countrify “Hips Don’t Lie), but their performance of “Gypsy” was really interesting. And Shakira and LeVox’s voices actually suited each other. All in all, I liked the melody and was surprised that I wanted to hear more!

Finally, Ryan came to the end of the episode. Immediately he spared Big Mike and sent him back to the Couches of Safety. That just left Casey the construction worker versus Siobhan the glass-blower. Who would prevail? It could’ve gone either way, but I guess the audience liked Casey’s standout performance better than Siobhan’s, and she was sent home.

So, here’s to you Siobhan Magnus! You like screaming your notes, making Chewbacca noises and adorning your shoulder in butterflies, but you still made it pretty far in the competition. You weathered tons of criticism, but I’m sure there’s an Adam Lambert duet just waiting to be made for your eventual CD.

What did you think of the results night? Are you sad that the glass-blower went home or was it time for Siobhan to exit stage right? Were you surprised that Aaron was safe this week? Is it looking like the final two will be a showdown between Lee and Crystal? And how did the duet between Shakira and Rascal Flatts stack up with other weird musical pairings? Post your comments below and come on back next week as Harry Connick, Jr. mentors the Top 5 during Sinatra Night! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on April 28, 2010 11:36 PM
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