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American Idol: Bear Hugs For Everyone

Ryan began tonight’s show with a warning- “shocking” results were on the way.

But what could this mean? Could some of the season’s clear favorites be in danger? Did this mean someone like Crystal or Lee was going home? Was it possible that Tim was going to hang around for another week? As usual, Mr. Seacrest left us hanging in suspense. Those results were going to have to wait.

Instead, after taking a brief hiatus last week, the producers decided to bring back the ever-popular group singalong! Oh how I missed the utter cheesiness! But what did tonight’s group number have to offer? Here’s some random comments I jotted down as the Top 9 danced around the stage: Their prerecorded voices sound a little off; Crystal seems waaaay more comfortable on stage these days- she even shot the audience a few smiles and waves; Tim still looks super earnest- somebody get this guy some Muppets; the medley of “Got to Get You Into My Life,” “All You Need is Love” and “She Loves You” sounds too jumbled; I’m digging the matching black and white ensembles.

Before we headed into the most dreaded portion of the night, those pesky eliminations, we also got a chance to see the second corniest feature of “Idol,” the Ford music video. Tonight our singers passed each other a kaleidoscope filled with Fords as they sang “Will It Go Round in Circles.” Pretty much everyone did a good job, though Andrew looked uber-excited. Now why don’t we ever see that version of Andrew on stage?

With all the fun out of the way, it was time to line the poor singers up for the weekly nerve-jangling ritual of finding the Bottom Three. As Ryan worked his way through the two couches of singers, he asked Siobhan, Crystal and Katie to join him in the middle of the stage. Was this the shock Ryan had teased? Could all of the remaining female contestants be in the Bottom Three? Nope, it was a fakeout. In fact, all three ladies earned a pass to next week’s show. What a tricky guy you are, Ryan Seacrest.

To lighten the mood, Ryan brought out the night’s first guest singer, new R&B/Pop star Jason Derulo. Singing a little bit of his two hit songs, “Whatcha Say” and “In My Head,” Derulo did a very good job entertaining the audience. His voice sounded great, his choreography was cool and he had the crowd on their feet. The flamethrowers were pretty cool, though I’m guessing the producers are trying to get the most out of those things. I wasn’t digging the odd switch-over to the black and white strobe effect (who’s idea was that?), but I thought it was pretty cool that even Simon liked this one!

The second performer of the night was up next. That’s right, it was Season 7’s runner-up David Archuleta! This kid has definitely grown up a lot in the last few years, and his voice has gotten even better. He sounded pitch-perfect on his performance of “Imagine” and his on-stage confidence seems to have improved. (And somewhere my mom was cheering for her favorite contestant ever to hit the “Idol” universe.)

After the commercial break, Ryan got down to business and quickly split the remaining singers into two groups. On the far side of the stage he placed Lee, Casey and Tim. On the stage closest to him, Ryan placed Mike, Aaron and Andrew. I wondered if we were being set up for a shocker, with Lee’s group somehow being the Bottom Three. But instead, it was Big Mike’s group that earned the lowest slots of the night. Before the three singers could even catch their breath, Ryan immediately saved Aaron and sent him to the couches of safety. That left just Big Mike and Andrew to duke it out for the bottom slot.

They’d have to sweat it out just a little bit though, because it was time for the last guest performer of the night, Rihanna! Walking down a flight of steps, looking like she borrowed an outfit out of Lady Gaga’s closet, Rihanna sang her new single “Rockstar 101.” This wasn’t my favorite song of hers, though the chorus was pretty catchy and I liked her attempt to play guitar. But despite what the new song was lacking, Rihanna has great stage presence and an awesome voice, so overall this was a good performance.

Finally it was time for that “shocking” moment Ryan told us about only 50 minutes ago. Would tonight mark the end for Michael “Big Mike” Lynche or for Andrew “Straight Up” Garcia? Surprisingly, despite his many weeks of consistent singing, Michael was on the bottom. But would the judges decide to use their one save for him? I figured they were going to keep it and use it in case Crystal went home, but I was wrong. Simon faked Michael out, before telling him he had been saved! Good job Mike! Unfortunately, this means two people will be making the trip home next week. At least in the mean time we’ll get to see Big Mike give next week’s mentor, Adam Lambert, a bear hug!!!

So, what did you think of the judges’ decision? Are you pleased they used their one and only save on Michael or should they have kept it in their pocket in case someone like Crystal was voted off early? Who was your favorite performer tonight? And did Rihanna borrow her outfit from Lady Gaga? Post below and come back next week as last year’s runner-up Adam Lambert mentors the still-together Top 9! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on April 8, 2010 12:41 AM
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