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American Idol: Blah Blah Blah

Did anyone feel the tension at the beginning of tonight’s episode of “American Idol?” I’m talking about the awkward little conversation between Ryan and Simon as they discussed what went down between them last night. The moment in question happened during Tuesday’s broadcast, when Ryan disagreed with Simon and leaned in close for a creepy staring contest. Well, obviously the cranky Brit was not amused and he scolded Ryan for being so creepy. Now if only the two of them would realize their little “frenemies” act got old about two seasons ago!

Once we got back to the business at hand, Ryan revealed a part of the contest that I’d forgotten from last year. That’s right, I’m talking about the Judges’ Save, a tool that could keep a well-liked contestant on the show even if America wants to give them the boot. I’m guessing the judge’s are probably holding on to that one in case Crystal or Siobhan ends up in the bottom.

But before we found out who America voted for, it was time for the first performance of the night. Back for another turn at the stage was Season 7 champ David Cook, singing the Rolling Stones classic “Jumping Jack Flash.” I’ve always liked Cook and I think his voice has gotten better as the years have gone on, so I enjoyed his version of the song. But doesn’t anyone else think it’s strange that this is the second “Idol” champ to return this season, only to sing a cover of someone else’s song? (Last year’s winner Kris Allen showed up during the semifinals to sing “Let It Be.”) I think their versions are great, but wouldn’t it be cool to hear some new stuff from these guys?

Also conspicuously absent from the show tonight was the group sing-along tradition! Where did that go and why didn’t I get to say goodbye? Eh, nevermind, it was never that good… Thank goodness, though, that the producers chose to keep the Ford commercials! I love those hokey things! Of course, they aren’t so hokey anymore and actually have some good graphics! (Though the “customize a fake Fiesta that you’re never gonna get” segment made absolutely no sense.)

With all that preliminary stuff out of the way, it was time for Ryan to reveal who would be sitting in the three dreaded Stools of Doom, a.k.a. the Bottom Three. First up was Paige Miles, who rebounded this week after last week’s disastrous rendition of “Smile.” I was impressed by her ability to sing well even with laryngitis this week, but America wasn’t, and she landed in the bottom three. Next up, Ryan granted a free pass to Lee Dewyze (now work on being comfortable on stage!), Siobhan Magnus (she’s as safe as Snookie’s poof), Aaron Kelly (who makes Randy bellow like Justin Timberlake…I think) and Andrew Garcia, before sending poor Tim “You’re a Mystery to Me” Urban over to the stools. Two down, one to go. Who will it be?

To shine some light on the depressing proceedings, the night’s next guest performer took the stage. I haven’t heard much about Orianthi, the guitar-playing Aussie who used to be in Michael Jackson’s back-up band, but her song is pretty catchy. At least, according to me…

After that quick interlude, it was time for us to find out who else was in the Bottom Three. As her mom crossed her fingers, Didi Benami was sent through to the next round, followed by Crystal “I swear I don’t think I have this show in the bag” Bowersox, Katie “wait, what type of music should I sing? Mariachi?” Stevens, Michael “Big Mike” Lynche and Casey “I’m still wearing my shirt” James. That left Ms. Lacey Brown as the last owner of those dreaded silver stools.

But before they all got too comfortable, Ryan said he was going to send one of them back to the Couches of Safety. Please don’t be Tim! Please send either of the girls! Please not Tim! Please not…..oh geez, he sent Tim to safety. To paraphrase the already-ousted Lilly Scott, I just don’t know what America wants to hear! (Cue peacock earrings and a crying Alex Lambert!) That just left Paige and Lacey. But which would it be? Dun, dun, dun…

Of course, there were still a few minutes left of the show, so that meant we had one more performer. Rounding out tonight’s trio of singers was pop/R&B singer Kesha with her newest song “Blah Blah Blah.” I really didn’t want to like her, but just like those catchy little ditties Taylor Swift releases on the radio every 5 minutes, Kesha’s song was pretty fun too. She did almost no singing (and I would’ve loved to hear Simon’s critique of that auto-tuned performance), but I liked how weird it was. Maybe it was those back-up dancers with the giant TV screens on their heads that sold me. (By the way, how did they do that?) The Native American head dress was a little over the top, as was the strange cameo from another non-singing singing group, 3Oh!3, but it sure was entertaining.

With only minutes to spare, it was time for the first cut from the Top 12. Would it be Paige or Lacey? Drum roll please……….and the first cast-off was Lacey. It’s too bad, since she really started to find her voice this week and I think she could do well as either a country or folk-pop singer. Keep the dream alive Lacey.

So, here’s to Lacey, the spiky red-haired songstress who likes to refurbish furniture, finally made her “Idol” dream a reality (even if it took two Hollywood rounds) and sounds a heck of a lot like the lead singer from Sixpence None the Richer. Take care Lacey!!!

What did you think of tonight’s evictee? Was it Lacey’s time to go or do you think it was either Tim or Paige’s time to leave the stage? How did you like tonight’s guest performers? And just what the heck was up with Kesha’s back-up dancers? Leave your comments/complaints/notes below and make sure you tune in next Tuesday for more “American Idol!” –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on March 17, 2010 11:51 PM
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