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American Idol: 20 Remain

What does it say about this current “American Idol” season when after hearing reigning champ Kris Allen perform, you wish he could join the cast again?

In fact, after hearing the less-than-inspired guys sing on Wednesday night, how about we take a page from “Survivor” and do an All-Stars show! Picture it- Clay Aiken going toe to toe with David Archuleta. Group numbers with David Cook, Chris Daughtry and Bo Bice. A sing-off between Carrie Underwood, Katherine McPhee, Kelly Clarkson and Allison Iraheta. The possibilities are endless. And think of the madness that would ensue as callers tried to vote for their favorite all-star, hoping they’d win again!

But back here on Planet Earth, none of that is actually going to happen. Instead we’re left with a very lopsided playing field, one where the girls are much better than the guys. And nothing proved that more than tonight’s group number, where the producers attempted to cram all 24 singers on to that little disc they call a stage. Singing Estelle’s “American Boy,” most of the women sounded awesome, especially Siobhan and Lilly. (As for the guys, I did here some promise from the trio of Joe, Aaron and Alex, but that was about it.)

After settling everyone in their seats, it was time for “Idol” to once again dim the lights and turn Ryan Seacrest into the Ultimate DreamCrusher. First up were the ladies, and one by one Ryan tortured them with uncertainty before finally letting them know their fate. In the first row sat Siobhan Magnus, Haeley Vaughn, Michelle Delamor, Katelyn Epperly, Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler. In typical fashion, most of the row was granted a pass to next week, leaving a showdown between Katie and Janell, and Janell was given the boot. She handled the loss well and sounded pretty good in her farewell song.

Taking a break from the elimination action, last year’s fourth-runner up Alison Iraheta came back to debut her new song “Scars.” Decked out in a black dress and her now-trademark bright pink hair, Alison actually sounded a little like Pink, with her growly vocals. She did a good job, though I’m not so sure about that song!

Back to the eliminations, Ryan turned his focus back to the women. This time he made the last six singers stand, which included Paige Miles, Lacey Brown, Lilly Scott, Crystal Bowersox, Ashley Rodriguez and Didi Benami. He told everyone but Ashley and Didi that they were safe, which had me a little worried for a moment. Would my prediction that Didi is going to be in the Top 12 fall apart? But with a sigh of relief, Ryan sent Ashley home. Unlike Janell, Ashley looked ticked as she took the stage for the last time.

Then it was on to the boys, with Ryan getting Michael Lynche, John Park, Aaron Kelly, Toddrick Hall, Tim Urban and Joe Munoz to their feet. I figured this was a no-brainer, considering how poorly Tim did on Wednesday compared to his competitors. So it made sense he was in the elimination matchup, but I was confused by Joe’s place there as well. And I was even more confused when the public got rid of Joe instead. Making matters worse, Joe’s final song sounded even better than last night.
Next up was last season’s champ Kris Allen, singing “Let it Be” in support of Haiti relief funds. He did an amazing job on the song and proved why he earned the “Idol” crown last year. Here’s hoping he’ll be back again later this season to sing something from his new album!

As the night start winding down, there were still six more singers awaiting their fate. The final row of guys were whittled down, as Ryan told Casey James, Jermaine Sellers, Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia they were all safe. That left Tyler Grady and Alex Lambert to battle it out for that last spot, with Alex winning. That meant Tyler “I like to sing in my bathrobe” was going home, but not before criticizing the judges for their lack of “constructive criticism.” Wow, way to leave a bad taste there Tyler.

And with that, “Idol’s” first semifinals week comes to a close. Did America get it right, or did you lose one of your favorites tonight? Who would you have picked to go home? And are you longing for some of your favorite “Idols” from years past to stop by? Leave your comments below and be back next week as your Top 20 sings for survival! –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 25, 2010 10:05 PM
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