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American Idol: The Top 24

In the last episode before “Idol” gets down to business, the remaining contestants were teased, bluffed, scared and shocked as the four judges toyed with their emotions. For many, it was time to go home, but for a select few, it’s time to join the Top 24.

After several contestants were chosen last night, here’s who filled out the rest of the Top 24:

1) Janell Wheeler- The 24-year-old who Simon didn’t like at first, but grew to love when she sang an Estelle cover in Hollywood.
2) Tyler Grady- The 20-year-old rocker from Boston, who despite singing “I’m Going Home” in Hollywood, is not going home.
3) Lacey Brown- After getting cut during Season 8’s Hollywood Week, Brown was finally given her chance to shine.
4) Ashley Rodriguez- She belted a Jordin Sparks song on her last day and won a pass to the semifinals.
5) Alex Lambert- Is he Adam’s little brother? I have no idea, since the producers have shown about 5 minutes of his entire Hollywood week. All I do know for sure is that he fought the odds after Simon said he had no spark and rock-mom Mary Powers called him the weakest link.
6) Joe Munoz- Wow, I have absolutely no idea who this guy is. But I’m guessing he’s good or the judges wouldn’t have sent him through (right?).
7) Crystal Bowersox- I would’ve boycotted the show if Crystal wasn’t sent to the Top 24. Not only can she sing, but she can do it while playing a harmonica and a guitar!
8) Katie Stevens- She’s the 17-year-old whose grandma has Alzheimer’s. Katie impressed the judges as she steadily improved over Hollywood week.
9) Lily Scott- The jazz singer with the grey hair and the peacock earrings. She’s cooky, but I like it.
10) Paige Miles- Another contestant I have no information about, but she looks like she might be a good singer. That counts, right?
11) Siobhan Magnus- She’s the strong-voiced glass-blowing apprentice.
12) Michelle Delamour- Not a clue. We’ll find out her singing ability next week.
13) Jermaine Sellers- That guy who scolded the backup band for not playing the right notes.
14) John Park- See you in the semifinals John! Let’s hope the producers interview you!
15) Haeley Vaughn- She’s the pop-country princess who failed an attempt to sing a Jason Mraz song during her last day in Hollywood, but still wowed Simon.
16) Andrew Garcia- This competition will be entertaining as long as Andrew is in it. After his Paula Abdul cover, just think of the other 1980s songs he could put his signature twist on! Flock of Seagulls anyone? Maybe an interpretation of Billy Idol? Watch and see!

That left some shocking cuts as threepeater Angela Martin, 16-year-old Tori Kelly and Thaddeus “My Mom is My Biggest Fan” Johnson were all sent home.

And thus ends this year’s Hollywood Round! What do you think of the Top 24? Were any of your favorites handed their walking papers? Did you like the mind games the judges played? And does it seem like Simon is just phoning it in this year? Post below and come back next week as the semifinals kick off on “American Idol.”–Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on February 18, 2010 12:09 AM
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