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American Idol: Three Amigos

As Simon said at the end of tonight's show, next week's finale will be a real "ding dong." But what exactly does that mean, and are your favorites still in the running? Let's zoom back to the start of the show to see how it all went down.

The night started with a funny bit from the stars of this summer's movie "Night at the Museum 2", with the funniest parts coming from Jonah Hill's slackerish line readings and Bill Hader's attempt to sing the "Idol" theme song. This movie suddenly bumped up to "must watch" on my summer movie list.

After finding out from Ryan that 88 million votes were cast last night, and that only one million votes separated the top two, I was eager to get to the results. But this is "Idol" and that's not how they play the game. Instead it was time for the all-important Ford music video. Yay. Whoo. Awesome. (And even though I thought it was a pretty creative video, complete with cartoon versions of our Top Three, I was still more interested in the results.)

Then, in an attempt to shoehorn a mini-"Idol Gives Back" into the episode, Alicia Keys showed up to raise funds for children in Africa. And to help raise that money, Keys brought out a young singer from Rwanda named Noah. He sang a song called "I'm the World's Greatest," showing off some interesting dance moves, including something I'm going to call the 'noodle leg.' And even though he wasn't great, you still have to give the kid credit for learning how to sing it in English in just one week! Go donate some money people!

Then Ryan said something that snapped me to attention, it was time for the results!!!! Or at least recaps of each singer's hometown visit! (Hey, I'll take what I can get!) So much happened to our contestants as they arrived home, that I'm just going to mention the highlights:

Danny Gokey: Going back home to Milwaukee, and getting a chance to ride in a stretch Hummer, Gokey was greeted with massive crowds. In the middle of it all he was reunited with his friend Jamar (oh yeah, I almost forgot about his best bud!), rode in the seat of honor in a parade, poked a picture of Simon with a weather forecaster and then the Mayor of Milwaukee told him he could scream anytime. (On second thought, please don't!)

Kris Allen: Mr. Humble flew back to his hometown of Conway, Arkansas, later telling Ryan that he'd been awarded free cheese dip for life from his favorite restaurant Stobie's. (To which Kris said he felt like he'd won already.) He also stopped by a TV show, a radio show, the University of Central Arkansas and got a giant hug from his dad. (Sniff sniff. No, I'm not crying! It's dusty here and I have allergies. Anyone have a tissue?) Oh, and if you look back at the tape, there's a group of green-haired bee-hive styled women at his parade!

Adam Lambert: (And yes, I know this footage came later in the show, but it just made sense to include it here.) Adam flew back to San Diego and was met by screaming fans, women peering into his limo and a streaker! Wearing his snake boots, Adam showed a weather person how to apply eye liner and then stopped by his old musical theater to talk with some excited kids. He even got to drive around the track of his high school with a marching band in tow, but I didn't see his family anywhere. Did I miss them?

But before we could learn about our Top Two, we had two live musical performances. First was "Idol" Season Six winner Jordin Sparks singing her new single "Battlefield." Overall, I really liked the performance. Jordin has really grown up in the last few years and was sporting a new confident attitude and some cool Beyonce-styled hair. The smoky stage was a little distracting, as was the constant repetition of the word "battlefield," but she did a good job and hit some good notes.

A little while later we were treated to one of the most played singers on the radio, Katy Perry (she of "I Kissed a Girl" fame). With a wild Vegas-themed spectacle, and wearing a jumpsuit that was like a combo of Elvis, Wonder Woman and Evil Knievel, she also sang her new single "Wake Up in Vegas." I really liked her (she has such a different sounding voice, but it works!) and she had a lot of energy. But I didn't like the shameless plug for Adam Lambert (she had his name embroidered on her cape). I mean, does Adam need any more plugs? After endless praising from the judges, especially Simon, and the producers' choice to give him the plum last spot several weeks in a row, I don't think he needs any more help people. Let's at least pretend this is a fair fight!!!

Finally, we were out of filler and it was time to find out who was competing in next week's finale. Quickly Ryan picked the first singer, and it was......KRIS! Wow, that's amazing. He's kind of like the little engine that could, somehow zooming to the finals. So, then it was down to Danny and Adam, who would it be? You could hear people freaking out, but Ryan ended the drama and revealed ADAM as the second singer. This was quite the surprise for the people that have been rooting for Danny all season. And there you have it, the Top Two for next week's show are Kris and Adam.

So, here's to you Danny Gokey! After a season of cruising towards the finals, it looks like you're headed home instead. You were the Robert Downey Jr. lookalike who had to leave his best friend behind in Hollywood. And even though Jamie Foxx got "all up in your grill" and you started a $6,000 cake fight with Allison, your final rendition of "You Are So Beautiful" should get you a record contract pretty soon!

So, was that a shocker to anyone or did you see the writing on the wall? How did it go from a Danny-Adam showdown only a few weeks ago, to a Kris-Adam showdown in just the last few days? Is it possible that one song, Kris' version of Kanye West's "Heartless," could've tipped the scales? And with just one million votes between the final two, do you believe Simon's prediction that next week's show will be a real "ding-dong"? (P.S. That means "good.") Post your comments below and be back here next Tuesday for part one of the finale of "American Idol." -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on May 13, 2009 10:46 PM
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