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American Idol Fodder

American Idol: The Final Showdown

bikini.jpgIt's been a wild ride everyone. After five months of awesome singers, strange musical guests (I'm looking at you Quentin Tarantino and Slash!), a new judge, the return of the Wild Card round, a curious lack of scandals, a bikini girl, a sweatband-clad semifinalist, a guy who looked like Justin Timberlake, a singer whose upper register can speak to dolphins, tons of dark horses, no "Idol Gives Back," return performances from a gajillion past Idols and an intriguing Top Three, Idol finally came to a close tonight.

This has been an amazing year in terms of singers and I'm going to go into Idol withdrawal once its over, but for now let's take a look at what happened throughout the finale of "American Idol:"

8:02- Ryan reveals that 100 million votes were cast last night. If you could get through! (Oh, and 624 million votes were cast throughout the whole season. That's a lot of tired texters.)
8:03- A quick recap of Randy's lingo from the whole season, mostly consisting of "for me, for you." As in "For me, that was a little pitchy dawg. But you worked it out baby!"
8:04- A similar recap for the new girl on the block, Kara. And she apparently likes to call people "sweetie" and "honey." How sweet of her!
8:05- Apparently this was the year someone gave Paula a dictionary. Here's some sample words she used during the season: "cadence," "infectious," and "visceral response." Way to show the colors of your soul, Paula!
8:05- The recap of Simon's year consisted of the cranky Brit going "What?" Geez, don't you pay attention?
8:05- Carrie Underwood sighting!
8:06- Kris and Adam make their first appearance, all dressed in white. The judges give them a standing ovation.
8:07- We go live to Kris' hometown of Conway, Arkansas with correspondent (and former "Idol" contestant) Mikalah Gordon. Then we travel to San Diego, Adam's home, with last year's contestant Carly Smithson.
8:08- For the first time in months, the Top 13 assemble again, singing Pink's "So What." The ladies all sounded great, Anoop is back in the house, Jasmine has a solo and we see the return of Matt's crazy J. Tim hats!
8:15- Last year's Idol David Cook returns to sing his new song "Permanent." What an awesome song, and it's hard not to get teary when we find out about Cook's brother who passed away a few weeks ago.
8:20- Ah, I knew it was coming. The annual tradition of making fun of those not-so-good singers. The Golden Idol awards! And in the first category of Best Male Singer: two guys who sounded constipated, one guy with the deepest voice I've ever heard, a guy with the worst plaid jacket in the world, and of course (yup, you knew he was bound to come back)...Nick Mitchell, a.k.a. Norman Gentle. Was anyone surprised Mr. Gentle, he of the sweatband and high kicks, won this award? Yah, me neither. (Also not surprising, when he stripped and started singing.)
8:26- Queen Latifah and Lil Rounds team up for "Cue the Rain." Not a bad collaboration, and it was nice to see Lil sing something she's good at!
8:34- Alexis Grace, Anoop Desai and Jason Mraz team up for "I'm Yours." Mraz is an awesome singer, and this was a fun performance.
8:36- A quick trip through Kris' journey on "Idol." Here's a quick recap of what we discovered: Kris is humble and Smokey Robinson wants to make a record with him. What more could you want out of a contestant?
8:37- In what may be the best duet ever on the show, Kris paired up with Keith Urban for his new song "Kiss a Girl." The song totally suited Kris and the two of them were rocking out! Makes me: a) want to buy a Kris CD and b) see a Kris and Keith concert!
8:41- A Justin Guarini sighting!
8:42- Simon looks incredibly bored!
8:45- The five female contestants join forces for "Glamorous," and then joined with Fergie! And despite her weird hair color, Fergie-Ferg did a darn good job. (Although Megan Corkrey didn't sound that good behind her.) And then, outta nowhere, the Black Eyed Peas jumped on stage to sing their new song "Boom Boom Pow." It wasn't as good as it is on the radio (as many of this season's musical guests have been), but it was entertaining nevertheless. (And what was up with those weird backup dancers? Their black and white costumes started to give me a seizure.)
8:48- "Idol" cuts out for 10 seconds. Weird. Did Fergie swear or something?
8:51- And the Golden Idol award for Best Attitude goes to....Bikini Girl. Wow, hasn't this girl maxed out her 15 minutes yet? She strutted on stage in her bikini, showing off her new body to Ryan. (His exchange with her was priceless: "What's new? Actually, I think I know.) Then she proceeded to try and sing (which wasn't too good), and then was joined by Kara DioGuardi! Kara quickly put Bikini Girl to shame with her much-better vocals, and then flashed the crowd with her own bikini for charity. (Don't ask. It'll take too long to explain.)
9:00- Allison and Cyndi Lauper team up for "Time After Time." Their jam together was pretty nice, though Cyndi was acting a little weird.
9:03- We meet Kris' parents, and then we meet Adam's parents. By the way, don't the Lamberts look too normal?
9:05- Danny Gokey shows off his impressive vocals (hard to believe he didn't make it to the finals) as he sings "Hello." Then he actually says hello to Lionel Richie who demonstrates some awesome vocals of his own. They both sounded good together, and by the time "All Night Long" started playing, I was dancing in my living room.
9:09- Ruben Studdard sighting! Shout out for Season 2!
9:15- A quick trip through Adam's journey on "Idol." Here's a quick recap of what we discovered: Adam has been singing since he was little, made Randy Travis speechless and can sing notes only dolphins can hear.
9:16- Adam sports some crazy 3-D shoulder pads, reminiscent of Kiss. Oh wait, there's a reason- Kiss is in the house! Descending onto the stage, Gene Simmons and Co. proceed to rock the house in the second best performance of the night! Adam sounds completely at home with this music, and it can't be a coincidence that Gene and Adam both have crazy tongues!
9:25- Santana strums his magic guitar to the tunes of "Black Magic Woman," with Matt Giraud providing vocals. The Top 13 all return to sing "Smooth," Jorge Nunez gets his first solo in like months, and the contestants form a circle around Santana as the camera pans around them (a very cool shot by the way). And at the end, all the singers give their best air guitars! Awesome!
9:29- A Camryn Manheim sighting!
9:29- The last Ford music video of the season, with Kris and Adam singing "I Will Remember You."
9:30- David Cook presents the top two with their own 2010 Ford hybrids. It's good to be on "American Idol."
9:31- Megan Joy and Michael Sarver sing to the banjo tunes of....Steve Martin? (Yah, I was slightly confused about that too. But whatever, this is "Idol," they can get away with anything.)
9:39- The Top 8 Guys sing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" as a prelude to having Rod Stewart show up. Stewart is still pretty good, though maybe not as relevant anymore. Did anyone notice the blank looks on the kids in the audience?
9:44- The last Golden Idol of the night, for Best Female, goes to....the hot mess that is known as Tatiana Del Toro. You remember her, right? The girl with the crazy laugh, the outbursts of tears and the refusal to ever go away. I'm pretty sure her hijacking of the "Idol" stage and microphone was planned, but it seemed pretty spontaneous, didn't it? (Or at least Ruben Studdard seemed to think so.) How great was it to see those two producers try to shuffle her off stage?
9:52- Kris and Adam duet with Queen's "We Are the Champions." Kris took the low notes, while Adam effortlessly took the high ones. Both sounded awesome and were soon accompanied by a chorus of arm wavers. The arm waving was soon contagious, as the Top 13 began waving, followed by Kara and Paula.
10:00- It's almost here! Pretty soon we'll have a new Idol. But first Simon told both of them that they are both brilliant, both incredibly nice people and should both be proud of where they ended up.
10:01- Without further ado, Ryan Seacrest was handed the top secret envelope containing the Season 8 winner. Would it be Adam, with his amazing voice able to reach completely new octaves? Or would it be Kris, who surged ahead out of nowhere to display some impressive musical abilities? It was emo-rocker vs. mellow rocker and it all came down to this....drum roll please....Kieran, dim the lights......this year's American Idol is.....Kris Allen!!!!! How crazy is that? Now that's what you call an upset. Everyone was predicting Adam would win, so this comes as a shock. Kris looked stunned and, being true to his humble nature, he said Adam should've won. Ryan handed him an Idol trophy and then Kris sang the new single "No Boundaries" once again. But before we go, here's to our runner-up, Mr. Adam Lambert, the goth/emo/punk-rocker who sure knew how to work a stage. He always had the crowd going wild, whether he was channeling Elvis Presley, Queen or Kiss, and he could always hit the high notes. He tackled some great songs, morphing them into his own style (see: "Mad World"). He's too big a personality to ignore and I'm sure this is just the beginning for his career!

But let's not forget our winner, Kris Allen, the most humble guy on the planet who also knew how to create a song in his own image. His renditions of "Ain't No Sunshine," "Falling Slowly" and "Heartless" were amazing, and with his knowledge of piano and guitar, he should have a very interesting career. As the confetti rained down, Kris' wife finally made an appearance on stage and he started to cry. And with that, Season 8 comes to a close and we have our 2009 American Idol: Kris Allen.

What did you think of the finale? Are you an Adam fan, angry that he didn't win, or are you an Allenmaniac who'll be partying into the night? Were you shocked that the sure bet didn't win, or did you see this coming? (My guess is that all those Danny Gokey voters played a huge role in turning the tide.) Post below and let me know what you think! It's been fun blogging for you this year, and I'll miss all our fun contestants and judges while the show is on hiatus. But hopefully January will be right around the corner. Until then, I'm going to need something to do with all my new-found free time. What should I do? Hey, look at that, "So You Think You Can Dance" starts soon....

Before it's all over, I'd like to say goodbye to "Idol" in style. Join me, won't you?
Goodbye Kara, with your "honeys" and "sweeties" and long explanations. And please stop yelling at me even when you like me.
Goodbye Simon's extensive t-shirt collection.
Goodbye Paula and your newfound thesaurus.
Goodbye Randy and your "I wasn't feelin it tonight, dawg."
Goodbye to those first two contestants whom I don't really remember.
Goodbye to Anoop-Dogg and Allison "I'm Only 17" Iraheta.
Goodbye to Robert Downey Jr.'s clone.
Goodbye Matt Giraud's hats.
Goodbye Ford Music videos and your sheer pointlessness.
Goodbye awkward group musical numbers!
Goodbye Norman Gentle, Bikini Girl and Tatiana Del Toro. May you forever join the ranks of William Hung and that Big Yellow Bird Lady in the dustbin of Idol history.
Goodbye Ryan Seacrest and your tendency to drag out the drama.
Goodbye Idols, everywhere.

See you next year everybody! -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on May 20, 2009 11:38 PM
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First, let me say I'm a HUGE fan of Lambert. I cannot wait for this amazing artist to show the public what he has in the soul. I'm not worried a bit about the fact that he will do whatever he dreams of. Producers will be begging for him to sign a contract (I hope he is not linked for to long to AI). This guy has HUGE potential, which means that he can bring the money back home :).

That said: I think it is MUCH BETTER for him to be in second place. Why? To have full liberty of his carreer. I've heard (I hope that ain't true), that american idol's contract are restricting the artist in many ways (image, music style, etc..) If what I read is true, the artist is linked for life (or as long as he can bring the profit) with the AI company (19 something). I didn't wish that for Lambert.

I think that the young Allen will fit the AI mold more properly and it is a great opportunity for him to make a great album, with his own songs.

I really respect them both, as artists, and am curious to hear both of them in the future.

I hope Adam will be picky and will use some strategy to sign a valuable contract that will let him be a extraverted or fulfilled artist.

-- 1. Posted by: Mel gig at May 21, 2009 12:28 AM

I am an Adam fan but could not vote since I live in Mexico and for what I can sense Adam has a very wide world fan base, maybe the americans families who voted are mostly conservative and those little girls who are Kriss fans could get a little scared with Adam (I was so afraid of KISS as a young girl) but out there in the world, out there with the young men that do not watch AI Adam's music will be so positively embraced. He is so good, I cannot be mad or sad with Kriss winning since he is a sweetie saying Adam deserves it, My only problem will be with those voting against Adam, but if all around the globe were able to vote it will be so different, we were tons of people watching in clandestine streams, many more supporting Adam than Allen.people as far as Brazil. Ireland, Thailand it is impressive how far has Adam already become an idol. Good for both, true wonderful spirit the way they supported each other. Great guys, you can tell they both have a loving God in their hearts...BOTH!

-- 2. Posted by: gaby at May 21, 2009 12:40 AM

ADAM was amazing. This is the first time I tried to vote. I am not sure If I have it right. I tried for HOURS, I kept pushing the number, getting a busy, signal, hanging up. I did this over and over and over again for hours, with my cell phone in the bed. I never got through. AM I DOING IT RIGHT? I totally had the right number! But never ever got through, I kind of feel like a disenfranchised voter!

Can somebody tell me if I am doing something wrong with the "hanging chads?"

-- 3. Posted by: Deb Stall Nelson at May 21, 2009 1:45 AM

I am furious! I mean Kris is not bad, but he sounds like any other local band vocalist I've ever heard in a pub or so... nothing spectacular, nothing that I've never heard or seen before.. yet Adam was different, gave me goosebumps when he sang mad world and everyone I know that watched the show would always look forward to Adam's performance, not Kris's... just proves to show you that the majority of voters were voting for who they personally likes and not who has exceptional talent! this makes me believe less and less in American Idol... what a disappointment

-- 4. Posted by: Anonymous at May 21, 2009 2:06 AM

I'm shocked... but not entirely as i think more teenagers watch the show and so Kris is the guy for them. In the real world though, I'd pay 300 bucks plus to see this guy and the most i've EVER paid is probably 150. Adam is an original icon of song. I almost cried that he didnt win. :( and yes, good to know that so you think you can dance starts this week.

-- 5. Posted by: risa at May 21, 2009 2:22 AM

I followed the american idol show religiously and from the start I LOVED ADAM I live in South Africa and if I could vote I would vote ADAM!!! I will support ADAM forever, so go make CD'S I can't wait to buy all your CD's!

-- 6. Posted by: Sylvia at May 21, 2009 2:40 AM

I am moving to Canada. USA has no taste. That's it. That's all. Let me know when Adam Lambert comes to Ontario...

-- 7. Posted by: Christine at May 21, 2009 3:33 AM

I am from down under, a religious and a conservative at heart but I am a GLAMBERT fan or I became one as the weeks went by... I have never seen anyone perform on AI who moved me so much with every performance. I do wish Adam won as he is far more talented than the rest. Though Kris is also talented, his vocals just don't match up to Adam, not even to Allison and Danny. He sounds like any other guy in a bar, club…strumming on his chords. But I believe in Adam, believe in his talent. He will be a global phenomenon simply because he’s got what it takes to be one (can’t say the same for Kris though).

-- 8. Posted by: mae at May 21, 2009 5:19 AM

I am from down under, a religious and a conservative at heart but I am a GLAMBERT fan or I became one as the weeks went by... I have never seen anyone perform on A1 who moved me so much with every performance. I do wish Adam won as he is far more talented than the rest. Though Kris is also talented, his vocals just don't match up to Adam, not even to Allison and Danny. He sounds like any other guy in a bar, club…strumming on his chords. But I believe in Adam, believe in his talent. He will be a global phenomenon simply because he’s got what it takes to be one (can’t say the same for Kris though). GO ADAM!

-- 9. Posted by: Anonymous at May 21, 2009 5:25 AM

If you're speaking of Randy with the comment singing notes only dolphins can hear, perhaps you should clean out your ears. most of us don't need someone like adam screaming into our ears to hear them.

Get Real!!!

As for Kris winning, you go Kris. He played guitar, he played piano and sang - certainly more talent that Adam could ever display overall.
Adam needs to be intheater.
You go Kris!!!

-- 10. Posted by: Linda at May 21, 2009 9:23 AM

Greetings from South Africa. Really thought Adam would win-he has more talent.We had our fair share of problems in S A when there was a problem with the voting system and a week later the winner was actually placed 2nd.Adam probably lost because Americans cannot relate to the fact that he is different, but such a nice young man.Do not just us for racism or discrimination as you have done the same.

-- 11. Posted by: J Enslin at May 21, 2009 10:10 AM

I am a South African and would have voted for Adam.Watched the program each week. Adam has amazing talent and will go far with his singing career.Clothes = make-up do not maketh man and what does his sexual preferences have to do with a singing contest. Simon Cowell believes in him and also thought he would win.

-- 12. Posted by: Jake van Tonder at May 21, 2009 10:14 AM


-- 13. Posted by: GINA at May 21, 2009 10:40 AM

I was so disappointed last night.
Adam is the best ever on American Idol.

-- 14. Posted by: Darlene at May 21, 2009 3:50 PM

OMG kris won im so excited i mean adams cool but kris is awesome!!!!! no need to fight they are both awesome.

-- 15. Posted by: TORI at May 21, 2009 4:11 PM

Kris or Lambert? It's like comparing apples with oranges isn't it? Just as apples and oranges are different types of sweet, so Kris and Lambert are different types of awesome as well haha ... dude, you're right about lambert though, his upper register wasn't meant for humans to hear :D :D kris's take on heartless was really cool, just as adam's take on 'mad world' ... in the end, the masses voted for who they liked better i guess, but these 2 are truly in classes of their own :D

-- 16. Posted by: Josh at May 22, 2009 4:53 AM

OMGosh!!!! i'm so glad Kris won...Adam was cool and he thought he was going to win. Well Kris has won and i know Allison is not happy about that. In this world, you just have to believe in yourself..I LOVE YOU KRIS!!!!!!

-- 17. Posted by: Rochelle at May 22, 2009 5:25 AM

Nice performance Adam!I wish you won!Anyway...way to go Kris! All the best! I was tracking u guys off


-- 18. Posted by: tony at May 22, 2009 12:05 PM

What we have learned is that American Idol has become a voting and home state contest and not an assessment of singing talent. This was made clear by AT & T’s statistic disclosure yesterday morning.


One Arkansas church group of 105 people said they got in 436,655 votes using the software and their texts. This is not American Idol as voted by millions, this is a few hundred thousand people trained in one state skewing the results (plus the Gokey fans).


Theoretically, any resonable good singer next season could win AI if their home state incorporates this technology. I have friends in Arkansas who did not watch American Idol, never heard Kris Allen sing but voted 6000 votes because their was a sponsored contest at an Arkansas bar to win plasma TV and “everyone else was voting”.

Kris admitted “Adam deserved this” He heard afterwards about the voting and technology training in Arkansas. He did not want to win that way.

The reason Simon did not stand clapping with the other judges is because he knew America made a mistake and the voting had gotten skewed.

And last, remember that Elvis lost a talent contest in Mississippi before he became a recording artist. Adam is our American Idol, Kris is an Arkansas Idol

-- 19. Posted by: The Legend at May 22, 2009 12:51 PM

to The Legend... thats a bunch of bull, that stuff has been said for years, and each year someone whose favorite didn't win will pick and find silly stuff like this to point to some misjustice...

If there was an injustice this year it was in the producers of AI practically pushing Lambert to win. He sang last more than any other, was routinely propped up by the judges, etc... I've said all along he's a great singer. But as many people like him, there is a similar size that simply don't like him.

I for one was shocked that Kris won, even though I was pulling for him. Sure AI is a popularity contest more than it is a singing contest. The judges get to pick the singers, but then America gets to vote. And there are not millions of music experts voting. There are millions of normal people voting and that means its a popularity contest.

I'm glad the right guy won! (my opinion of course, lol)

-- 20. Posted by: Andy at May 22, 2009 2:23 PM

Kris isn't even in the same class as Adam. I'm sick of people saying he SCREAMED the notes..he totally SANG them! I don't think there is a note he can't match! Kris on the other hand, wll, his vocals ar limited. His voice does not carry..His concerts will have to be cozy and quiet in order to hear him on stage.Nothing special or different about him ..there are thousands of singers like Kris out there..Adam is one of a kind. The world will see when we don't hear a thing from Kris Allen and we hear and see Adam Lambert all over the place(like Daughtry)! Go ADAM!! Good luck Kris, you're gonna need it!

-- 21. Posted by: Donna at May 23, 2009 9:12 AM

Request to whomever is guiding the American Idol Season 8 WINNERS: Please do not try and change Adam Lambert or shush or stifle him. Let him remain true to himself and to be his own person, an unbelievable individual that oooozes superior skills in entertaining. Adam EARNED and DESERVED THE TITLE "IDOL". Too bad the Arkansas cheatin'/can't play fair - Hogs/swine/pigs in are not cognizant individuals. And negative thanks to ATT also. Enough words .....

Adam has a curious mystery about himself, that you just can't put a finger on. He has a gleam in his eye, that says "I know something you don't know." He also seems to have an invisible string attached to each and every fan, that comes directly back to his heart - and he speaks to us in a silent code. I love his direct eye contact with the camera and thus the audience, and I feel this is part of his secret. But, in truth it is the VOICE that is the proof. Adam has worked long and hard to achieve this level of perfection in his work. We, the fans, reveal that those who love his talent NEED his SIREN. AmI --- please listen.

To Adam: Re: AmI -
YOU are the BEST --since the first time you stepped foot on the "Idol" stage you were and are the best ever. Please never change ! Don't let the haters touch you - you are far beyond their reach - for we, your true fans with our love will protect you from all the wicked and ugly remarks of the enemies against your style and special individual talent. For whatever reason, DIFFERENT always threatens others. Why does that have to be ? It is a pityful shame.
Hang in there Adam, for we truly do love you for just being you, and what a total package you are. See you on the "Idol" tour this summer - I can't wait ! Love your simmering blue/green eyes, and your little bit dirty, flirty smile that just melts my heart. Just keep being good and being you ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this season and all of the music that you made, and for your hard work and great imagination. You are truly THE ADAM BOMB !!
(( Warm hugs to you Adam ))
Sorry, a girl has to try!!!

-- 22. Posted by: MiMade2OrderMan at May 23, 2009 7:19 PM

I may never watch this show again. Kris can't hold a candle to Adam. Kris was clearly straining to hit the high notes, his falsetto is weak. He has a pleasant voice but doesn't know how to sing. Adam is the bomb. I can't think of any rock star that can sing that high. Total rip off. Sorry Simon. I wouldn't blame you now if you did quite the show. Paula, you are truly on drugs if you think Kris was better. It's those teeny bopper girls that think Kris is so cute which probably led to the outcome. Kris will be a nobody just like the girl who won last year. Jordon Sparks is a nobody. Paula is a phoney.

-- 23. Posted by: john esposito at May 25, 2009 5:44 AM

I'm a devout Christian and mother of two music-loving boys, and I must ask: What is wrong with America? America's vote for Kris Allen, or America's vote against Adam Lambert, seems to be a contemptuous hate vote against the various sectors of society that Adam Lambert appears to stand for. In the manipulations, people lost respect of the fact that American Idol is a singing talent competition that’s open to all, regardless of orientation or religion, and voters forgot that it is not a popularity contest for class of persons -- neither a political race to election nor a religious warfare arena. In Season 8, Kris demonstrated that he is a talented musician and progressively proved that he is an outstanding vocalist; but Adam Lambert consistently proved to be the amazingly innovative vocal artist and the best singer, gifted with a powerful voice. ADAM LAMBERT DESERVED TO WIN. Even Kris knows this within his Christian heart, so much so that when he was unexpectedly handed the undeserved title, he became perplexed and asserted in open public that "Adam deserves this. I’m sorry..." – instinctively repudiating the unbelievable subsuming vote results in righteous adherence to the glaring truth. You could actually count so many seconds before the visibly bewildered Kris finally acquiesced to receive the undeserved crown, but only after Adam graciously approached to place a brotherly arm around his room mate’s shoulder in a gesture of encouragement. ADAM LAMBERT IS THE TRUE WINNER. In addition, I should also ask: What is wrong with this TV show called “American Idol,” anyway?

-- 24. Posted by: A. Lambe at May 25, 2009 7:17 AM

ADAM has so much more fans than Kris, not counting Adam’s world wide fans according to statistics. But Kris’ fans voted thousand more times with technical help from the sponsor AT&T. Arkansas with a population of 2.8 million, placed 38 million votes for Kris. That’s still excluding votes from Arkansas placed at different time zones shown as votes from different states. One person in Arkansas placed 45,000 votes!!!
A post from an Arkansan confirmed that there’s no way anyone would win against the scheme of Arkansas voting for Kris.
From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette: "In Conway after Tuesday's performances, fans at the Estes Stadium Watch Party took out wireless phones and started making calls and firing off text messages-some voting on their own devices and others on phones borrowed from AT&T, which supplied about 50 display units and respresentatives to teach multiple "power texting". AT&T also made about 30 phones available in a "texting zone" at a watch party at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock."
Is it FAIR for the sponsor AT&T to do this to one contender and not the other?
Is this acceptable??? To me, that is FOUL.
We just need to remind ourselves that the original title of this show was: American Idol: The Search for a SUPERSTAR. So far, it is only ADAM who is deserving of this title. No offense to Kris who is a likeable guy. But to all his fans, you just have to concede, even Kris agrees with all of us Adam’s fans that he should be the winner. You can’t argue with your own idol. He is speaking from the heart.
But after all is said and done, Adam is better off as runner up and it’s a fact he does not need to win this to be a great success. Kris does need to be the AI. Adam is the WORLD’s Idol.

-- 25. Posted by: Mariyas at May 26, 2009 1:02 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- 26. Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 10:53 PM

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