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American Idol: The Curious Case of Matt Giraud

Miley-Cyrus.jpgWith the lights down low and the seven remaining contestants slowly walking towards the camera, this week's episode dropped the audience off in a movie preview. And like many good movies, tonight's episode had some highs (Jennifer Hudson!), lows (a boring visit to a movie premiere...yawn) and a killer surprise ending.

In keeping with this week's movie theme, here's how tonight's episode went, scene by scene:

Scene 1: The Maniac With a Thousand Voices

Tonight's group sing-along featured our Super Seven tackling "Maniac" from the movie "Flashdance." This was the best group number yet and the harmonies were top-notch. Kris started the number off right with some awesome vocals, despite having to catch his breath from running down some stairs. Allison had a hard time getting Simon's attention (he was probably daydreaming about "Idol" seasons he actually cared about), and Anoop almost fell down the stairs, but they both sounded pretty nice. Matt was in charge of the chorus, which he rocked, and was soon followed by the double-threat of Adam and Danny. Rounding out the Top 7, but not following in their footsteps, was Lil who sounded as "pitchy" as ever. But overall, this was a good performance.

Scene 2: A Trip to the Red Carpet

In the most boring segment of the night, the contestants visited the red carpet premiere of Zac Effron's newest movie "17 Again." There were lights, cameras and famous actors....and then not much actually happened. Except Lil called Danny old.

Scene 3: The Bottom Three: Part I

In the time honored tradition of following a happy segment with those darn elimination results, Ryan called on Allison, Adam and Anoop (a.k.a. The A-Team). Both Allison and Adam won the chance for one more week, while poor Anoop was once again sent back to the Island of Uncertainty. Poor Anoop-Dogg! As Randy (or the Black Eyed Peas) would say, where is the love?

Scene 4: Return of the Idol

Leaving Anoop on the side of the stage, "Idol" interrupted the eliminations to bring back an old friend, Jennifer Hudson. Ms. Hudson was booted from the show waaaaayyy back in Season 3, but has since made quite the name for herself. She's won not only an Oscar for her performance in "Dreamgirls," but also recently won a Grammy for her debut R&B album. Tonight she sang a song off that album called "If This Isn't Love." I thought she sounded amazing and showed great poise. And even though the song itself wasn't that good, she more than made up for it with a simple performance and awesome voice. Come back any time, Jen!

Scene 5: The Bottom Three: Part II

Back to the eliminations, Ryan quickly went through everyone else. Kris was up first, and Simon took the chance to tell him he was "brilliant," seeing as how he didn't get to comment on him last night. Ryan said the voters agreed and told him he was safe. Next were Lil, Matt and Danny. Out of those three, Danny was the only safe singer, which meant Lil and Matt had to join the Bottom Three. But Ryan then saved Anoop and sent him back to the couches. Phew, that was a close one....

Scene 6: Best of One World

Then it was time for the night's second performance, this time by the uber-popular and ever-present Miley Cyrus. Sporting a glam look, a smoky stage and some well-dressed band members, the Tween Queen attempted to tackle her latest song "The Climb," which is featured in the "Hannah Montana" movie. After watching her, I've concluded that she wasn't as bad as I thought she was going to be, but was still a little too squeaky and uneven for her own good. She started to rock out near the end, but probably thought twice based on all the bad critiques she's received recently for being too wild, and toned it back down.

Scene 7: Revenge of the Bottom Three

As Ryan ordered the dimming of the lights, it was down to Lil or Matt. Who was going home and who would get another chance? Escaping the jaws of fate once again was Lil, leaving poor Matt Giraud as tonight's bottom contestant. Figuring he had nothing to lose, Matt seemed to pull out all the stops in his final performance. He hit all his notes, did some crazy-cool runs on some of the notes and caused Kara and Paula to sway like love-struck teens. But would all the judges be swayed into keeping Matt?

Scene 8: Saving Matt

As the crowd chanted "Save!," Matt waited anxiously to hear his fate. The judges huddled and then gave the floor over to Simon. The cranky Brit told Matt his performance wasn't as good as the previous night, and that he had no chance at winning. It seemed as if Matt's chances to be saved were going down the drain. But just as the crowd started to pack it in, Simon said he had good news for him. The judges decided to finally use the coveted "judges' save," keeping Matt for another week! This will probably go down as one of the more exciting moments this season! The judges probably figured, hey, our top two guys (Danny and Adam) have never been in the bottom, so we can use the save this week for a deserving singer. But in true Cowell fashion, as the Top 7 hugged and jumped up and down, the scowling judge rained on everyone's parade. He reminded them that two contestants would go home next week, and that Matt still had his work cut out for him with next week's theme!

So, here's to you Matt Giraud! You live to sing for another week! Too bad the next theme is disco!

Were you excited by the judges finally using their save? Did they use it on the right person, or should they have saved it for later? And does this change anything or will Matt still head home next week? Plus, did anyone notice that everything seemed to be actually live tonight for a change? Post below and come back here next Tuesday for more "Idol!" -Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on April 15, 2009 10:08 PM
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it's obvious that it was live because Scott was finally gone. Because he could never keep the microphone near his mouth and they had to hustle him around. And they definitely wasted the save. matt and lil will go home next week. matt because he's boring, and lil because she cannot enunciate words to save her life.

-- 1. Posted by: derek at April 16, 2009 12:30 AM

it's obvious that it was live because Scott was finally gone. Because he could never keep the microphone near his mouth and they had to hustle him around. And they definitely wasted the save. matt and lil will go home next week. matt because he's boring, and lil because she cannot enunciate words to save her life.

-- 2. Posted by: derek at April 16, 2009 12:31 AM

Get the phone calls in for you Favorite. Remember that they Paula can and does go in her room to vote. That means they all go in and vote. And they all have assistants...that can vote.

American Idol ADAM played Arty on Home Improvement Nick at nite on NOW as I post this. It's the episode where the youngest learns karate. How odd that on Night 1 they blew him up and he was the ONLY 1 w/ special effects!!!

So, let me say Adam should be in the entertainment business, he's been in it long enough. But for him to stay a moment longer is as insulting as the show is about giving people a chance who are cold off the street.

Sure, why not go ahead and put Carrie Underwood on their to win this year's show. Why not? If Adam stays, the show is a total waste and a scam.
Kick Adam off now.

-- 3. Posted by: Jennifer at April 16, 2009 12:54 AM

I couldn't be happier that Matt got saved. I think his past performances show that he really deserves a spot in the cpmpetition. Lil needs to go though. She's stayed way past her welcome, in my opinion. Next week- bye, bye Lil and (sadly) Anoop. *I hope*

-- 4. Posted by: Anonymous at April 16, 2009 1:17 AM

VOTE for ANOOP only next week!! Thanks!

-- 5. Posted by: smiley08 at April 16, 2009 9:58 PM

Allison wins the whole thing

-- 6. Posted by: JSpicoli at April 17, 2009 6:01 PM

i've been really impressed with Kris for the last few episodes; he has become a real contender as of late

-- 7. Posted by: Nomad at April 25, 2009 3:00 AM

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